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Greenhouse Effect
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    Number of reviews : 814
    Average visitor rating (7.8 /10 )
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    language Review by edhunted from USA
    Avoid turkish delight room at all costs!

    I read the other reviews of this place and feel i really got the short end of the stick. I stayed in turkish delight room october of 2009. The shower smelled so horribly of mold i couldn't even use it (3 days no shower!). The bed sits next to the shower and the smell kept waking me up. The other half of the bathroom with the toilet and sink (separate from shower) is extremely tiny. Your window view is bags of garbage on the neighbor's roof. That said, the coffee house is a chill place to kick it and the breakfast was better than expected. Just avoid the td room.

    language Review by Al Jewell from USA

    Average hotel!

    language Review by Al from United Kingdom

    Booked 2 appartments. 1 directly opposite the coffeeshop and 1 at the other side of the redlight district. 4 grown men in each appartment and we could have easily got 6 in each. Plenty of room. best value for money place i have stopped at in 10+ dam trips. if you are going on a stag do or hen night then book the appartments and you will have a hell of a weekend. discount on weed/beer. breakfast included. tv in room. massive couches to mong on. right in middle of everything. fridge stocked with those oh so important munchies and pop. we booking up now for my 30th.

    language Review by Marco from USA
    Canal view.... Why go out of doors?

    Spacious, sometimes the hot water ran out... Had to restart is all.... Breakfast downstairs is a plus.... Bar people are very nice... I love the big space having stayed in little matchboxes prior.... i'll definitely go back... Love helene, laura ruth and the other guys and gals.... The maintenance man is very hot...

    language Review by g from Vanatu
    Not to shabby

    Not long back, was there june 07.5 of us staying there and not a complaint to be heard. Clean and tidy thumbs up from me.

    language Review by Hiliary More from United Kingdom
    Wouldn't stay anywhere else now

    We stayed in green house effect in fluo, that's hubby me and a pal. we were greeted by ruth the manager who was so very friendly and welcoming, as were the rest of the staff. they had a great bar with happy hour prices for guests and a discount for the coffee shop next door. the room was on the second floor and was absolutely spotless and comfy with great decor. If i were to nitpick, i would have preferred a wardrobe to a hanging rail but i can live with that. There were 3 comfy lounging chairs and 2 tables and was a perfect place for a last spliff before bed. We looked out of our window onto the busy street below which was cool, a little noisy on weekend nights but we were too stoned for it to keep us awake, so no prob there. the place was right in the centre of things so it was easy to reach everywhere we wanted to go from there. The coffee shop next door was as cool and friendly. Can't wait to go back there.

    language Review by Cazza Kneller from United Kingdom
    3 lassies from scotland loved it!!

    I booked this for a girls weekend away and we loved every minute of it! we stayed in the flou apartment and we had a brill time. The bathroom was modern and spotless. We saw maids every day we were there ( 3 nights ) and we were left clean towels every day. i can understand what is being said about the locks on the doors to the apartments but the actual door to get into all the apartments is a keycard and we felt safe once we were in the front door down the stairs. And those stairs!!! omg!! it took us 20 mins to get up them the first night after drinking and smoking....... We were laughing soooo much! we eventually whittled it down to about 10 mins... Being stoned has a lot to answer to ;-) we loved the location as you always felt you were 'part of the experience' even when you were sitting in your room as all we had to do was open our window to see and hear what was going on. Yes, it was noisy but we got used to it and found it was too quiet when we got home to east kilbride! i would seriously recommend going here for 'the amsterdam experience'. If you want class, go somewhere else. If you want to experience chilling out, drink, smoking, laughing, communicating and finding yourself then find the greenhouse effect :-)

    language Review by Stephanie from United Kingdom

    I stayed in urban chill above the greenhouse effect coffee shop in august 2006 with three of my friends. We were right in the heart of it all and we all had a great time. The apartment was very clean and spacious and would i definiately recommend it.

    language Review by Stephan from USA
    Excellent place, people, and smoke!

    My girlfreind and I stayed in the Canal View Room in the middle of last April, and it was amazing! Upon my first step in the room, I was instantly baffeld by the decoration. Such a trendy, simple yet elegant, and artistic way of decorating a room, and in a definite Dutch fashion. The view of the city center is brilliant, and if you smoke bud, it is so relaxing to sit at the big windows and watch the city go by, as you partake in your favorite strains and flavours. I dont understand why people have given this place bad reviews, our room was at least clean and comfy. I did have to ask for extra towels, but I did get them. Amsterdam is a busy place, you cant expect people to always have you in mind. Their lives are quite casual and mature. If you need something, ask, dont expect people to psychically cater to your every need.Your not to big to ask! The coffeshop next door has got Northern Lights, Silver Haze, I think Isolater, and tons of other strains of pot that are exotic in the rest of the world. The hash is spicy, and is made to the pinnacle of what hash should be. Stay here, Trust me. Laura who works in the bar is amazingly helpful, she even got us into our rooms early when we were passing out on the table(Late Flight, followed by smoke) She answered all our questions, and told us to make sure we get our discounts! The English Lady that works there is really cool too, I didnt get to know anyone else this time around, but I will on future stays. This hotel is very popular, so its hard to get a booking. Try their hot chocolate with whipped cream, and ask for cocoa powder on top(they might decline the powder as it can be quite expensive.) Enjoy Your experience!!

