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Besucher rezensionen Utopia
Besucher rezensionen Utopia

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    language Rezension von Sam aus Vereinigte Staaten
    Don't walk past this place!

    Across the street from Homegrown Fantasy, I've probably walked past here many times not realizing there was a very good cs inside. Because of internet buzz I looked for it this time and tried one of the best strains I've ever had: Champagne Haze. Wow! Very, very psychedelic and strong stuff. The inside is pretty small but chilled out - nice and relaxing. I would give it 5 stars but I have to try more of their gear next time and hang out longer.

    language Rezension von notsofasteddie aus Vereinigte Staaten
    New Focus; New Delights!

    Utopia has become one of the "go to" coffeeshops in Amsterdam! The Edelweiss is a special Indica. The Grand Cru and Caramella are great Maroccan Hashes. Best part is that Nel and Ingi are both friendly and knowlegable.

    language Rezension von two irish girls aus Irland
    such a nice relaxed place

    was in there today. very friendly staff. great selection of smoke and lovely atmosphere.

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