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Visitor reviews Tweede Kamer
Visitor reviews Tweede Kamer

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    language Review by Ed from USA
    Friendly Place; Great Menu

    Made it back to Amsterdam after a three (3) year absence. First stop was the Tweede Kamer to pick up some special muffins to ease the jet lag and guarantee a good nights sleep. Mission accomplished! Later on in the trip there were more visits for Sativa goodies (Super Silver Haze,etc.). The selection was extensive, the quality was very good, and the budtenders were very friendly. I enjoyed talking about the business and learning a little bit about the plant. The only negative was the one pre-rolled joint I smoked was harsh, but perhaps that is to be expected as I am a non-smoker of tobacco. I'm planning on a return in 2011. Next time I'm going to sample from their extensive hash menu and maybe even try an indica or two. This is saying a lot as I am a confirmed Sativa lover, but variety is the spice of life.

    language Review by TMS from Canada

    Best selection of herb and only bushdocter rivals their hash! nice friendly budtenders, and best prices in dam, try jack herer, top notch smoke !!!

    language Review by jazz guitar man
    warm, wise, friendly, and willing to give a few minutes worth of directions and advice to the traveler.

    im a musician and i have been coming to amsterdam for six years in a row during the north sea jazz festival and i found tweede kamer my first year through a local friend.the people who work the store are solid and helped me to find music related venues and even 'jam sessions' in town. i always go there first when i get in town.

    language Review by melodee

    i found tweede kamer by smell! i was trying to find it, passed it a couple of times after leaving dutch flower, and as i was walking by the door opened and the most lovely smell came wafting out. i went in, was lucky enough to get a place against the wall next to the dealer, and proceeded to get very high. go early in the day to beat the crowd and find a place to sit. it is cozy.

    language Review by a Visitor
    small loud but ak-47 excellent

    this was our first visit to amsterdam and the first coffee shop we went to, got two coke's and a ready rolled ak-47 to share with my wife. after a number of passes she said she didnt want anymore so i finished it off :-) five minutes later i had a sudden urge to leave, grabbed my things and announced it was time to go, my wife was not happy as she had not finished her drink, after walking around the streets for a while we suddenly got the fits of laughter stood in the middle of the shopping centre,this happened a number of times, the next 3 hours were a blur as we walked around and around with no clue as to where we had been or were going. after a stop for pizza we found another coffee shop and calmed down.

    language Review by fabio
    so small so big

    i have visited it only last november 2003......i went in because it was raining and i saw it in a small street...i told 'let's get in and try something new...' from that day, i went there every day. so small (4/5 tables) but a very large choice and quality of hash and weeds....very impressive....pls try the white widow! dont miss it!!!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    nice, smaller place

    nice, though a bit noisier than one might like. personale staff. product tends to the better end. i had high expectations, i'll admit, having read rave reviews--the actual place was a little less than many reviews suggest, but it's a fine stop.

    language Review by seouleast
    great service and great hash

    i can't say enough about this place and its hash varieties. the bubble hashes are very nice, but the parvatti fingers here is wicked! much different from the parvatti from de kuil in texture and color, but the same kick in the pants if that is what you are looking for. not the young hip crowd like de dampkring, but small. then again, most cs's are. i find them kind of cozy. if you are looking for a quiet place with great hash, then look no further.

    language Review by notsofast
    a great place for hash

    the tweede kamer is a great place for hash. as the sister of the dampkring. they also have some excellent weed especially on the sativa side. the people at the tweede are friendly making the visit a pleasure. i've been to a'dam three times (1999,2001,2003) and will go back again in 2004. when i'm there, you can bet i'll be going to tweede kamer.

    language Review by flying dutchman 824
    cozy place with a great menu

    as the sister store of dampkring, you are assured of top quality product. this a small and cozy place with a similar menu to dampkring. i love this little place and so will you!

    language Review by michele

    very good hash, high prices but the quality is very high as well. i live here and go there very often. if you know what is a real first quality maroc with an espresso coffee after a big dinner, go there and try the firsts of the maroc list. sherazade, sheeba and super tbizla are the names of the maroc first quality that i like more. for the espresso i am afraid you have to go somewhere else. also the weed is interesting, with a lot of haze/sativa varieties, of which i prefer the bio. it's a place for people that know quality and have some money to spend. never had a discount in 4 years. ;-)

    language Review by connie

    re:bigjohns420 reeview 3/3/01 i have been visiting the tweede kamer for a number of years and have never been treated with anything but warmth, welcome, respect and the best hash. if this fellow had a problem, my guess is he was being a (very)large asshole. i am an american from alaska and i highly (no pun intended) recommend this especially wonderful coffeehouse.

