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Delta Hotel City Center
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    Number of reviews : 1648
    Average visitor rating (6.7 /10 )
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    language Review by Very disappointed customer from Finland
    Awful experience

    Don't go to this hotel! prices are very high compared to poor quality. I reserved a normal size double bed room, but i got only very very small room, which was more like a "cleaning closet" than a hotel room. Not clean, very noisy, poor service.

    language Review by Robert B. from USA
    Great location, basic & clean rooms

    I stayed here in mid feb. 2008. The hotel has all the basics, some of the bathrooms looked like they were renovated within the last couple of years. The adjoining restaurant has good food. The staff were helpful and courteous. This was my second stay at the delta and i would stay here again.

    language Review by jeff lloyd
    friendly hotel

    hi i stayed in the delta hotel 28/29 jan 2006. i found the staff friendly, rooms basic but very clean. linen cleaned on a daily basis. room very quiet (i was at the back though). well situated in centre of city (5 mins walk from amsterdam central station). the downside was that the lift only went 4 floors. i was on 5th floor, but did not cause me a problem. i would recommend this hotel to my friends and i will be staying here again on my next visit.

    language Review by m. thomas
    avoid this place like the plague!

    i booked a triple room for myself, my sister and a friend. the room bore no resemblence to any picture, although it was the stink of urine which offended me the most. it was overpriced for such a truly appalling place, with very rude and ignorant staff. at breakfast, the waiter/tress didn't even bother to come and prepare our table with cutlery and we were treated as 2nd class citizens ( we are from the uk, have professional jobs, and treat people as we wish to be treated ourselves. to make matters worse, the cleaner doesn't even bother to make the bed or give clean towels! this place is to be avoided and if you are on a budget, please look elsewhere for something which is cleaner and where you may even get treated with a modicum of respect! it isn't asking for much is it?

    language Review by simon edwards
    do not stay here at all costs!!

    for many years of travelling to the 'dam i stayed in the delta was just around the corner from my favourite coffeeshop and was clean and tidy and perfect for my requirements. the staff were friendly, pleasant and professional. that was when it was run by dutch people. sadly in the mid nineties it was sold and it has never been the same since. inflated prices, obnoxious and rude staff, the place is a complete rip-off. on one occasion i booked a triple room but turned up to find 1 single bed and two mattresses thrown on the floor. there was no room to walk it was that small. clearly a single room they'd tried to sell as a triple. they only moved us to a bigger room when we got angry. i guess the fact we were all 15 stone and 6ft plus helped! not having learned my lesson i returned a year or two later with my girlfriend. i'd booked a double room for the weekend. on arrival i was told that the full amount for the room had to be paid before they'd give us the key. a little odd i thought but i gave them my credit card for payment anyway. i was then told that they did not accept credit cards and that i had to pay cash. it was about 800 guilders. i didn't have that kind of cash on me and told them so. i was told in no uncertain terms that if i didn't pay cash i wouldn't get the room. i was angry, my girlfriend was scared, so we move on to somewhere else. had i have paid the cash i strongly suspect that with no proof of payment we'd have been thrown out the following day and the room let to somebody else, such was the atmosphere when trying to check in. the place is a dump, do not stay there. we ended up in the terminus which was palacial by comparison and was run by honest people. we had a good time in the end, but it was not helped by the crooks at the delta!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    terrible experience with delta hotel

    dear fellow traveller, i'm writing to complain about the delta hotel city centre located at damrak 42-43, 1012lk, amsterdam, in which i recently stayed. i've traveled many countries and stayed in many hotels, but this definitely was the worst experience i ever had, for two reasons: 1) during the first night, our credit cards, driving licenses and cash were stolen from our room, and we have serious reasons to believe that the hotel management was involved in this crime. 2) the hotel room itself was far worse than advertised on the internet. let me explain the situation in more details. my girlfriend and i stayed in this hotel between april 16-19, 2003. when we woke up after the first night, we found our wallets on the floor near the room door, while our credit cards, cash, driving licenses and some other items were stolen. we have several reasons to believe the hotel management was involved in this crime: 1) when we informed the hotel manager of this incident, he said that it was simply not possible, and refused to investigate this theft. 2) moreover, the manager did not allow us to use the hotel telephone to cancel our credit cards, even though such telephone calls are free of charge. it took us additional time to find a police station and cancel our credit cards from there, and this delay was definitely helpful for the criminals who stole the cards. 3) my girlfriend and i are from israel, and as we learned upon arrival the delta hotel is managed by israelis as well. one of the items stolen from us was a set of israeli buying vouchers which are only valid in israel. only an israeli could have understood what these vouchers are, because they are printed in the hebrew language. the thieves clearly knew what they were doing, since they only took some items (such as credit cards, cash and these buying vouchers), while they left our wallets in the room with some contents useless for them (such as my student card). naturally, we informed the police of our suspicions. the police officer said that as they receive additional complaints about this hotel, their headquarters will consider launching an investigation. to aggrevate the matters even more, the hotel room didn't even look similar to what was advertised on the internet (especially compared to the photos available on the web). the room was very small, dark and moist, with permanent bad odor. when we checked in, we discovered that there was no hot water in the room, and we had to ask twice during the day to have it repaired. in conclusion, the delta hotel city center in amsterdam was the worst one i ever stayed at. i'm writing this letter to warn other fellow travellers to avoid this hotel at all costs.

    language Review by M.Parmantier from France

    Cette maison fait partie des mauvaises surprises des reservations sur internet. Confort tres surdimensionné - photos trompeuses - hygiène plus que douteuse - qui a attribué 3 étoiles à ce cloaque? avoid!

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