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Hotel Amstelzicht
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    Avaliação média (8.3 /10 )
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    language Revisão através andrew wilson
    beware of the hotel amstelzicht

    i left the amstelzicht after three nights, though i had booked for two weeks, mainly because of an an incident of barefaced rudeness on the part of a co-owner. i will not go into the details here, except to say that i've never been treated like that before in a hotel and i knew i could not possibly stay on without an apology (which was not offered). when i left, the other co-owner threatened to keep my entire american express payment for the two weeks. and he did exactly that. because i had already signed the credit card slips, american express has been unable to refund my money -- almost two thousand dollars. here are the notes i jotted on the day i left the amstelzicht. i e-mailed them to the owner, and he called me later that afternoon at my new hotel to say my criticisms had made him so angry that he had decided to keep all my money, whether he managed to rebook the room or not. (in fact, they did manage to rebook the room -- as of two days later it was listed on the amstelzicht's web site as booked all the way through the end of august.) 'hallways worn, tired, almost dirty, carpets getting threadbare (a hall window is cracked on second floor landing); the room was not entirely clean (dark bedspread couldn't disguise hairs of earlier guests); i had to ask for a new roll of toilet paper on the first day, since the last one was at its end; noisy courtyard overflowing with garbage; every night, muffled bass dance beats from the hoff van holland, backing the other side of the courtyard (entrance on the rembrandtplein) starting at about one or two and ending at 4:30 am); curtains and drapes ineffective at screening light from skyrise apartments at side of courtyard; staff as a whole discourteous, almost contemptuous, co-owner laughed at my complaint of an instance of insufferable rudeness by another co-owner, refused to apologize, corrected me though he was not present for the incident and implied i was lying then said he intended to charge entire two weeks on my american express card though i was turning in my key and leaving after three nights; he was reluctant to give me a receipt, and i had to insist. he refused to discuss the matter further, and when i said i would take the matter up with customer service at american express, he laughed and said, 'yes,do that.' other quotes: 'the room is fine. the noise does not come from the hotel so the hotel is not responsible.' also, 'maybe you would prefer a big hotel with a hospitality director.' beware: this is not so much a hotel as a warehouse where you are stored in a featureless box with a kitschy painting and a worn down carpet above a noisy and dirty courtyard. there is little warmth or comfort or character -- even the entrance hall is cold and institutional (entering the hotel amstelzicht is like walking into a public high school or a prison).' i am absolutely sickened by my experience with these people and cannot recommend the hotel. by contrast, the staff and owners of the hotel singel, where i moved immediately after checking out, were unfailingly kind, warm, and polite, like most dutch people i've met, and offered me a good walk-in deal on a canal-front room. for the rest of my stay i enjoyed the amazing beauty of amsterdam. but i am not rich, and the loss of two thousand dollars has not been easy on my travel budget.

    language Revisão através dan
    avoid like the plague

    have traveled to amsterdam over 10 times and never stayed in anywhere so terrible. the rooms were tiny (2 beds in 1 room and 3 in another). the bed was for someone aged 5 or under and the views of a concrete wall were awful. after checking out i was told i had to clean my own room which i did and then 1 week later was charged and extra 150 euros for what i don't know. i'm persuing legal action so avoid this place like the plague.

    language Revisão através holly kendrick
    lovely views

    we had a double superior room on the top floor. with staircases like ladders this was a hard hike up after a long tiring day but it was fun to be in an authentic old fashioned dutch house. our room was the width of the house(which is very narrow) with three windows that we could fling open and take in the lovely river amstel views. very relaxing to sit with a drink and watch all the river and surrounding activity. double 'superior' is a bit over stated for the room. the room was large, with a small table, two comfortabe easy chairs, a small sofa, mini-bar and cable tv, however the furniture was shabby and an odd mix and the general feeling was one of a room where all the spare bits of furniture was stored. it was a slightly tatty, dull and uninspiring room but the ensuite bathroom was excellent. if it had not been for the lovely views we might have griped at the rather steep 135 euros a night. in venice we had the most superb luxurious accomodation with marble floors, beautiful public rooms, breakfast included and all modern facilities for half the price. if you must visit amsterdam then the amstelzicht is probably good value in this slight tatty, over hyped, over priced, over sleazy and rip off city. try the zoo...the best value by far and browse along the canals furthest from the centre as you'll get better views, less seediness and better value. amsterdam has changed, for the worse!

    language Revisão através m1
    satisfactory accomidations, nice staff>

    we stayed 3 nights in june. we had a small room with now view, and there was scaffolding all around the hotel. we could not open our windows. staff is very helpfull and pleasant, however there is a strict no cannibus rule. (we smoked anywaze and it was not a problem) overal ok place to stay, 130 euro was to much to pay though!

    language Revisão através um visitante
    okay in a pinch

    stayed here for 4 days june 2001. good location as far as being close to everything. the room we had was small with no view. this place as you can see really tilts! walking into the lobby you start to get dizzy, then going up the stairs it really takes over and full vertigo. we wouldn't stay there again.

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