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NH Amsterdam Schiller
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    Antal anmeldelser : 1662
    Gennemsnitlig besøgende (7.8 /10 )
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    language Anmeldt af Kelly Mix
    Can't wait to go back...

    My wife and i stayed here in march of 2006,and we thought it was lovely. Our plane arrived in the early am, as always, so our cab got to the hotel hours before check in time. The woman at the desk offered us a temporary room to sleep in until our room was ready. This room was on the backside of the hotel, and was quite small. But you have to expect that in europe, especially in a city surrounded by water. Once our room was ready, a bellhop came and got our bags and lead us to our proper room. This room was on the top floor, facing the front of the building, overlooking the park, and surrounding city square. It was nearly twice the size of our temp room, and had large windows for a stunning view from it's seperate seating area, especially at night, when the nightlife kicks in, and the light come alive. Yes, there was noise from the bars, and the sweet "ding" of the trams, but so what? it's amsterdam! once you closed the windows, you barely heard anything at all. It has easy access to everything, as it's so easy to navigate in amsterdam, and this is pretty much centrally located, so little backtracking was needed. Compared to other hotles i've stayed in in europe, this was one of the roomiest, and had great employees working the desk 24/7. We plan to go back in the summer, and hope to be able to stay here again. As americans, we cannot expect the european hotel rooms to be as big as ours. Land is at a premium, and room size must be limited. Plus, what's a few days in a smallish room when you're really just needing it to put away your purchases, and sleep in?

    language Anmeldt af sherry
    november 2002

    4 nights stay on second floor front side. overlooked rembrant plein (park). grand entrance to hotel gives impression for more than is really here. close to bars and saw at least one smoking bar next door. loud 1st night due to roar of crowd at bar two blocks away for major football (soccer) game. firecrackers, thundering booms, constant chanting. easy electric tram access. other morning noises are the electric trams. easy walking distance for healthy persons to most places including canal rides. gay area one block towards central station. nice mature bar area that closes too early available beside lobby. small european rooms (in us, comparable to the size of a microtel room. staff accept holding suitcases downstairs, however they hold them behind the counter and not in a closet area. staff on numerous occassions advised us to watch our luggage near front area.... tendency of theft. advised to stay inside for taxi pick up for safety or keeping prestige of the hotel.... unsure. small capacity for 4 lift elevator, be aware larger elevator available to the left of the lift. chocolates on pillows each morning. cleaned rooms in timely fashion. cleaning staff needed deodorant, very unpleasant smelling worker. hairdryer installed in room, trouser press, coffee maker, sponge, bring a bar of soap or you will have to request more, shampoo, but no conditioner, showercap. nice european shower. towel bar is not heated, but is located in shower. two parking spaces out front for taxis. taxi from schipol airport is 35 euros and offered return service from front desk is flat 43 euros. beware of illegal taxi service charging 60-75 euros for trip to airport. watch out for pick pockets, bicycle lanes, cars, electric trams, keep watch where you are going and your surroundings. best map available was at heineken factory tour for 1.50 euros. visit heineken factory 7.50 euros with three free beers (or pepsi) included with ticket along with additional free gift upon departure. i can't give this place 4 stars by us standards. really can't compare to other european hotels, so i gave it a 3. bar staff leaves much to be desired. heard from other guest that breakfast is horrible and 14.25 euros. advise to use the 1st bakery one block towards central station on the electric tram road. very close to internet cafe called 'easy everything' for .65 cent euros for one hour! hundred computers available near the bakery mentioned. hotel charges 5 euros for 15 minutes. candlelight canal ride from 'love...' somthing or other with all the wine and cheese you care for 2 hrs at about 30 euros each was quite fun, however, suggest you have a companion or group to go (not suggested for single person). easy access to everything. must see teaser's bar near central station. down further is a wonderful pizza parlor. it is the end building and has hot pink walls with half bottles of chiante hanging from ceiling. must eat there! if you are faint at heart, don't look out the window at the street.... men 'watering' the bushes to rembrant plein (park). bicycle parking available. hard to access with taxi service. if traveling light, cheaper route via train transfer to #4 electric tram to save money, but not time. would look elsewhere before considering staying again, however, would not refuse. clean and easy access are only positives.

    language Anmeldt af en besøgende
    nice hotel, but...

    the schiller is a beautiful, old hotel, very well kept, very clean and comfortable, friendly staff. (we were there in march, 2001). i couldn't imagine a beter location in the city. however, the rooms are very tiny but we saw no signs of air conditioning in the room - no idea if it existed. (didn't need it in march!) one tiny ice machine two floors down. we had a room overlooking rembrandplein - a beautiful view but not very quiet due to all the night clubs across the street. it's listed as a 4 star, but should be 3 only because of the tiny rooms. i would stay there again, though.

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