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Hotel De Paris Amsterdam
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    Number of reviews : 2170
    Average visitor rating (7.1 /10 )
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    language Review by Pera Kartio from Finland
    Review by a visitors from finland

    Very good situation, near restaurants, shops, in front of a bus stop. Nice hotel, correct breakfast, helpful staff. small and noisy room the alarm ring every night walls are very thin so you hear everything. Hard to sleep.

    language Review by John O'Donnell from South Africa
    Ok hotel but price

    The hotel de paris was not the best place to stay. I would not then recommend the hotel.

    language Review by Ikeda from Japan
    Half-year-long-reservation canceled just before the stay

    We had made a reservation for hotel de paris since six months before the stay, with a confirmation. Just before our trip to amsterdam, in the week of our planned stay, the hotel sent us an email saying that the reservation should be canceled by some "technical reason". As a result, we were forced to stay at another hotel, to which hotel de paris transferred our reservation. It was much farther from the city center, a very small room, no bath, with the same rates we had originally reserved.

    language Review by a Visitor
    avoid this one

    pokey room. when they say there is a plasma tv in every room, that's because there's no room for a tube tv. saggy bed jammed up against radiator with danger of burns. mould in shower. cold, in april. no lift to our room (steep stairs). it's near leidsplein - that's the only good news.

    language Review by a Visitor
    what a dump

    this hotel is probably the worst in amsterdam, i hope! the staff are not helpful in any way, i had some problems after arriving in amsterdam and they did not offer any kind of assistanse or info as to other places that would be more suitable. they have not down graded the 3 star rating since they renovated the place, which my guess was too cut the rooms in half. you have to go out the door to change your mind. they are so small that if your suitcase is larger than a laptop you are crowed in them. the staff were friendly in a snide sort of manner, laughing at you for staying there more than one night which other than people that stay drunk don't offen do. if the staff were willing to serve a real service then they should abanden the ship and let the place close and be taken over by a group that would treat the place to a complete make over because that's what it needs. the one star is only because there is no negative values available!

    language Review by julie & mike from sacramento,
    very small, rude and sneaky staff

    my husband and i made reservations to stay at the hotel de paris for the week of july 12th until the 18th. we arrived in amsterdam late monday afternoon and took a cab to the hotel. as soon as we walked into the lobby we were greeted by a bunch of drunks staring at us with evil looks from the bar, (if you want to call it that). we checked in and proceeded to mount the steep stairs to our 4th floor room. the stairs were extremley steep and narrow. as we entered our room we could not help but to notice this horrible stench, it smelled as though animals were living in our room. the shower and toilet were in a room the size of a broom closet in the u.s. this place was a total dump! if you are coming to stay here on vacation, we recomend that you seriously choose another hotel to stay at. also, keep in mind, we stood at the hotel de paris for not even 2 hours before we got a chance to choose another hotel. when we returned home and recieved our credit card statement from the week we spent in amsterdam, there was a $233.98 charge on our credit card!!! we are appauled that we have to dispute this rediculous charge!!!!

    language Review by dave from n.y.
    this has to be the worst hotel and service in amsterdam!

    i arrived in june of 2004 to stay here because my first choice, falcon plaza was booked full. i arrive and the desk clerk was extremley arrogant and nasty. i was a bit jet-lagged from the 7 hour flight from n.y so i wanted to check in and sleep, not fight with this clerk. i walk into my room and its as small as a closet (literally). it was making me feel claustrophobic. the sheets and blanket had burn holes in it, there were holes in the wall, stains on the wall and carpet. the carpet stains resembled a dark brown, such as blood. i goto have my room switched and they tell me its not possible. so i set out in search of another hotel in the surrounding area. after i found another hotel i go back to get my luggage and it was wide open, someone went through my suitcase while i was out!!!! thank god nothing was missing. i goto the lobby, if you even want to call it that to give in my key and check out. he wanted to charge me 80 euro's for holding my suitcase for 2 hours in the room, while i was forced to look for another hotel. i couldn't even beleive this was happening, so i ended up grabbing the copy of my credit card out of his hand and ran for the doors. he had the nerve to tell me he is going to call the police on me???? this isn't even a 1 star hotel, its a none star hotel!

    language Review by leslie from uk
    cosy and good value

    spent a wonderful 7 days in amsterdam earlier this year and had the good fortune to stay at the hotel de paris. plus points; the location, the cost, the security. negative points; only the steep stairs and small rooms (so what's new there in amsterdam?!). the breakfast was adequate and was included in the price of the room. the hotel was quiet, day and night. like any hotel for me, it was just a base to travel from each day; i wouldn't expect anyone to spend their day inside the hotel when there is all the fun of amsterdam to be had. however, it does have it's own bar if that's important to you. the hotel is less than 5 mins from the leidseplien, which is a lovely part of the town. i have recommended this hotel to friends who were not dissapointed.

