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LEX - Murray Hill
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    Number of reviews : 49
    Average visitor rating (6.3 /10 )
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    language Review by Emilo Cruz from Portugal
    I should of known better !! they should be ashame !

    The room was new, so it was clean, but no wifi, cable was basic. No one to change the sheets the next day, no one to ask questions. Everything is done by phone!oh, you pick keys up a good distance away from the building. My friends where from spain and they had a really hard time dealin with this whole setup. There's dirt everywhere! tenants still live in the building, but they look scared. The construction workers where hostile and noisy!again the dirt & noise was enough to make me suggest another hotel around the corner for a few bucks more. This place is a scam!!! we paid way to much for a night it was only worth 70 bucks.

    language Review by Daniel Woo from Taiwan
    A moderate priced new room!

    My friends stayed here a couple of nights & their room was nice, once you got inside. Not a really warm feeling room though. A lot of dirt in the hallways in this old walkup. Between the workers carting dirt out of this building and the weird tenants. They found no piece of mind in the daytime or nightime. Just a little better than sleeping at a ymca. The tenants seemed to of shared a shower & toilet in the hallway?

    language Review by Ana from Spain
    Y además nos robaron!

    Hola! en primer lugar: el edificio está en obras. Lo que significa ruidos, polvo y trasiego constante de obreros (el baño de obreros estaba en frente de nuestra puerta... ) la habitación en sí es chula pero ni funciona la cocina, ni internet, ni la televisión (nos enteramos por los obreros que aún tenían que hacer las conexiones!!!) además el último día nos robaron una bolsa de regalos que aún no habíamos guardado en las maletas.

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