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Visitor reviews White Elephant
Visitor reviews White Elephant

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    language Review by thebigunitjoe from Singapore
    Poor Service

    Today, my family made our way to the restaurant only to be turned away by the restaurant owner as there weren't space for all 5 of us even though we offered to all squeeze with one table. Even as we offered to split ourselves into 2 different tables 3 and 2, he was very arrogant and hesitant in giving us the seats. He claimed that he was closing the store at 8.45pm when i asked his waitress and she said they normally closed at 10pm. It was disappointing to see the Thai owner treat fellow Asians like that. We were just appalled by the attitude and service towards us. Even if he wanted to close the store early, he could have just said it straight out nicely instead of just turning his back to us and walking away. After having dinner at a Japanese Restaurant a few shops down, we walked back towards the Thai restaurant to find the store still opened at around 10pm.

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