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revues de visiteur Warda 2
revues de visiteur Warda 2

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    language Revue a Duncan M de États-Unis
    WARDA II kicks ass

    When I stayed in Amsterdam @ the Hostel at Timorplein, I would wake up every day and go to Warda II, which was about 2 blocks away, to smoke a blunt. The place has an awesome atmosphere, all marble with blacklights lining the outside edges of the ceiling glowing from behind nice marble enclosures with carved holes letting the black light leak through. I got better bud at other places (although the have some serious buds) but Warda II is def. the place to be if you want to smoke a fatty blunt, and play some pool, and relax

    language Revue a joel de États-Unis
    Very beautiful

    it is a shop with a metal detector( i've never seen that)it's very beautiful even the ceiling is beautiful. It's like salmon fata morgana.

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