    language Review by jez
    small but perfectly formed......

    on our first night in holland we'd been out for some food and were just scouting out somewhere to get a smoke when we passed tweede kamer, it looked a bit small and dingy but once we were in there it was good, nice atmosphere and nice people, reminded me of a browns bar. smoke was of a fair quality and not very expensive, we had the super silver haze and some polm but i can't remember what it was called .

    language Review by mike

    this place is very expensive - ok they have a huge menu, but the shops too small to fart in. the quality is good - above the tourist shop average, but so are the prices. the siberie chain has a much less pricey menu with top drawer smoke & the shops big enough to sit & chill in as ye sample the wee baggies. i have to say though, their lighters last 4ever - i got one last month & it's still going strong! if i'm in the area i prefer dutch flowers - i don't know about staff hassles there - i've never had any problems, quite friendly in fact, apart from the guy who looks like a reject from an abba tribute band who is a bit of a grumpy git or kandinsky on rosemartinsteeg though the quality of their stuff can vary from month to month

    language Review by spangle
    good sounds, good smoke, friendly staff

    my regular haunt when in the dam. now spruced up and modernised yet keeping its cosy atmosphere. no hassles from any of the staff who all know their stuff. excellent choice of music, very different from the norm. if you want more space to relax try the sister shop 'de dampkring'. if you really want to remove a lot of brain cells try the moonshine!! knocks the spots off 'dutch flowers' around the corner, always have staff hassles there.

    language Review by mike
    good spot

    i've been here a few times - the staff are always friendly, the smoke is excellent (the hash at least...i generally don't smoke grass) & the coffee is good too. the only problem is that when they're busy, there can be large queues and/or nowhere to sit, but there's a couple of other good coffeeshops in the area...try dutch flowers on the corner, or kandinskys & come back later.

    language Review by tiko
    they got the best hash menu!

    these people know much about hashish, and that's what i like, they don't stare at you stupidly when you ask somethin bout the different hash varieties. they politely inform you about the stuff they sell and basically they satisfy you, worth the money. try afgani pollen, i loved it

    language Review by 6th timer
    Small Shop with a great lineup

    Stopped in last Sat aft for a break from shopping, it was the first time I was able to get a seat there and relax. Guy at the counter was helpful and courteous. They were out of my 1st Choice so I nabbed some AK47. Very very good stuff and a good price.

    language Review by BigJohn420
    The Staff physically abused me!!!

    I hate this place. First of all it's owned by the same guy as the dampkring and even has the same exact menu. Secondly once I went in, real stoned obviously, and when I hesitated with my menu choice the guy behind the counter shook me. I mean he grabbed my jacket and shook me while saying something about americans. Also I was tripping on some mushrooms at the time and was just totally not into fighting this guy in a strange country in HIS place with all of HIS friends around. The next morning I debated going back to fuck him up, but what the hell I was on vacation, and who do you think the dutch police would favor in that situation? Needless to say I don't go there anymore. As for the weed I've always thought there were very overpriced. The one good deal they have is the pure weed joint for 7.50 guilders, same as the Dampkring. Good to stop in when you're walking around.

    language Review by danmc
    Friendly 'Hole in the Wall' that sells great HASH!

    Can you say - HASH? Just open the door and you'll immediately know what they specialize in at the Tweede Kamer. Stopped in a dozen coffeeshops this trip and none of them have an overpowering dope smell to them, but when you walk in to this place there is no doubt that hash is king. I don't even know what I bought, I just walked up and asked for the best!! So-o-o-o fresh, just crumbles with a little pinch. And what a buzz.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Number 1 coffeshop in amsterdam

    For the best quality and most helpfull staff, Hands down The Kamer is it.The guys working there are cool as hell and will always be the place I go to more than all the others.

    language Review by fallen_buddha
    was it just me or........

    was it just me or was the weed selection the exact same as at the dampkring, it was. i liked this place it was nice and cozy, and empty when i got there. the weed was mouthwatering, and the hash was mindblowing. the guy behind the counter was very helpful. i will definitley be back next time around

    language Review by a Visitor
    Not to be missed

    The only down side to this place is its size - if there are more than ten people in there, it could feel like an overcrowded NYC subway car. That being said, it was quiet when I went, the people were extremely helpful and the moonshine 40 was beyond compare - never more than 3 hits that lasted for hours. They even let me use their only waterpipe (there were only 2 other people there at the time).

    language Review by skyhigh420
    great hash, and buds too!!

