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Visitor reviews Siberie
Visitor reviews Siberie

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    language Review by SlyCrayon
    Siberie 2007: Check it out!

    Many coffeeshops are visited, there are many fine places to buy or chill, but Siberie remains my home-away-from-home in Amsterdam. The bright, friendly and helpful staff immediately impressed me upon my first visit to the shop three years ago, and they continue to maintain a high standard of professionalism and courtesy. There is a broad selection of weed and hash on the menu and a variety of hot and cold beverages, as well as snacks, are available. Sometimes it is quiet and sometimes it is packed. Lovely view of the beautiful Brouwersgracht, if you face the door. The music varies, reflecting the preference of the budtender on duty. There are guest DJs weekly and art exhibits. Siberie is a comfortable place to watch and meet interesting people.

    language Review by buck777 from USA
    Still a class act

    having turned 40 and not particularly as patient with loonies as i used to be, Siberie is a sanctuary and an oasis of calm. I rarely buy smoke from here but thats; cos its my Sunday cafe, and by then ive usually got some left to smoke before i go home, thats nver been a problem here. Recommended to all who need peace jazz and politeness. Only for the educated. Stay away cranks there's plenty out there for you. xxx

    language Review by cameron
    quiet place to smoke.

    very relaxed place. tired of the cramped coffee shops around town? i would always hit this shop around 11 am.(opening time). nice big tables and plenty of reading material. cool art to zone out on. all this makes this one of my top 3 in amsterdam.

    language Review by a Visitor
    this place was ok

    i was expecting a little more since it is the number one shop.the interior is nice and big but the grass was nothing special.

    language Review by mikaro
    an old favourite...

    well, thngs have not changed much here, although they have moved the computer since i was last in the shop; now you can use it to surf the net- previously you could only send an e-mail for some reason. its a bit hectic though, as the new position means people are constantly pushing past you. anyway, its really the pot that matters, and it is still good, with nice service too. however, it does just seem to me that it is not quite as potent and well-prepared as it used to be- the siberian tiger (white-widow) was good, but not quite up to the standards of the top weed from say amnesia or barney's, which to my mind make up the list of the top 3 coffeeshops' in town, although i admit that i do not get out of the western canal belt very much. another gripe of mine would be the bongs- almost every other place in amsterdam has acquired a large glass bong or two, but in siberie, the bongs are of a very poor standard, and they seldom change the water in them either. so to conclude, i think this is a very reliable and worthy coffeeshop- but its not the best shop in town, no way!

    language Review by seouleast
    nice and clean........

    this place was cleaner than most other cs's around that area. they also opened right at 11:00am. there are plenty of seats to accomodate a fair amount of people. i would sum up the gear as being above average. the hash was all i tried there (blond), but tasty. the staff was friendly and none of them seemed to be cranky from coming in early. i haven't been there in the evenings, but the morning visit was nice. there was some fog lifting from the canals and getting a second wake and bake there made the effect almost dreamlike! definitely would recommmend!

    language Review by pat the rat
    got really stoned

    had been in the dam for 5 days until we decided to give the place a try. at this point most of the weed we had consumed was good but not really stoney great - until we tried the northern lights. got really stoned - the strongest stuff encountered on the whole wacky trip!

    language Review by kanyama
    the best and freshest weed in the world...

    given directions it was very easy to locate. the atmosphere was very laid back, the demeanour cordial, and the menu just right! not overly crowded, (an obvious norm for the few regulars that seemed right at home)...quaint and lovely - just the atmosphere for a great high! the siberian tiger is a must try!!! it is the bomb!!!

    language Review by lasthamlet
    simply the best...

    there are 3 shops in amsterdam that are rightfully the best. in no particular order since they share that number one spot in my opinion. siberie, dekuil, rusland. other people have different opinions, and that is okay as well, but go to these three and you can't go wrong. a lot of other shops are just as good, but these stand out in my mind... the siberie is my most favorite coffeeshop. i miss the lady barkeep that got another job and has moved on. she used to say 'wow' every time we came in. (it might have been the 3 euro tips...) hello roos, where ever you are...

    language Review by a Visitor
    chess anyone

    very nice place on one of the prettiest canals in the city. very laid back. there was a chess tourney going on during my last vist. clean bright with a cheerful staff.

    language Review by a Visitor
    cool location

    great place to chill out, good selection of weed and hash, psychodelic kinda inside, not alot of chairs but reasonably large as far as coffeshops go. when you leave turn left and cross the next bridge to the right, there is a park bench there over looking where 2 canals meet, its a great place to sit and enjoy the city.

