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ibis Amsterdam Centre
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    Antal anmeldelser : 1456
    Gennemsnitlig besøgende (7.9 /10 )
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    language Anmeldt af Chloe fra Storbrittanien
    Fab hotel!!

    Stayed here last november, was great. Was given a room in the new part of the building... Very large room and bathroom... Any2 complaining about the size... They got one over on you! staff were ok... Had some hassle checking in... We gave here the right amount of mumey for the room, she russled some papers under the counter then said we hadnt given her enuff and had 2 pay another 4o euros, which is a lot on top of the room and tourist track... Couldnt proven any thing so jus left it... Other than that had a really fab stay... Good snacks... Simpsons on the tv in english... Cant complain! infact am going back this week end again... Wouldnt stay ne where else at the mo... Unless we discover another hotel!!

    language Anmeldt af Matthew Rodham fra Storbrittanien
    Rude behaviour of the reception

    The reception staff especially on phone was very rude to me. Some of them hardly smile even if you smile at them. Words like "thank you", "sorry", "excuse me" are not in their dictionary!!

    language Anmeldt af boner
    not too bad at all

    stopped here recently and can't really complain about anything - yes we were on the track side and still managed alright all night with the window open, the bar and bar staff were great and the toated ham and cheese were 10/10 so were the pizzas so all in all a good place to stay

    language Anmeldt af charlienscott
    the whole truth about the ibis hotel giving it to u straight

    dont be afraid after reading the review as we were after booking at the ibis in amsterdam centre. the truth about the ibis hotel is that the rooms are small and basic and yes it can be a little loud because of central station on one side of the hotel but. the rooms are clean if a little small and the staff are more than happy to help with your midnight munchies. its also easy to find cos of the bright sign after a night slumped in a coffee shop. so pass out and its fine!!!! you also get the amazing luxury of bbc1 to mong out to.

    language Anmeldt af boner (uk)

    going back to the dam in jan 2004 and stopping in the ibis admittingley we are only paying 160 euros each for travel and accomadation for two nights from the uk but hope its better than it sounds!!!

    language Anmeldt af ssm
    clean comfortable and reasonable price

    it was my first time at amsterdam and i try ibis hotel at stopera during the end of oct.2003. it has 200+ clean rooms and it is comfortable to travel around by tram and metro(approx.1.6 euro if it is used in centrum area).the worst thing is that there was somebody trying to open our luggages several times, the zips of one luggage was broken too, but we didn't find any item lost . we told the manager but there was nothing compensated. i recommend the hotel to have more awareness and it should have a refrigerator and a hair-dryer in the room. if it is possible i would like them to try the hotel in bangkok-thailand at the cost of about one third that i paid for this stay but about 2-3 time of the service we had experience. the staff is ok. one of them is very warmful. hope to visit amsterdam again. ssm

    language Anmeldt af mark richardson (england)
    dog kennel

    this hotel is the absolute pits. the rooms are poky and smell. impossible to sleep due to the noise from outside ( you have to keep the window open because of the stench). the staff are just down right rude. stay away at all costs!

    language Anmeldt af ken - uk
    hotel ibis - centrum

    i have stayed at this hotel many times, its ideal for the railway station, and very close to what most people consider the main attractions of amsterdam. i find the service good, and the staff friendly, the bar area is tidy and again all the staff good, i was even invited to the staff christmas party last year...! the rooms are good enough for the purpose, bed, tv, shower toilet, if you stay up on the higher floors, with the odd room numbers, i think these overlook the city, if you choose even number rooms you face the railway, i agree its noisy, on the whole.with the windows open, with traffic on one side and rail on the other, but i have never had a bad nights sleep yet. if you get a low floor room you will face the biycle multi storey park, not the best of views, but hey, who pays for a view.. if you want a view go to austria, you get out and walk the streets of amsterdam. i would recommend it to anyone, unless you want sauna's and swimming pools, then this is not for you.

    language Anmeldt af cyberchuckie
    nice hotel, convenient location, price just right for last minute.

    stayed one night, got a great discount rate from friendly staff. room ok, but carpet had stains and the bathroom was very tiny. was on the centraal station side and could not open the window for all the train noise. would stay again, but would hope to get a larger room on the city side. be sure to wear your socks:)

    language Anmeldt af en besøgende
    convienient, clean, friendly.

    if you are like me and had made a reservation at the ibis centre only then to read some of the 'not so good reviews' here and be worried.well don't worry you haven't made a mistake - having just returned i can tell you we had no complaints. the hotel is literally on the door step of central station - a 2 min. walk (with luggage). the reception staff are very welcoming and will be glad to give advice if like us it is your 1st visit. the rooms are clean (no damp!) and have everything you'll need . however if you wish to spend all day in your hotel room (then don't go to amsterdam!) you may find them a little small.the hot/cold buffet breakfast is fine. it can get a bit 'noisy' at night, but then again you are in one of the busiest parts so don't expect the tranquility of a leafy suburb!but it is not unbearable - we kept the window open all night as it was warm but still got to sleep. on that point a small 'fan' wouldn't go amiss. we would revisit this hotel again without a second thought.

