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Revisões do visitante Luden
Revisões do visitante Luden

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    language Revisão através Jurgen Mayer de Alemanha
    nice place, good food, great staff

    I was in Amsterdam for a week. For me Luden was the best restaurant i visited. I loved the food and the friendly staff. The atmosphere is just great. I hope to come back in Amsterdam soon and i look forward to visit Luden once more!

    language Revisão através Tanya Jacobs de Reino Unido
    Great Food, Great Price, Great Staff

    If you want great food, friendly and efficient service and all for a great price, then this is the place. Although we didn't have a booking on Saturday night, we only had about a 20 minute wait, so had a drink at the bar. The tables were well spaced apart, the decor was cosy and the ambience was chatty and had a friendly feel to it. For about 35 Euros we got a three course meal, which was of good quality and portion size. The wine list prices of wines ranged from about 19 Euros and above - something for everyone's budget. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

    language Revisão através Michel ze frog de França
    Avoid like the plague

    This is the place if you enjoy neanderthal-style food. Plain herring for starters: no sauce, no cream, no marinade, just the fish... tastebud overload guaranteed after two bites. Then a piece of kanguroo tasting very dead, on the slowly decaying side, served with a light broth of dishwater and half-cooked potatoes, that would probably taste delicious after two weeks of starvation in the australian outback. Finally cheese, french, 100% fullproof-no-can-miss, lovely looking but unfortunately served without bread... because the lovely bread basket we'd been admiring during dinner had swiftly been removed prior to the arrival of the cheese and hastily binned. The shift manager had, of course, left the premises before any complaint could be uttered. In short, these people cannot cook, are completely clueless about the purpose and operation of a restaurant, and will gladly send you on your way with a smile, an empty stomach, and a lighter wallet.

    language Revisão através Franco de Países Baixos
    Slecht eten, boven op elkaar zitten

    Bijzonder slecht eten, je zit boven op elkaar en de bediening is ronduit slecht. Afrader!

    language Revisão através Eva de Espanha
    ¿Será el gezellig?

    No malo si no fuera por un pequeño detalle. Lugar agradable en cuanto a local y trato, decoración rústica, todo de madera... La comida estuvo bien, hasta que mi pareja puso cara rara mirando por detrás mí y hasta que descubrí el por qué de esa mirada: RATONES!!. No salía de mi asombro. Se lo comuniqué a la camarera y para mi sorpresa responde: Is Jerry!! Is so far!!, y añade algo así como que no sabían qué hacer. En España se cierra el restaurante, y fijo que los clientes arman un "pollo"... Pero, oh, más sorpresa: los clientes ni se inmutan, bueno, sí, uno lanza cuchillos a los roedores riéndose, otro exclama "Ratatouille" (aludiendo a la peli de dibujos de estreno en el momento)... Y no me quedó más que levantarnos y pensar: Será que esto es lo que dicen de la gente de aquí, ese rasgo de peculiaridad neerlandés que llaman gezellig.

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