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Visitor reviews American bookcenter
Visitor reviews American bookcenter

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    language Review by sandriana
    good but expensive

    excellent stock, wide range but *way* overpriced- mass market paperbacks are in the 14 euro range which seems somwhat excessive. however, they do have a 10% discount card, which, if you buy as many books as i do, can be damned useful. if it's a paperback you're after, check out the english bookstore in nieuwmarkt, they often have the same (almost mint) current paperbacks for 6 or 7 euro or less. the american book center is best for magazines, local info in english, and newly released hardbacks.

    language Review by diyhaircut
    great selection, good discount

    at first i was a little upset that this place was so expensive, but whne you get to the counter and present a student id (also a teachers id) there is a very good discount. amazing selection! helpful staff!

    language Review by atoz

    travellers: bring english books from home unless you want to spend forty guilders on a novel.

    language Review by Renzo Groen
    I can't walk past it!

    Great store, one of my favourite places in Amsterdam. Here you find all kinds of things that you can't find anywhere else. I especially like the fantasy and comics section. Truly unique. Good changes I have noticed are the personal recommendations from the staff and the fact that you can drink coffee at Gary's Muffins now, right in the store.

    language Review by Dogbreath
    Good Selections

    A large store, a good range of subjects. Probably the best English book store in Amsterdam.... but I find the prices high compared to US. Of course, that 17% sales tax is included in listed price. I was disappointed that the Dutch history section was very skimpy. :-) Dogbreath

    language Review by a Visitor
    Stop on By

    Good and large selection of English books and magazines. I could even find all my Mopar and hot rod magazines here.

    language Review by Gabriella Rizzo
    if you like books, you're in the right place!!

    I have been there last summer, and it is one of the best bookshops I have visited. Every topic is well covered, and you can find books you do not find very easily elsewere. People are very kind and competent, and books are kept in order. Unfortunately for my wallet, I have found the American Bookcenter by chance on my first day in Amsterdam, and I went back twice!!! Very good science - fiction and mystery sections.

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