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Revisiones del visitante Toro Dorado
Revisiones del visitante Toro Dorado

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    Best steaak Wagyu and fresh Seafood at Toro Dorado

    Toro Dorado Restaurant Looking for the best steak in Amsterdam? Then look no further than than Toro Dorado. When I visited the city for the first time, I didn't exactly expect to find the best steak I would ever eat during my visit. But after a wander around the city, you'll see that South American steakhouses are all over the place— there are no shortage of places to have a great steak. But if you order correctly, Toro Dorado is the best steakhouse in the city … and for me, the best Ive ever tried. Sure, the decor is a little cheesy, and when you compare the prices on the menu to the appearance of the restaurant, you might be a little disappointed. But once you taste the food, you'll know you made the right choice. Funnily enough, though practically all of the steakhouses in Amsterdam (including Toro Dorado) are South American, what makes Toro Dorado special is the Japanese beef. If you've never tried Wagyu beef, you're in for a treat. Wagyu is one of the most exclusive kinds of beef in the world. Imported from Japan, every cut of Wagyu Kobe beef is marked with origin and quality— and Toro Dorado only gets the best. If you want to try a Wagyu steak, get ready to pay an arm and a leg for it. A 180 gram (6 oz) Wagyu tenderloin will run you 54 euros. A 200 gram Rib Eye or Sirloin will cost you 55 euros. Even a simple rump steak is 45 euros. But these steaks are worth every cent. In addition to wonderful (if expensive) steaks, Toro Dorado also has some wonderful starters, such as the Langostinos a la Cazuela, and desserts. Don't forget to ask for chimichurri with your steak— this sauce is to die for.

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    Best steaks

    These steaks are really good,

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