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NH City Centre Amsterdam
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    Number of reviews : 4667
    Average visitor rating (8.3 /10 )
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    language Review by Ken D. from USA
    Ask for a room with a canal view

    Have stayed here so many times it's feels like my home away from home. Centrally located to pretty much everything in amsterdam. Make sure you request a room with a canal view (singel). They've always honored this request i make, and i get a room with one of the best views imaginable. The large windows swing open wide, which is an added benefit if you want a, er, smoke. Small but decent rooms - typical for european tourist hotels. Everything's clean and works. They get big tour groups to stay here. Hopefully, they won't be checking in when you do. They're used to all kinds here: tourists, stoners, businessmen, etc. And the service is good. Stairs to the left if you're in a fog and don't want to wait in the lobby for the elevator with a bunch of other people. To the right after you enter is a large sitting room which is cool to relax in if you're in the right mood, eh. Location is perfect, with the spui, kadinsky, dampring, the magic mushroom gallery, and a lot of useful little shops and decent restaurants, bars and coffeeshops nearby. Head to the back and walk along the lovely wsetern canals. It's heaven!

    language Review by Yabba Dabba Do from USA
    Location, location, location!

    I can't think of a more ideal hotel location than this one. Just a couple minutes walk from dam square, the red light district, the jordaan and liedseplein. A lot of famous restaurants, coffeeshops, and smartshops are almost literally right outside the lobby door, such as kadinsky, magic mushroom gallery, kantjil en tiger, and that "five flies" restaurant. Near the spui and a ton of a-list coffeeshops and cafes also. This is a relatively new hotel, part of a chain, and less atmospheric than some dutch hotels, but if you're like me, a decent sized room, a/c, and working plumbing are all i need as long as the location is this good. Very friendly staff who speak english fluently.

    language Review by a Visitor
    4 stars considering the price

    I love this hotel. I've stayed here maybe 5 times. I like it because it is walkable from the centraal station - maybe 10 min walk. Yet it doens't have all of the riff raff associated with the station. Indeed i think that the spui area and the jordaan areas are the nicest environments within reasonable walking distance of the station. Spui is known for good food and good smoke. If you like to smoke..... Grass, the kadinsky is within two minutes of the hotel as is gollem, the largest selection of belgium beer in a'dam. Nice walks to leidesplein, museums and all things amsterdam.... Enjoy.

    language Review by AdamFan from USA
    Stoners and disabled should avoid

    A friend and i just stayed there for new years. As compared with the surrounding buildings, it's not that old (1920's), and has appearantly been rehabbed within the last 10 years or so. Nicely decorated and distinctly european. It's conveniently located in a nice neighborhood that's close to just about everything. The staff truly showed their stuff when my arthritis started really acting up and made it hard for me to walk. They were actually able to find a cane (walking stick) that they loaned me for the duration of my stay. Wish i could say more good about them, but there was too much bad, as well. First and foremost is that they don't allow the smoking of anything but tobacco in the rooms. They claim it's because of the smoke detectors, but with 2 cigarette addicts sharing the room with no alarms going off, i question that reason. Also, as accomodating as they are to the handicapped, the building itself doesn't seem to be accessable. 2 sets of steps leading to the only entrance that isn't kept locked and not a ramp in sight. The beds are a whole other story. Singles that felt about as wide as a popsicle stick, blankets that are barely wider than the mattresses and so soft that i could see a visible sag. Between those beds, and a serious lack of ventilation (even with the window open) neither one of us was able to get a good night's sleep. If you're a non smoking couple on their honeymoon, this place is for you. For the rest of us, look elsewhere.

    language Review by A. Martinez from Spain
    Cuidado si eres español !

    El hotel está en un sitio estupendo que permite ir a pie a cualquier parte del centro y en la misma calle puedes encontrar de todo: restaurantes, tiendas, pub, cafeterías, etc; el entorno es bonito; las instalaciones están dentro del standard de 3 estrellas de esta cadena que es bueno; pero... Si has hecho la reserva a través de la web de nh y eres español te harán pagar tu estancia por adelantado, parece ser que ni los españoles ni nuestras tarjetas visa son de fiar para ellos (es lo que la srta. De recepción sin inmutarse nos soltó, más o menos, a la cara), por cierto quer dicho personal tendría que recibir clases de amabilidad por parte del personal que sirve el desayuno que lo hace bastante mejor que ellos. El idioma español no tiene ninguna consideración en este hotel, el personal de recepción habla holandés, inglés, francés, alemán, etc... Pero no español; no hay un solo canal en la tv en nuestro idioma; ni en los folletos, que en cambio si están en otros idiomas comunitarios... Solo encontrarás español en el nombre de los jabones del cuarto de baño.

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