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Visitor reviews Tweedy
Visitor reviews Tweedy

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    language Review by arthur Johnson from United Kingdom
    Great temple ball

    Tweedy, is is a small mellow downstairs coffeeshop the three hasj's that i can totaly recomend are the nepalease temple ball//carramello//nether hasj//all great smokes. Carramello is a sweet smoke even the smoke tastes like candey but the best well my fave of the hollidy was the tempel ball a clean heavy slightly phsycodelic mellow hash that gets me stoned to the bone every single time. The nether hasj was really strong giveing boughts of coughing and dizzieness a good hasj to smoke when with friends )so for a decient hasj get the temple ball it gets you high as a 10oo0 kite, tweedy, s, is a small locals only coffee shop but if you are confedent and dont act like an ass-hole they will happaly serve you, bottom line dont act like a tourist you wont get ripped off!!!!pluss the closer to the center you are the price weed/hasj gose up and th quality gose down so vondel park/overtoom and liedensplien areas are good. All in all a good- coffe -shop

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