    language Review by john from scotland
    clean, safe, convenient

    just got back from amsterdam. stayed in this hotel for a week. absolutely no problems to report, only praise. comfortable, reasonable sized rooms for amsterdam. staff friendly and helpful. not very far at all from the leidseplein, one of the nicer parts of amsterdam. not too close to the red light district if that is your thing, about a 20 min walk to there. handy for various museums and galleries though, and many great places to eat nearby. would recomend to friends and family and will stay there again.

    language Review by honest opinion-north america
    single room is a pigeon hole!

    last month i happen to stay at de paris hotel just for 1-night, as my travel agent had booked my hotel also. when i reached the hotel and check-in i found the single room very un-comfortable and like a pegion hole no space even to move freely nor properly keep your lagguage! the bathroom did not even had a bath tub, just a standing shower with a smely bathroom, not even properly cleaned! american style breakfast for so so, nothing great. believe me the hotel management did not even provide a water flask nor a glass for drinking water? can u believe its a 3 or 4 star hotel? i would not grade it at even 1-star. plus this hotel is not even contracted with the aiprort connection bus service, so the guests have to walk upto amsterdam hotel along with their luggage! the price they are charging is also too high! not recommended at all for foreign tourists! major renovations are required in this hotel, the steps are too steep anyone can easily fall!

    language Review by a Visitor
    peace and quiet

    nice hotel, not too far away from what ever you want to see but it is not in the city center, which may not suit eveyone. clean rooms, friendly staff, good room rates. steps to top floor horrificly steep but elevator adequate. room could have done with a coat of paint but minor detail. tv worked just fine. breakfast excellent. very close to the liedseplien (trams to everywhere from there if you dont want to walk). i liked this place and would stay there again

    language Review by dave
    best of both worlds

    stayed here last year with large group of friends. the hotel was clean and tidy and the staff friendly and attentive. the hotel is situated a short walk (2 minutes) from the leidseplein, from there the rest of amsterdams attractions are easily reached either by tram of walking. taxi back late at night was cheap enough. breakfast was edible and plentiful and nobody in the group had any complaints. good value for money, quiet hotel yet easy reach for everything else. i would recommend this hotel to anyone.

    language Review by madonna
    excellent value, great location

    was in this hotel last summer, loved it. its a 3 star hotel so if you are looking for more than a 3 star hotel can offer, then look elsewhere. location is good, staff helpful, room small but clean. maid came in every day to clean it. color tv with 20+ channels, never watched it once, too much to do and see! breakfast included in the price, we liked it, the usual cheese, ham, egg, bread, butter, jam, coffee and tea. quite some distance from central staition, but thats not a bad thing in my opinion. only things near the station are too touristy and trouble. we would stay there again and would tell friends to stay there also.

    language Review by pete, from edinburgh, scotland
    very good value for money

    we stayed there in october 2001 for 2 nights, friday and saturday. it is situated about a 5 minute walk from the leidseplein. many trams stop at the leidseplein making it a good base to travel from. the hotel was clean and the staff were helpful. we arrived as a group of 5 although later other friends arrived and the staff were very accomodating in trying to fit others in who had not booked ahead. like other hotels i've stayed in when in amsterdam the stairs are steep and the rooms are not huge. there is an elevator (perfectly ok) and the rooms are more than adequate. for me personally, the size of the room is less vital than the cleanliness/security of the place. breakfast was included and we all thiught it was fine. if you were only going to amsterdam for the red light area then you could probably get closer, but at a price (both financially and comfort/standards in my experience). we travelled around by foot a lot. approx. 5mins to leidseplein, 10mins to rembrandtplein, 20mins to the dam, 25mins to red light area, 30mins to central station, all at a snails-pace stroll! late at night going back to hotel was easy and cheap to get a taxi. just a case of asking to get taken to leidseplein (5min drive)and a short walk to hotel. you get your own doorkey, but do have to ring a bell to get in the main door, whenever you want in, 24hrs a day. we booked through which was easy and trouble free. we took a print out of the confirmation (for the price and the booking). it was unecessary to do this as it happened, but its better to be safe than sorry. i would recommend this hotel to others who are looking for a 3 star hotel in this price range. it was quiet, zero noise from street, clean, safe, secure, central, nice staff, nice food, a bar, good bath/shower, hot water, etc. what more do you want?

    language Review by Wendi
    I would recommend this hotel.

    The staff was friendly and helpful. It has a very small elevator; I didn't like to be on it with more than two people. We had two single rooms and they were very basic but clean and the showers were good. The price was good; the breakfasts EVERY day included meat, cheese and an egg (also jam for the bread). Located near Liedsplein. Would stay there again!! Chris was great.

    language Review by Elvira Muller from Germany
    Nicht empfehlenswert

    Ich liebe amsterdam und ich komme mit holländern grundsätzlich verdammt gut aus. nur in diesem hotel - der alte mann an der rezeption ist einfach nur eine zumutung. das zimmer an der straße ist so laut, dass man nur nach einer gut durchzechten nacht dort schlaf findet. jedes andere hotel ist besser - das einzig gute: der name

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