    language Review by spliffy
    good value

    stayed here when i was in the dam for the 420 party. to be honest i wasn't expecting much. i normally stay at the rho, intel, avenue or similar 3 - 4 star establishments. i arrived very early and luckily the previous occupant had left already so i got an early check in, the girl at the bar offered me breakfast even though i had not paid for it, i just had some coffee. the room was clean, the telly worked and so did the hot water and toilet. if you are after a super delux hotel, go elsewhere, if all you need is somewhere to crash and take a shower in relative comfort, this is the place. zunk

    language Review by Zunkii from United Kingdom
    Just what you need

    Having read a few of the reviews, I was worried about staying here. The place rocks, the staff are friendly and helpful, and the place is clean. If you are looking for a 5 star experience, go to the Kras and pay 5 times the price, but if ur looking for somewhwere relatively clean, central and safe to crash, you can't go wrong. I will be back

    language Review by lyn
    canal view - fantastic!

    we stayed here for three nights and had a fantastic time. the hotel is really easy to get to from centraal station and gives easy access to the rest of the city. the rooms were large, clean and comfortable, basic but had everything you need. they were cleaned everyday or towels left outside your door if your do not disturb sign was out. staff were friendly and helpful, buffet breakfast was great and you get a discount in the bar and coffeeshop. great view of the canal and damrak - i'd recommend it!

    language Review by joe
    great service, great drinks, great times

    what can i say! i am 15 and this is the first time i have been to amsterdam, this place was very easy to find (as long as you have a basic knowledge of the place, so i reccommend looking at a map beforehand) the people there were so friendly and yes, they spoke english! (as do most people in amsterdam) there was even a english lady at the bar who showed us to our room. we had breakfast included, which comprised of cereals, fruit, coffees etc we stayed just across from the bar at the 'dutch touch' room, which catered for our needs perfectly, it had a clean bathrom and main area, although they are now renovating a few nearby rooms, so on the last night, it was a bit noisy, but otherwise a pleasant stay! well worth it!

    language Review by a Visitor
    you might look for a better hotel

    i stayed a week, but i never saw a maid or a clean towel, carpet was clean but walls were dirty. walls are paper thin and transmit sound well. i had a mouse in my room. the hotel is currently undergoing a renovation, which means lots of hammering early in the morning. better rooms are available for eur 30 on the damrak. the best thing about this hotel is the location, which is steps away from the action in this town. speaking of action, there are lots of bums and panhandlers in this area, so be ready to donate. staff was friendly and helpful. overall, i would have to say that this hotel was dirty, noisy, overpriced, vermin infested: you have been warned!

    language Review by a Visitor
    nice but pricey

    i like the greenhouse effect hotel although i think it is really expensive for what it is. the rooms are fun and if you are a smoker you will probably feel at home, i did. you get a discount on hash in the coffeeshop next door too. they don't always tell you though, and i forgot to get my discount every time i bought anything,so having just walked out of the shop with 1g i went back in explaining i was staying in the hotel etc... and the guy was well annoyed with me, made me feel really bad for asking for the discount i was due. in the end he grumpily agreed to give me back 2 euros but he said 'next time make sure you say it before i've pressed the button on the till, because now i have to press another 2 buttons to rectify it'. didems.

    language Review by peter winter
    staff friendly, rooms being upgraded, great breakfast,

    istayed at the greenhouse effect for my weeks holiday in amsterdam, the hotel is in the middle of being upgraded and the rooms that are ready are very clean, because i booked my room late i had to move rooms during my stay, the staff were great anything i needed i asked for at the bar and i never got a grumble. the beds are clean and when i needed a few of my amsterdam questions answered i just asked and got the best information i got from the whole city from the bar. i have already booked my stay for the winter and i am trying out some of the rooms that are being upgraded. also the hash is great from next door.

    language Review by nina
    nasty! nasty! nasty! yuck!

    nastiest place ever seen in my life, the bathroom had mould everywhere, refused to put my feet on the floor. dusty,smelly,dirty and just plain nasty. made up story that we had to get back to london cos of an emergency, took our money back and ran!!!!! definitely not worth ú45 per night. went and stayed in rho hotel, alot better - thankgod.

    language Review by swifty
    excellent stay

    we had 3 nights here 1st 2nd 3rd june 2002 really enjoyed the experience of it all. good rooms - clean and funky would recommend it!!!!!!! from a non smoking family of 4

    language Review by xxxluver
    why can't i give this place no starx

    this place is unsecure and dirty. i have heard of guests getting robbed and never saw a maid or clean towel during my stay.

    language Review by xxxluver
    the grosshouse effect

    this place bites!!! dirty, rotten, stay here if you live in a filthy trailer and you will feel right at home.

    language Review by dan kift
    i loved it

    staying in the greenhouse effect was the best two weeks of my life, i love it there.

    language Review by a Visitor

    My God- you pay good money and this is what you get!! It is without doubt the worst place I have ever stayed in. The staff are unprofessional and rooms are tiny. The amenities leave a great deal to be desired. If you want to go to Amsterdam and enjoy your stay- make sure you dont stay here!

    language Review by mooli
    Filthy, dirty, and unsecure

    I stayed here for four nights and never saw a maid or any change towels or the sheets. Quite noisy and the locks could be picked by a child.

    language Review by a Visitor from France
    Super appartement loué au green house

    Nous sommes arrivé à 3 en ayant réservé au green house 4 jours avant. En arrivant, nous nous situons dans une des rues les plus mouvementées de la ville à la limite du red light district. appart au dernier étage (3 en tout), avec petit escalier traditionnelle très abrupte. En ouvrant la porte du dernier étage, super appart, avec canap, fauteuil, tele ecran plat, coin cuisine, salle de bains a part et chambre a part avec 3 lits. Tout pein en blanc, refait a neuf y a pas lgtps. Table de coffee à l'ancienne. Vue sur la rue mouvementée. Vraiment pas déçu du tout.

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