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Bezoeker reviews Smokey
Bezoeker reviews Smokey

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    language Review door Charles B uit Ierland
    Very touristy, security - overdone, screwed me for every penny

    I've just come back from 4 days in The Dam with a mate of mine. We visited a few different shops: Mellow Yellow, Rick's Cafe, The Greenhouse, Abraxas and Trinity. When we went into Smokey I picked up 20 euros worth of Orange Bud (which was only OK) and a couple of beers. When I politely asked for the bong behind the bar and found it was missing a gauze I asked for one, they charged me 3 EUROS for a packet. I'd already spent 30 euros on weed and beer and now they wanted 3 euros for a poxy 2 cent gauze, NOT IMPRESSED! WON"T BE BACK.

    language Review door ravenfunk uit Verenigd Koninkrijk
    not very relaxing

    i found this place very off putting, i was in at 11.30am i was the only person in but the heavys sercurity staff thay had on the doors i found very off putting and thay were also very ignorant. the hash i bought wasnt very impressing either.........

    language Review door Steve uit Verenigde staten
    Friendly, hospitable, fun

    My wife and I along with 3 other couples spent 25 Apr to 2 May in Amsterdam. Smokey is the only coffee shop that also served beer, so it was our main stop practically every night. You could sit outside in front and enjoy a smoke & beer and people watch.

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