    language Review by kimmie
    the most wounderful place

    visited a little while ago. had the most wounderful experience everytime we went in. the people are always cheerful and punctual of all the other places we visited. the 'wow' lady has a great personality. their prices best around. their atmosphere is a very comfortable one and is not as cramped for space as many others are. i'm looking forward to my return to this beautiful city and no doubt my first stop will be here.

    language Review by lasthamlet
    she said wow...

    this is a really nice place. the prices of their items, smokes, drinks or toastis are the best in a'dam. no kidding, primo like kat2 or siberian tiger are less than 6 euro a gram. dam nice lady working behind the counter, always very friendly. i was given a siberie lighter, on 3 occassions with my weed purchase. unlike a lot of other cheap tourists, i leave a tip every time i use a coffeeshops tables, bongs or items... next time i return i am remembered. as i said the counter lady was very friendly to my wife and i, a beautiful woman i might add, ever so slightly showing just the edges of her lingerie, dam that is a nice touch. nevertheless she appreciated our 2 and 3 euro tips so much, she would let out a soft 'wow'. in fact it was indeed the last word we heard her say on the last day of our trip. the tiger 1 & 2 turned out to be two of the sweetest and best smokes in all of a'dam. we are going to miss you siberie...

    language Review by myke
    top quality

    during the day it's like a student's union cafe - lots of (mostly dutch) kids smoking joints, banging on the pinball machine & talking shite. the scuff hash though was wicked & nicely priced - no rip offs here. i bought 5gms for about 40 euros worth & was told i could get a free 5 euro sample bag of any weed/hash i wanted or a 5 euro discount - how cool is that? i tried the jack herrer - not bad, i thought, but i know more about hash & theirs was top notch. i came back later that evening & the place had transformed - amazing what difference a bit of ambient lighting had made - all the kids were gone home & the place had a more 'late night trendy' bar feel to it & a couple of crackers working behind the counter! they also have two other related places - republik (up past haarlemstraat) which is very small & dutch (i was the only tourist!) & de supermarkt (no joke) near to republik - i think this place has just opened as it looks very new & clean - like a nice cafe....they all have the same menus, good smoke & good prices - their female staff seem to be fit in general too which is always appreciated!!! the redhead who works in de supermarkt in particular caught my eye - lovely eyes, smile, hair, face & a nice body to match...im in love again!!!

    language Review by whitedog
    great shop

    no attitude here. pretty women staff this place. wanted to try the white tiger - i think? it was late in the day and the nice lady said that she did not have a complete gram. i asked to buy what was left and she happily obliged me with about 4 euros worth of shake. it was tasty. shop is clean and well kept.

    language Review by jen
    siberie is a friendly, laid-back (and cheap!) coffeeshop.

    this was the first place we visited in amsterdam and it didn't disappoint - it had a really friendly, laid-back atmosphere and the prices seemed extraordinarily cheap. and, to top it off, the decor was pretty funky too. we went in the middle of march, so it was never too busy. the only disappointment was that they'd sold out of t-shirts!

    language Review by mikaro
    visit every day if you can...

    an off-shoot of the more famous rusland, siberie has a simple but beautiful grass menu and a hard hitting hash supplement too...the melana cream was a super-smooth smoke, matched only by the infamous ice hash. what i really like is that they show you the grass; even an old favorite like jack herer is a treat when you are getting a perfect bud...my personal favourite was the siberian tiger, now that the four-way has mysteriously dissappeared from the menu...to be ultra-critical, the actual shop can be a)freezing, b)crowded, or even c)come complete with a ridiculous plastic pink bong. still, its the quality pot that keeps me coming back.

    language Review by smoker bill
    awesome shop

    i really enjoyed this shop during my last visit. i stopped by here often for some 'snowy white' i was very impressed with there gear. i also got some amazing ice hash here. the girl kept warning me stating that this was only for regular smokers. i thoroughly enjoyed everything about this shop. i was only disappointed that they did not have a shirt my size. all in all probably one of my favorite shops in the dam...

    language Review by Mikaro
    All you could ask for...

    Excellent location, quality grass; siberian tiger and power plant- plus high quality Melana cream... Good pinball, plus e-mail and backgammon, and pleasant staff to boot. Can be busy, but then that is perfectly understandable...

    language Review by Dogbreath
    A laid back neighborhood coffee shop...

    One of my personal favorites. This is one of the few coffee shop I seem to visit almost daily when in Amsterdam. Only a few blocks from Central Station. Has a nice laid back vibe, some very good weed. Prices for coffee, juices and weed are quite reasonable. Check out the Siberian Tiger 2 weed. The place has a lot of local neighborhood Dutchies frequenting the place, as well as tourists, who generally are made to feel welcome. Popular with a variety of lifestyles and age groups. I frequently see locals who bring their dogs in. A dog in a coffee shop is always a good sign. :-)

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