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Orange Tulip Hotel
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    Number of reviews : 772
    Average visitor rating (6 /10 )
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    language Review by Dragan from Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Great location and friendly staff !!!

    I have stayed at this hotel from July 3d till 7th and overall I can say that I enjoyed my stay. The reception staff was very nice and helpful, my room was clean yet very basic but had everything I needed, the breakfast was ok a typical continental breakfast. The best about this hotel is the location!!! You’re in the middle of everything what is going on in Amsterdam and the staff provides me with all kinds of information about clubbing and great events they send me to!!! So I had a great time in Amsterdam and would recommend this hotel to all young clubbers who want to be in the very heart of Amsterdam

    language Review by a Visitor
    if you have to stay here, it's not worth going!

    this is categorically the worst hotel i have ever stayed in in the western world. no price was worth paying for this. - the entrance stairs carpet was blackened with dirt and stains, with a pungeant smell to match - they make you pay up front, and charge you for 48 hours stay if you don't like it and want to pull out (and who would stay if you could afford to turn around and run!) - the rooms are filthy..there are no words to describe the state of the blankets on the beds. i'd be surprised if they had an annual clean. i found a dead slug or worm embedded on the blanket before i decided i'd never look at it or touch it again. the sheets don't stay firmly on the mattress which is scummy plastic - dingy plastic curtains only half hanging from the rail - noise noise noise - with doors slamming all night and from the sleazy street outside. - there is no redeeming feature to this place at all, and i have never been happier to leave a place in my life.

    language Review by jackie
    enter at your peril!

    my partner and i stopped at the orange tulip 26/27th october 2005. think the only good thing about this hotel is that itæs within viewing distance of central station. the entrance is a small door up the side of the 'restaurant/grill'. you go up a steep flight of stairs to the reception to be acknowledged by the sourpuss on reception. after standing there for a couple of minutes the girl looked up amid a constant stream of phone calls. on giving our details she looked puzzled and said we hadnæt booked. luckily i reviewed all the other comments on this site and confirmed with 'sanjay' the week before. when i showed her my email suddenly our booking appeared. i get the feeling they overbook and its first come first served so be aware & get written confirmation! we arrived at 11am and were strictly told no check in before 1pm. when we asked if we could leave our bags we were told to leave them in reception. bearing in mind they sit quite low behind reception and donæt acknowledge your presence - there was no way we were leaving our bags for anyone to have - so we had to lug them back down the stairs! we got back just after one and got the keys to room 101 (hmmm great) we opened the door û which bangs on the bed! the room was a tip. we went back to reception and were given the keys to room 204 on the next floor up. if you have anything over a size two shoe then you have to walk sideways up the stairs û they are about five inches wide! itæs ok going up but its scary going down! the room on first glance looked ok (ish). the tv played mtv etc but with no remote it was a pain having to keep getting up. the æen-suiteæ was a joke. we had to wedge ourselves under the sink to sit on the toilet. it was easier to use the toilet outside (as long as you had no sense of smell). we took full advantage of the coffee shops (try goa near the red light û its got great space cake). we got back to the hotel and sort of passed out on the bed. in the morning we woke up to find that in our stupor we had pulled the blanket and 1 sheet back and had slept on the mattress protector à. yak!!!! it was really stained. what was worse though was the pillows had no cases and we had slept on a drool / blood stained pillow! after collecting our bit of paper from reception for our breakfast we went downstairs into the æfamousæ grill. you give your slip of paper to the staff and they tell you what you are eating. donæt think you have a choice because you donæt. you get a slice of cheese, a slice of ham, scrambled egg, slice of toast and a couple of sachets of jam. plus you get one drink. and thatæs your lot! why is this grill famous? because itæs probably the worst one!!! enter this hotel at your peril. my advice is pay that little extra and get somewhere decent or just turn up and find somewhere on the day because virtually every building has a æhotelæ above it. well iæm off now to stick some more ointment on the two bites that appeared on my arm!

