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Villa Matejuska Heritage
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    Number of reviews : 51
    Average visitor rating (8.2 /10 )
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    language Review by a Visitor from Croatia
    Reply to the girl from norway

    As you can see in the review the person got contacted by an “agent”. When a person gets off the ferry at the split port, there are hordes people (mainly old ladies) that hold up signs “rooms”, “apartments”, etc… and they try to rent you other people’s apartments/rooms and they receive a commission from the owner. This is an illegal practice in croatia, but very hard to control. unfortunately, the person was approached by a bad “agent” that wanted to take advantage of the person. The “agent” lied to the person about the price (the price was 650 kunas not 400 kunas) & lied about the availability of the apartment (apartment was available for 1 night not 2 nights) and forced the person to pay 150 kunas for the luggage that was taken to the apartment. The “agent” harassed the person, not the owner. The person states in her review that when she got to villa matejuska she found out that she could stay in the apartment for only 1 night (because it was probably reserved for another person on the next day). Therefore she had to leave the apartment by 10:00 am the next day and money was not the issue. this is a problem that happens everyday in splitbecause people go through these street “agents” rather than registered tourist agencies. This same “agent” will also lead tourists to other accommodations in splitand the same problems will happen because the “agent” lies so he/she can make money. These “agents” are neither the owners nor renters. when you come to split by bus, airport bus, or ferry, you will see these street “agents” attack you with offers and then you will understand what i was talking about. thank you

    language Review by Steffi Aber from Germany
    Best place ever !

    Hello everybody! i was staying at villa matejuska with my husband and a 4-year doughter. We were there 3 days. It was best vacation ever. Villas staff was very friendly and helpful and the apartmant was qute and nice. regards from germany!

    language Review by a Visitor
    Stay away !!!!!

    I am warning everybody about this place !!!! i came with a boat fraom hvar and got conacted by a agent who offered me a hotel. I asked 3 questions. What is the price, is there aircondition and can you take my luggage to the hotel. He answered positiv and said the price was 400 kuna. I said ok and that i wanted 2 nights. The agent was very helpful until we arrived at the hotel. The room was not availebel i 2 houers, they said i could just stay 1 night, he charged me 150 kuna for transport of my luggage from the boat and then they said i had to pay 620 kuna !!!! i refused because the agent gave me another price and he will get 15 % commision. I was tired so i took the room and tought everything was going to be ok but it turned in to a nightmare !!! i had to spend all night on the phone with the daugther who was the ony one who was speaking english, the agent showed up drunk and sexually harrased me on the street so i had to yell at him. And the next morning the wore banging on the dorr 09.30 to trow me out. When i still refused to pay more then 400 they took my luggage and pretended to call the police. But i stayed firm and finally let me go. some neighbours heard about what happend and gave me wonderful help to a new great appartment. they warned me and said everybody know that this people are no good and there has been a lot of complaints. dont ever stay there if you want to enjoy split !!!!

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