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Hotel Heineken Hoek
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    Number of reviews : 347
    Average visitor rating (7 /10 )
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    language Review by cian from Ireland
    School tour disaster

    First off all the 1 good thing was the rooms are comfhy. There is no soap in the bathroom. The lock on the bathroom door was broke. I told them 5 times tat our tele was broken and they still didnt fix it. The food was abselutly horrible except breakfast was good. Staff are relly rude and give out to you. The rooms are attatched to another room and we had to share a toilet with the room nextdoor. The keys hanging on the hook are dangerous anyone cud walk in and take ur key and go to your room needs a makeover. Good tour but hotel let it down. Tak my advice ull like it or hte it dnt go there......

    language Review by beth
    What are you talking about

    I dont know what you mean-the staff are ever so friendly and the food was ok-but only for breakfast. The rooms are fairly clean and were livable. The music i know can be disterbing but who cares-when youve got all theses other things its worth the money!

    language Review by a Visitor
    Not fit for children!

    The food was disgusting, mostly inedible, staff were very intimidating and rude, bars open all night, local prostitutes near by, not a place to take children, very small rooms, always leaking, nowhere to buy decent food or soft drinks for children under 16. I would never recommend this to anybody especially those with children as they will come back dehydrated, starving and miserable.

    language Review by a Visitor from Ireland
    School trip disaster

    Unfriendly, intimidating staff, structurally unsafe (ceiling collapsed in my friends room), unclean rooms, food was awful (many people, including myself, got sick), the noise of the clubs was so loud no one could sleep, the locks on the doors did not work, and there were leaks everywhere. Basically, it was pretty bad... I wouldn't go here. Ever. Again.

    language Review by a Visitor from Azerbaijan
    School trip nightmare

    Recently went on a school trip here - turned out rubbish - food bad, rooms ting and grotty! dont go here!!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    Good for large groups for example schools.

    I went there with my school recently. The staff were very friendly and the rooms were clean but the food was not as good. Most of the people that went on the trip didnt bother go down for breakfast and dinner. The rooms were clean but very small. You are in a clubbing part of town so the music can be heard at all hours of the night. All in all i would recommend this hotel to large groups like schools but not to people going away looking for a luxery hotel.

    language Review by Diana janssen from Netherlands
    Erg gezellig

    Ik snap niet wat andere mensen bedoelen met dat het niet goed is. de bediening was erg gezellig het eten was goed de ligging was super. echt een oud gezellig hotel.

    language Review by ewijk from Netherlands
    Lekker centraal

    Oud maar net hotel lekker in het centrum. mensen die niet tegen herrie kunnen moeten iets buiten het centrum zoeken. personeel vriendelijk, ontbijt netjes en keuze genoeg. kamer lekker ruim en goede bedden zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

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