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Visitor reviews Stix
Visitor reviews Stix

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    language Review by melodee
    one of my favorites

    this is a coffeeshop where the locals go to get their puff. good hot drinks on a cold day and some of the best gunpowder i've inhaled, ever. there are two stix and they are both great.

    language Review by kalendash

    today it's thursday and i feel sick thinking about my last week-end.it was my first third time in amsterdam but i have never been in stix before.i was walking through the streets in a cold and raining november's day while i was looking for a cup of hot caffè.in the corner i found styx.i was not sure to get inside.it seems me strange compare with other coffieshops,but i decided to enter.i ordered a cup of coffee and some ash.in three days i bought only grass but stix seems me a place goog for ash.i visited a lot of coffieshop and i think that a coffieshop is a good one if normal grass or hash is good.what i mean is that it's normal that a kind of ash very expensive couldn't be very bad.it could be great or not very good...not bad.in styx i bought caramello that was 7/8e/g and it has a small that i never smoke again even if i always take some very expensive.time goes on fastly and i coludn't come back because i was there only for the week-end.lovely kiss to the noired beautiful owner

    language Review by fac51

    visited for the first time nearly two years ago [jan03], very special night, gonna sit in the window and relax again. nice atmosphere and good staff.

    language Review by a Visitor
    very nice and convenient

    went twice recently. people there were pleasant and adult. not a place the noisy kids hang out. very very small, however.

    language Review by mike
    very nice

    great staff, very friendly, good gear,a must see coffeeshop

    language Review by boner
    gunpowder - wow

    the gunpwder was out of this world and imo better than the grey mist crystals from grey area

    language Review by seouleast
    nice and quiet

    i found this place to be very relaxed and chilled. i didn't get to try anything other than the mango weed, but it was some great wake and bake stuff for your hotel. not too heavy. leaves you with a mellow buzz just right to start the cs tour. tasty too!

    language Review by trekknhil
    nice booths

    grab a window and have a seat. nice shop with a great attitude. the neighborhood is great and my favorite mexican restaurant, alfonso's, is right across the street.

    language Review by geremia jonnsson

    wew my name is michael cane. i fought that this shop had everyfink. weed,weed and more weed. so lets all go there and get ruined my friends.

    language Review by lasthamlet
    nice shop - nice area.

    we stayed on the prinsengraght, so after visiting 10 or 12 coffeeshops, and passing this one each day in the process, we decided to stop, hell it was in the nicest area, and looked as clean as any shop we had seen. in fact it was as clean as any restaurant we had been in let alone a coffeeshop. the ghanja was very good, the fellow behind the counter was nice and informative. they also have scuff or tricimones, now one doesn't have to just go to the grey area to score their scuff. it is a small shop. do you really need a big shop to buy and smoke up some really good ghanja, which in my pissy state of north carolina, usa, is not avalible. we should kind of be happy there is at least one place where our peaceful kind are not oppressed. thanks amsterdam, and thanks to all coffeeshops, we will see you next time stix...

    language Review by cooter
    a little small

    the place is very small. the gunpowder was great as well as the golden stix.good place to stop for a pick up but too small to hang out

    language Review by a Visitor

    rude staff, tried to make us pay twice. she insulted some french tourists, and was not helpfull at all. while good music was being played, which is rare if you don't like trance; i would never go back here.

    language Review by dadoc
    very clean and nice

    i stayed close by so i went here more than a few times. the shop's just great to chill and watch the people go by through the huge windows. very friendly staff, very good coffie verkeerd and cappucino, the cleanest and most beautiful toilet i've been in a while. it even has seating upstairs for larger groups ! i bought a gram of their bubblegum weed which was the only thing that dissapointed me, since it was only of average quality... made a good filler and augmentator though, but i would have appreciated something stronger. even so there were lots of dutch people stopping by to buy and be gone or to buy and stay and have a chat, which is a very good sign.

    language Review by scoobiesnack
    our new favorite shop

    spent a week stying right off the rembrantplein and this was the shop we went to on almost a daily basis. as the other reviews have stated,this place is by far the cleanest shop we were in. we purchased some shiva from them and were very pleased with it. great music,the staff was very friendly and it is just a great place to watch the world go by.the thing that makes this place different from most shops is that it is more for people who are a little bit older.it is not full of 19 year american and british kids. just a great little shop.

    language Review by 6th timer
    This place is a must stop CS

    After hearing about this CS for a few years I finally made it by there on the last trip, the reviews are not understated, this is a very clean, very well run, friendly establishment which happens to serve some of the best koffie Verkeerd you will find in the Dam. I highly (pun intended) recommend the Eidelweiss (sp.) A great place to watch the world pass you by while you smoke, drink relax, and if you want there were newspapers and magazines available. The staff was among the best I have ever encountered. I Will be back.

    language Review by mervyn sherrard
    friendly,good smoke and clean

    stayed close to the stix on a weekend in october and popped in often,Thyijs and everyone were more than helpful & friendly,good atmosphere ,good smoke,nice clean place,would reccomend highly,will be back in the dam in dec., and will for certain call in.

    language Review by a Visitor
    STIX has STYLE

    What I hated about many coffee shops in AMS, was the lack of cleanliness. So many of the places feel like fraternity house basements but Stix is not like all the others. It is clean. Plain and simple the owners really try to keep the place in good shape. I went there every day for a week and I also liked the way it was a place for locals (non smokers even) to just stop by for a cup of tea to read the morning paper. As a woman traveling alone, I liked the lightness of the space and the CLEANLINESS!

    language Review by a Visitor
    Great Stop If You're Nearby

    Went in late March to celebrate my thirtieth B-day, and we stayed near the Stix. The selection, from what i remember, was decent; They did not sell me the worst bud I had there, nor did they sell me the best. The staff was friendly and let us use the bathroom even though we werent buying right then....While we didnt enjoy hanging out there, we enjoyed purchasing there three or four times. If you are staying nearby, make this place a stop once a day, for sure

    language Review by jay fox clinch
    Nice bud, nice mango juice

    The bud on sale here at stix is shit hot, a very good selection i personaly like the silver haze and ak47 on offer they also sell some nice mango juice, its a bit small but the stairs to the toilet are always funny when you've smoked one too many spliffs, they're all spiral...

    language Review by Robert Wilson(owner of the Hay
    A good German coffee shop in Amesterdam

    Very good selection of cannabis, quite, clean, comfortable. Needs a better hash selection,but a nice start. Open till midnight every night. Pleasent counter folks, could be more knowledgable on cannabis issues. An O.G.(old ganga)among established coffee shops.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Review 1/19/99

    This place was clean and upscale in a nice neighborhood near Rembrandt square across from a bakery where only beautiful women work. The weed is amazing and they will sell it in one gram increments. Tell him what you like and the proprietor will hook you up.

    language Review by Wilhelmus from Netherlands
    Klein maar Fijn

    Vriendelijke bediening Producten van grootte klasse zeker een aanrader om te proberen

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