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Budget Hotel Ben
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    Number of reviews : 1763
    Average visitor rating (6.7 /10 )
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    language Review by Brandon and Julia from USA
    If your in shape, take the top floor

    We were going to stay at a hostile when we saw hotel ben, and decided to stop in and check out the prices. For an extra 200 dollars a night we decided to have our own room. Besides the long trip up the stairs, which we did not mind because we has very unhealthy food, it was quiet and had a nice view. Nobody bothered us and the sex was great. No internet

    language Review by Bik from United Kingdom
    Cheap and central 05/06/07

    Having read the previous negative reviews about hotel ben on this website i was a little dubious when one of my friends, who'd stayed here in the past and not had a bad experience, booked a 3-night stay for our party of four, and i prayed that it would be ok. On arrival i was pleasantly surprised. Yes the rooms are basic and a little small, but they were clean, very reasonably priced and just across the square from central station making the location unbeatable. The staff were always friendly and helpful. It is perfect for those watching their money but who still want to be close to the action of amsterdam. Would definitely stay there again.

    language Review by a Visitor
    If you want a happily memorable vacation, stay away

    This "hotel" is the worst place we've ever stayed at; its being a 1-star hotel is no excuse for the crappy service and disgusting accommodations. To start off, the staff was totally rude and unfriendly. The old guy is bossy and inconsiderate. Then there's the process of getting to the room: the stairs are steep; the steps are thin and innumerable, and so bringing your luggage up to the room is a test of strength and stamina. Finally, the room is absolutely disgusting. Not only is it tiny, but the sheets are dirty, and there are cigarette butt holes (note: more than one) in the comforters. The thought of sitting on, much less, sleeping in the beds is revolting (even now, my skin crawls at the idea). As an added bonus, drunk hotel guests who are lost will knock repeatedly on your door in the middle of the night, scaring you sh*tless and keeping you awake. You have no control over the heating so get ready to bundle up. you'd think that with its awful service and room conditions, this "hotel" would be cheap, but it isn't! for a quadruple booking (4 people in a room), we would have saved a couple euros more if we'd stayed at the 2-star hotel next door. No kidding. location is pretty much the only thing this place has to offer. Don't be fooled by the pictures!

    language Review by Jeff and Amber :) from USA
    Well, if you're into sleeping in s*it.

    Hotel ben looks like a picturesque little hotel in their over photoshopped web site. we arrived in amsterdam in the middle of the night, only to find that any inquiries made about this ever elusive "hotel" were in complete vain as no one had ever heard of it before. {and by no one, i mean even the taxi driver with his handy little map and booklet!!!} we finally turn down this crummy back alley and see a disgruntled old four story shack with gaudy red and yellow lighting that reads "hotel ben" a. K. A hotel hell. the old man in the lobby, accompanied by his faithful cat, dog, and parrot {which speaks "international", he explains}, was actually not so bad. When he handed us the cheap little soap blocks {hotel ben brand, naturally}, one a piece, i couldn't help but laugh hysterically. Luckily my boyfriend, who was laughing too, managed to keep face long enough to receive the key, which was attached to a chain that looked something akin to a large calliber bullet. after climbing 7 flights of narrow, rickety stairs with luggage in our hands, we open the door to our room {a door which, from any variable change in climate, could probably self-destruct}. The only thing less safe than hotel ben is sleeping in the puke-stained gutters in the red light district. we push the 4 puny beds together {which then made a twin}. One of us inevitably fell into the crack at night. although there were no foul odors coming from the bedding, i wasn't expecting the downy bear any time soon. after a mediocre night's sleep, we awake to the accented bark of some strange man yelling, "trash?" my boyfriend was brave enough to answer the door, where he was simultaneously greeted by a big man holding a bag of waste from everyone else's room. we went down to the lobby. "international" fowl greeted us with, "hello" "hola" and "gushieht". There was a new man at the counter. A middle eastern man. Behold, ben himself... ? {who the fu*! is ben anyway?} after haggling with the young guy in front of us, he hasseled my boyfriend about the misrepresented room rate, claiming we should have paid double for four beds. Luckily, my boyfriend, being the charming, loveable fellow he is, got us out of that scheme. all in all, hotel ben wouldn't have been so bad if they advertised as a hostel. But they don't, so don't let the photoshopped heaven-sent glory of hotel ben lead you awry.... enjoy amsterdam, though! it is a remarkable city....

    language Review by a Visitor
    cancelled booking!

    hotel ben is the worst place ever, they cancelled my booking without any warning though i had paid 25$ for it and called to confirm. the lady was so unpleasant and said she didn't care if i had to sleep in the street. i went to hotel beurstraat 7 which is in the same street and where the people were so nice! of course the rooms are small and smell smoke but it was clean. just take earplugs with you or you won't sleep! but please never go to hotel ben!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    don't go there

    hotel ben is the worst hotel i have ever been to in my life. i cant believe i stayed there two nights. the room was barely bigger than the double bed that was in it. there was a massive window in there, but it was totally boarded up so no light came in and you couldn't see out. the bathroom, should i say the shower room was not even worth having. to make it all worse every morning someone comes banging loudly on all the doors shouting are you staying or leaving??!

    language Review by Lemon from Switzerland
    Dam au ben

    En lisant les revues, je suis très très étonée du résultat. Car pour 30 euros la nuit il ne faut pas non plus demander trop. C'était propre, petit mais propre on entends les voisins c'est clair, mais quand on va à dam c'est pour sortir pas pour rester dans la chambre, et si on veut du luxe, on paie plus cher et on va ailleurs. Moi je le recommande, j'y suis allée 5 fois et c'était super les 5 fois ! si vous préférez garder votre argent pour sortir, et que vous allez à dam pour vous amusez... Je vous conseil le ben.

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