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    Number of reviews : 179
    Average visitor rating (7.9 /10 )
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    language Review by bema mouser
    cheap, fairly sized flat, dutch mice no charge

    the mice are a little to friendly at the bema. but, i did get one to pose for a photograph. ithink. the mouse seemed to have had that asked of him before. + pluses + the were extremely proficent in business aspect and gave us a ride to the flat. absolutely no hassle or anything. pretty painless actually. it was a bargin at $88 us a night, it was a just above street level flat. it was size of a large smartly designed effciency apartment in the us. with a large bathroom and a great tub. the neighbors (second and third floor) seemed to be a rental as well. so if quiet is an issue you, ask for the top floor. - negative - mice were cool to have as flatmates. they really were not all that intrusive all that much. they were only around at night. until they realized we were harmless. the type of furniture that the bema used worked pretty well, , (the mice can't climb up steel poles ) although it may be wise to strongly recommend not to keep anything on the floor. anyway. the mice were cool until there were three of them. ---and then on our way out of amsterdam, one attempted to stow away in our carry on dink bag and x-ray people found him. it turned out to be serious entertainment for all those waiting in line for baggage x-ray at the airport. however the x-ray people didnt see the mouse messing up the works as all that entertaining. the phone 'cordless' battery lasted all of ten minutes. so talking to whomever, had to be gauged acurately. it took a whole day to charge for ten minutes of use. but price wise. we stayed a week. it cost a little over $400 us. would i rent space from the bema people again? maybe if they, had a king size bunkbed and i could have the top bunk. and they got some new / slighly less used towels in the bathroom. and found a real bathmat, they one they had, looked as if it was found in the wreckage after world war ii. and any type of phone that worked for a resonable amount of time. and had a shower head that worked properly. i know now a good place to buy good towels in amsterdam, want the address??

    language Review by suz
    get the apatment!

    we stayed in the apartment they advertize as a 'small one bedroom apt' but it turns out this apt was not small at all! it was huge! plus they have a 'green room'..i reckon this is the 'smokin room'...but,..we were very happy with this apt! ask for the one on the lowest floor possible and you will have a full deck also! this apt is well worth the 105 euro and you could prob pile up a heap of folks in time we rent this apt we will rent it for at least 4 or more persons! it was nice and clean & very historical look and a nice canal view and very close to albert cuyp market and all the famous museums...good security also! we loved this place and if it werent for the houseboat we rented 2 wks later (and loved!) we would most def book this apt again!--try a housboat if you never have! believe me will love it!!

    language Review by jason green
    clean, quite and nicely priced - pay with cash to avoid trouble!

    we stayed here for 9 nights. overall a good hotel - location bit out of the way but still manageable since the city is so compact. very quiet, so we slept well. fairly priced. drawback - staff knocks on your door and then enters every morning with breakfast (usually around 8am) nice to have breakfast in bed but you feel like you need to be up by the time they barge in. also night staff man gave us hassle about payment - we were told previously could pay with credit card but they ran out of slips for them, they told us no problem and that others would be obtained and we could pay when they got them but the guy who worked at night accosted us one night demanding payment making us feel very uncomfortable.

    language Review by marco from Netherlands
    O my god

    Het is een heel slecht hotel, het lijkt wel of het er spookt. Het personeel is ook erg vreemd, van het eten werden we ziek maar het is wel een leuke plek ook voor kinderen. We hoorde ze 's nachts ook sex hebben niet bepaald leuk voor de kids! groeten, marco, marlies en de kids

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