    language Anmeldt af packs
    tried the ibis stopera??

    i don't know about the ibis central, but i've stayed at their sister hotel ,the ibis stopera on valkenbugerstraat (something like that) which is about 15 minutes walk from cs & 5 mins walk from the 'centre' (red light area). i booked through channels & got some really good deals in the winter by booking about a month in advance - as little as 55 euros for a saturday night, can't really be beat. the interior decorating is not my cup of tea (it's all a bit 80's looking), but it's clean, got cable tv, the showers are excellent & the safe's are, well, safe! the prices go up in the summer, but as a stopover in the winter it's well located & affordable. no-one bothered me in my 3 or 4 stays there (even though i probably stank the place out of it with the smell of weed!). i prefer now to rent apartments - for that more 'authentic' feel (i even rent a bike & swear at tourists!!!), but i wouldn't hesitate using the stopera again if i had to.

    language Anmeldt af marla thomas
    a place to pass out only

    on a recent 'trip' to amsterdam i realized that this hotel is good for one thing...passing out...nothing is damp, musty and crammed. overall, if you are just looking for a place to crash into oblivion...this is the place for you.

    language Anmeldt af en besøgende
    decent hotel

    it's nowhere near as bad as some people make out. it's true about the noise within the building along the corridors but personally, if my hotel window blots out the racket from the street outside - which it does very well, unlike some english hotel chains - then i can get a good night's sleep. i thought the buffet breakfast was good, the staff friendly and the location very convenient - though there are other hotels even more central.

    language Anmeldt af Alexander Jinklestein
    Negative reviews are accurate

    Having read conflicting reviews before my recent trip to A-dam, I wanted to find out about the Ibis Centre for myself. All that needs to be said is that NATO should put this hotel on their list of potential airstrikes. Try the new Ibis Stopera by Waterlooplein.

    language Anmeldt af Peter Aristo
    Ibis centre: insane asylum

    The Ibis centre is conveniently located. That concludes the positive remarks. If you really want to spend 225 guilders per night to be incarcerated in a smelly, noisy, unhygienic, cramped and unfriendly room, being assisted by desinteressed youths or if you like having your food 'air-mailed' to your table, then this MUST be the place for you! What a dump!!!

    language Anmeldt af en besøgende
    a nice hotel

    the other reviewer is nuts. this is one of the nicer hotels in the area. very good buffet compared to the stale bread/cheese and off/ham products you get elsewhere. very good tv stations, some english and american shows. i have stayed all over a'dam and just got back from my 11th trip. there is a obvious reason why this hotel is always booked solid....

    language Anmeldt af Mike A.
    the worst hotel in amsterdam

    everyone in amsterdam calls this hotel the Abyss. the rooms are small and cramped, the cleaning is dodgy, and the restaurant is awful...seriously, the only good thing about this hotel is that it is DIRECTLY in the center with easy access to everything in the city, but that also means that you won't get any sleep because it is so noisy from the constant people and traffic that you'll hear vibrating through the building all night long (unless that sort of thing lulls you to sleep). The other bonus is that it's relatively cheap, but if you book well enough in advance you should be able to find a better room. Late planners on a budget will drown in the abyss.

    language Anmeldt af sabine fra Tyskland
    Dreckig! klein! und viel zu teuer!

    Wir haben sofort wieder ausgecheckt als wir in diesem kleinen zimmer waren mit schwarzen haaren auf dem bett und viel zu kleinem bad (man konnte sich gerade einmal drehen) mit verschimmelter dusche! horror hotel!!

    language Anmeldt af rumébe vinent fra Frankrig
    trés bonne situation géographique

    je suis déscendu dans cette hotel l' année dernière (08/2005), j' ai gardé un bon séjour, l' acceuil et de bonne qualité ( parlant: anglais, allemand,). coté bar : familliale, décoration avec gout, acceuil: le plus chaleureux (parlant: anglais , francais, allemand). pour la chambre grande propreter, confortable,belle vue sur amsterdam ou le port, si vous etent en étages. le petit point noire: tarif élevé.. cette année j' y repart toujour au meme hotel.

    language Anmeldt af en besøgende fra Italien
    I miei complimenti allo staff

    Ho alloggiato in questo albergo ad agosto 2006 e mi posso ritenere davvero soddisfatta x il servizio offerto dallo stesso. Lo staff si è presentato molto disponibile e attento alle esigenze della clientela. Ho molto apprezzato il divieto di fumare in tutta l'area. Ci ritornerei volentieri.

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