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Visitor reviews Amsterdam Historical Museum
Visitor reviews Amsterdam Historical Museum

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    Our Missionary group prayed for the city at night, in our

    Our two week trip to Amsterdam, Harlem and adjoining cities far surpassed our expectations. Breathtaking picturesque view on the train as we flew through the countrysides, filled with canals, rivers and tall green trees. A miniature castle, with six white horses pulling the golden carriage was a sight for eyes to behold. As children we try to feel we are there, and as our eyes see how prestigeous this is, today...we reflect on those childhood days and find ourselves there, now...in that homeland of Kings and Queens that rule over people, yet. Corrie TenBooms home was arrayed with all the wonder of a war...where people ran for their lives...not to be slaughtered. Without regard for human life, we are nothing more than savages...and that part of war, proved to be true. How could one person turn such an irreparable tide? Why wasn't there someone to put a stop to this horrendous person and the evil in which was done? Why? It is not God's fault, it is ours. People hurt people. People should be kind to one another! Leaving superiority to God! I see Corrie as a brilliant woman, in the midst of death within her own family - she was able to forgive the killer - that makes her a better person, and her actions with words - were kindness. The windmills are still on our vcr tape, going round and round, grinding foods for a dye or grain...the pewter store. Fascinating to watch them make pewter anything...all in all the entire trip was gorgeous! We went twice. I recommend it for everyone.

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