    language Review by a Visitor
    great location. not bad. good value for money

    we have styed there for three nighs lately and had good service and reasonable room with facilities. the people were nice and we had sun the whole saty at the city. can't complain

    language Review by ian
    good if you can't afford much!

    de oranje tulip- overall a good hotel for the money you pay. biggest let down for me is the booking process. i booked this a couple of years ago, faxed credit card details to reception and asked for confirmation. i didnt get any but assumed the fax had gone through because the fax machine told me it had been successful. when i got there on the day, they'd told me that it was reserved but not booked and were about to give it away to someone else! lucky for us! very dissorganised in that way especially as you can only pre book it via e-mail, fax or phone and e-mail is very unsecure! hotel in general is good, did not like the fact that we had a shared shower/bathroom with 2 floors even though we were in a 4 man room! i am going back to same hotel with 5 people this time so it can't be all that bad although it wasn't my choice to go again... overall- good for the price you pay but only just better than a youth hostel!

    language Review by drodger1
    very very basic

    my partner and i went here for two nights in june '03. the pros; reasonably cheap, an extremely good location and (i'm struggling to think of a 3rd thing!) the woman at the desk was nice. we also got the room with the balcony which was great as you got to look over the entire damrak. (it's room 202). the cons; room was awfully tatty (table hanging of wall, shower rail broken), bed was squeaky! owner of restaurant downstairs was a bit funny when he realised you weren't paying customers, merely hotel (breakfast) guests. room had no hairdryers, i asked to hire one at reception 3 times and was told they were working on it. there was still no sign of it when we checked out. to sum up - i would stay there again if i could find anywhere cheaper and was assured of the same room.

    language Review by tourist
    no customer service and ethics !!

    i made reservations with de oranje tulp through bookings back in january 2002. in march 2002, i found a better hotel and tried cancelling the booking by calling the hotel. there is no sense of customer service because everytime i called de oranje tulp to cancel by booking, they would tell me that the lady who took care of cancellation was not in, so i would need to call at later time. i made 3 attempts and finally the guy who took the call agreed to cancel my booking. i called again to confirm and was told that the booking was cancelled without any email confirmation. i was still suspicious but took their word. when i arrived in amsterdam, i just gave them a call just to check and they told me that they had not cancelled my reservations and would charge me for a night. they also told me that they don't take cancellations on the phone, eventhough the email mentioned that i could cancel by calling. i'm also disappointed with because they did not support me on this either. i disputed the charge on my credit card bill, but the hotel management to my credit card company stating that i made no attempts to cancel my booking. my recommendation is to avoid this hotel and the headache and hassle of dealing with this establishment and go with a reputable company that puts the customer first.

    language Review by a Visitor
    good location

    we stayed at the orange tulip for 3 nights.the room was small yet reasonable(bit tatty).there was no remote control for telivision which may have been a good thing!? staff were ok and breakfast was pleasent is expensive for rooms but its worth staying centrally as we didnt have to walk far from the train.

    language Review by opa vajragupta
    good location, very small&high stairs without lift,good breakfast, the room just clean enough

    we booked the hotels for 6 days and the recption charged us right away on the first check in even we had submited the credit card detail on booking; luckily that the room was ok. - no glasses or plastic cups in the room; we asked them for 4 times and finally on the fifth day we got plastic cups of heineken - the maid just made the bed half way only by put the pillow case and one sheet over the mattress but leaved the blanket and another sheet for the blanket for us to make the bed ourself. -they turned off the heater at midnight and turned it on again around 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning. they said it is not good for the health to turn on the heater all night! -the good part of this hotel is the breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of ham, 2 pieces of balogna with bread, butter& jam but only one drink, fruit juice or coffe(cappucino or chocholate. on the first day we ordered juice and the breakfast came, we asked the waitress for coffee;she said that i have to pay as the breakfast includes only one drink for person.

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