    1110-Once again I was not dissapointewd!! Highest quality hash and friendly and knowledgeable staff. A small cozy shop, seems very popular with the locals. Highly worth the visit.

    language Review by cagey
    Best 'shish

    Visited the Tweede Kamer on a Friday evening. Busy like a New York deli, line out the door. Guy behind the bar was very cool too. Take a number. But the manala cream was well worth the trip. Next day I went back in the afternoon and it wasn't as crowded. Grabbed a seat for a sesh. Recommended HIGHLY if you want the best hash.

    language Review by Bryan Schellinger
    KIng of the weed

    A great place that isn't to touristy. Many choices of both hash and grass. GReat hole in the wall on a little side path just off the university distric. More hash than you shake a joint at.

    language Review by skyhigh420

    05/2000...The best Hash i could find. Fresh, smooth and the highest quality. If you don't get hash here you missed the boat. Small, but very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

    language Review by justin-hail
    one word hash

    vistited tweede in june 2000 one of 3 places to got to get primo hash and good herb staff very friendly and honest

    language Review by planet janet +1
    Long journey but we found the correct destination.

    Spent the last two weeks of May 2000 visiting the tweede kamer on a regular basis. The moment we walked in we knew we had found the right place. As mentioned in earlier reviews the counter folks were very helpful and friendly. If you can't get it on a regular basis you will really appreciate their hash selection. It wasn't too crowded when we were there so we enjoyed just sitting around and listening to the tunes. Since you have a fine choice ask for some advice and you might learn something and enjoy it all at once. Look forward to our next visit.

    language Review by BB
    A small but warm and inviting CS

    My 2nd stop on the latest trip was to the much applauded Tweede Kamer. The guy at the bar was extremely honest and helpful. He let me look over a few things before we came to a decision. More like buying a car than herb. PLace was full, but very mellow. Picked up some Silver Haze as the Kali Mist had seen better daze. Also grabbed some Malana Creme for munching on. It was not cheap 33fl, but it was exceptional and it lasted all week. Definitely reccomend stopping in, and I will be back next time.

    language Review by Jeff Lundius
    In Amsterdam and didn't stop in?? You missed it!!

    My last visit was in Aug 99. Always stop in and homestead for at least an hour. Large selection of hash. Always make my main purchases at the TK. Was never disapointed (have been there on several different occasions). The owners and staff are always helpful, friendly and informative. Looking forward to stopping in late December for the 2000 festivities. Once I check in at the hotel, it's off to the TK first. Do you know how hard it is to pass up all those other coffee shops on the way?

    language Review by Milo
    hey if you only go five gliders......go here

    they weigh it in front of you five guilders for a nice piece of smoke no problem not a big deal one dog around usually very nice people for the word of mouth crowd

    language Review by Gil
    the hash was excellent

    This shop was close to the hotel where i was staying. It is small and cosy and the leb hash was real good. I visited in July 99 Gil

    language Review by goose
    The Devil's Haze is amazing

    The place was a little small, but the menu was extensive and of very high quality. The Devil's Haze and Kali Mist were exceptional sativas; highly recommended.

    language Review by Bob
    Great place to learn about hash

    A small,smokey kind of place. Reminded me more of a brown cafe then a coffee shop. Definitely a slant towards good hash. These guys are a walking encyclopedia of hash facts! While there, I recieved a very informative lesson on water pressed hashish.(from production to consumption)Seemed to me more of a local,nieghborhood type of place. Great selection,good quality. Always worth a vist.

    language Review by SOMA
    Comments on the Tweede Kamer:

    The Tweede Kamer specializes in high-quality foreign hashes. It is a decent place to make a purchase but not to sit and relax. The coffeeshop is situated on a side street between the Singel Canal and the Spui. The place has a very classical decor. Almost every visit, I stay only long enough to make a purchase, b/c it is an extremely small establishment and it is often over-crowded. Service is average. Just steps away from the Tweede Kamer is the Dutch Flowers coffeeshop, which has a better selection of weed and their hash is of better quality... They also serve beer, and better yet;;; you can find a place to sit! visit my Amsterdam coffeeshop review at: http://home.sprintmail.com/~guyute/ regards, SOMA

    language Review by Robert Wilson
    Small shop, big history

    A small but tight shop. Good cannabis, friendly counter people, quite local folks no hard drugs or alcohol. Shop shirts in stock. multi-national appeal. non-traditional coffee shop music. Good coffee & tea.

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