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Visitor reviews Amsterdam House
Visitor reviews Amsterdam House

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    language Review by john & patrick
    the whitte boat is fabulous

    the whitte boat is the only houseboat with a deck that we could find in amsterdam. can't wait to get there in two weeks for our second stay at our 'home' in amsterdam. we just got back from bangkok and can't wait to relax on the whitte boat

    language Review by brian
    very spacious, central and clean

    we stayed in a beautiful apartment above a bagel shop, with a view right over a lovely canal. the apartment was very big (easily accomodating eight people), taking up all three floors above the ground floor (the cafe). the bedrooms were big, clean and airy, the living room/kitchen was very comfortable, with all the conveniences you might want (tv, fridge, cooker, dishwasher etc). the location, though very central, was also quiet - just the occasional peel of the tram bells. dealing with amsterdam house was simple - all done in advance via email, with one quick visit to their office to pick up the keys.

    language Review by vivianbastard
    great location and ample space for groups

    five of us just stayed in the amsterdam house apartment's 3 room apartment for the week. it was right on the amstel overlooking the muziek theater. we had a separate kitchen, dining, living, bathing and sleeping areas. much more roomy than we could have ever expected. will definately stay again.

    language Review by mary cutting
    horrible start to our stay in amsterdam

    a very blunt reminder that buyer beware when you are lodging in europe. my husband injured his back a couple months before our trip, and we were immediately concerned when he gave the bed a firmness check. the mattress was so soft and old that there is no way his back would have survived the stay! we returned immediately to the front desk to explain the situation and were basically told that is 'just too bad,' as the hotel staff flatly refused to credit our visa. their website explains that our deposit is non-refundable - which i acknowledged was fair, but refused to honor their refund policy which is basically everything except the deposit with no '6pm day of arrival' disclaimer. since this all happened before their 2pm check-in time we were totally blown away that they would be that nasty. we moved to another (wonderful)hotel and our friends who did stay behind were ok with the stay, liked the breakfast, but their toilet leaked constantly onto the bathroom floor. upon return home i contacted the owner/manager irene fisher who flatly refused to credit our balance minus the deposit - as their cancellation policy states. 'we have a business to run,' she said. i will have no choice but to dispute this with my credit card. if you would like to see pictures of the room our friends stayed in with burn/smudge marks on the wall and a peephole of a window to compare to their 'typical room' pictures on their website, send me an email.

    language Review by carolyn
    houseboats rock but be careful of early morning intruders!

    we have stayed in amsterdam house's 'klazeina' houseboat at least once a year since 2000. fabulous experience. can't say enough about how wonderful it is to be on the canal, in such comfy, spacious accommodations. however... please be mindful that you are living, in essence, in a car parked in the middle of a very busy city. anything you leave out can be seen by passers-by... so please be smart and use the safe! when we stayed there april 2003, i woke up early saturday morning to be face-to-face with two middle-eastern-looking gentlemen!! i was so confused, didn't know if they were staff or what (we'd just checked in the day before). they turned tail & left, and when i alerted the rest of the houseboat, we discovered some cash & a (not too expensive) watch that had been on the dining room table were missing. after that, when we turned in for the night we lined bottles up on the step inside the door so that if it was opened we'd hear the bottles rattle. after an uneventful week, the very next saturday we were awakened by... you guessed it! bottles crashing! we told amsterdam house about both these incidents immediately after they occurred, and they seemed rather nonchalant. they sent a guy over to change the locks after the first time, but since the intruders were picking the lock, that obviously didn't do any good. i sincerely hope that this problem has been handled but still... be mindful of our experience! please stash your valueables and maybe use a 'bottle alarm' or something as protection. these guys didn't seem to be dangerous, just your typical tourist theives but still.... it's scary waking up with a stranger in your room!!

    language Review by scoobiesnack
    great location,great houseboats

    just spent a week on one of amsterdam houses' boats along the amstel.what a great time. the boat wasn't the best looking from the outside,but once you went inside it was fantastic. very spacious by dutch standards. very clean. the staff at amsterdam house was very helpful in anything we needed. the location could not have been better.we were right off of the rembrantplein. cannot recomment them enough

    language Review by Carolyn

    These folks are great! Killer location, friendly staff, beautiful accommodations... I could go on and on. Instead, why don't you find out for yourself? www.amsterdamhouse.com Try it. You'll love it. Trust me!!

    language Review by John Boughner & Ray Iwata
    Home Away From Home

    As frequent visitors to Amsterdam; we've finally found where we will stay year after year. Our houseboat was clean, comfortable, & quiet. We felt like natives. It was the perfect place for our anniversary party! The owners & staff are non intrusive & treat you like family. They are also GAY FRIENDLY! We will return yearly until we are no longer able to travel. This is our home away from home!!!

    language Review by William J Hahn Jr
    Willamina Will Make You Feel Like a Son !

    Hi, My Name Is Bill And I stayed On Several Houseboats That Are Run By The friendly People At The Amsterdam House. The Best Location In Amsterdam! one way The Red Light District The other The Flower Market Still Another Rembrantplein,where all Trams Can Be Found And Right At Waterlooplein! You Go ,You Have Fun,You Leave Happy! See Ya Soon At THE AMSTERDAM HOUSE PS:Say High To Willamina Visser For Me

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