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Visitor reviews Boomchicago
Visitor reviews Boomchicago

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    language Review by kirk caldy
    show was slightly tired

    i wrote last review (04-18-04) and i went back as a treat for my partner on 12-02-04 (december for non-us people). the place was absolutely packed with a few tables being completely booked. we were stuck onto the end of one of those, well away from the stage. the waitress was completely overwelmed meaning i only got about 3 drinks in 2 hours. and the meal and drinks (1 starter to share and 1 main course for me and 6 drinks altogether) came to about 45 euros. i can't remember it being anywhere near that price the last time. the show was highly amusing, not as riotously funny as last time but i suppose you can't expect people who have to perform everynight to be on top of their game 7 nights a week. will go back but it will be their last chance!

    language Review by a Visitor

    went on a monday night. pros - show was exceptionally funny - waitress was very good. cons - they have a doors close 15 mins b4 performance policy...., this pissed me right off, as we didn't have time for dinner/drink/anything b4 the performance as we thought we'd be locked out (we'd been sleeping). turns out the door to the theatre was open all the way up to the start. however show made up for it - rachel miller - i love you!

    language Review by a Visitor
    drinks good, show average...

    my friend and i are actors with experience doing improv. to our eyes the show was strictly ok. but the drinks came steadily and our drunken adventures on the way back to our apartment were the best part of the evening... ron

    language Review by tom
    a must see

    boom chicago is on our must see list on every visit to amsterdam. no where else can you come together with folks from all over the world and poke fun at the dutch, americans and english (as well as others) without ending up in a fight. it is great fun and the food rocks as well.

    language Review by aj
    hot and cold...........food 610

    show was pretty good but not as good as i thought it would . some bits flopped but scripted bits went better. i thonk this is a show that could blow hot or cold. price a bit steep. would not eat here again as quality was 610 only. atmosphere was good in the place. all seats are good seats i thoughtespecially liked upstairs views. the boom chicago magazine is very good, get it and read it......very informative for the tourist.

    language Review by dr. chemistry
    excellent evening's entertainment

    my daughter, having read the reviews on this site, insisted that i take her to see 'the best of boom chicago'. we caught the show on monday night, and were very favorably impressed. the cast takes some of their ideas for improvisations from the audience, and my daughter was overjoyed that they used one of her suggestions. the theatre is right in the middle of the leidesplein area, which is full of beer joints and reataurants. don't miss it.

    language Review by sarah perry
    slick, talented and hilarious - expect the evening to fly by!

    had the pleasure of visiting boom chicago with 4 of my closest friends and my mum to celebrate my hen party. what a fabulous choice for a great evening's entertainment! the actors were extremely talented, quick off the mark and witty. the audience participation really upped the atmosphere. months later we are still talking about this show! the show was the high point of my hen party - just fantastic! my only tips are - if you have the chance to go you definitely go and secondly, make sure you have a candle near you as it gets a bit dark to see your meal. food was excellent as was the friendly smooth service.

    language Review by loni d.
    a must see!

    i read about this show last time we were in a'dam but had no time to see it. we made sure we did this time and it was great! we had planned to eat dinner there but found a cute cozy italian restaurant around the corner and decided to go there. however, from what i saw being served, it looked delicious! we saw 'rock stars' the evening of november 30 and it was fantastic. we've been to many comedy clubs in the us but this show was by far, the best!

    language Review by zeppelin
    highly recommended

    saw the late nite improv show at boom chicago and had a great time. dont miss it if you go to amsterdam. located in the popular leidsplein, very easy to find.

    language Review by lasthamlet
    the rock stars show, improv wizardry.

    my wife and i saw the rock stars show, really cool improv. they make up a band from audience response. that night the band was -holy music- the members of the band were joan of arch, shrek, jon bonjovi, and the minister of defence. go figure. anyway it was a killer show. they have fill-in skits that are really funny as well. if you dont like being put on the mic and the spot, try to avoid eye contact with the actors, when they come down in the audience. hell, with me they didn't even bother seeing how i had a giant joint lit and toking well. tis a little loud but you dont miss anything that is going on. they have huge screens hanging high, as not to miss anything from any view. this place is worth seeing. rock on -boom chicago-

    language Review by neil, ex-glasgow
    very maerican - very clever

    i've just found this site and really enjoy it. i have decided to add my thoughts on boom chicago. there are many things that are fun to do in amsterdam but boom chicago beats all the regulars 'dutch' treats hands down. i go fairly regularly and am astonished at the consistency of the shows given that so much of the material is improvised on the spot. any bum scenes are generally due to the audience not the performers. i love it.

    language Review by joost & linda, london

    just seen the new boom show - rockstars. very impressed indeed, basically the same formula but these guys are so good that i wouldn't expect too much change. the rock theme is lose but the material is really clever and the improvisation is as hot as ever. there is obviously new in charge in the kitchen because i had a superb salad which i designed myself. great idea! my girlfriend had a steak which was great too. go see it!

    language Review by a Visitor
    rockstars! the new show is awesome!

    hey guys, my friend and i went to the leidseplein theater to see boom chicago's new show, rockstars on monday may 27. the show was hilarious! the improvision these guys do on stage is amazing, this is a must see if you are in amsterdam! one negative was that the food was overpriced, but it doesnt ruin the great service we got from the servers. go see this show now!

    language Review by jorgen
    a phenomenon

    i came back to amsterdam after some time away - like 6 years - and in the meantime boom chicago has happened. what a great place, the whole thing is terrific from first to last. it would take the aynks to pull it off.

    language Review by eyeluvbud

    this show is brilliant, intelligent, and well executed. i can not expres enuff how much pleasure was recieved from this show and judging by the other patrons repsonses they were all equally impressed. similiar to saturday night live, kids in the hall, and who's line is it anyway. extremely professional vegas quality performance. i was shocked at how inexpensive admission was! i will go see the next show when i return.

    language Review by sean & friends, dublin
    gotta c it

    great night, best of the trip. amazing tech, video, lights and cracking improv. best of all is the heineken late night on friday, but the grub is worth a visit on its own.

    language Review by a Visitor
    when everybody likes a place, i'm suspicious, but...

    the show was great! i have seen so many mediocre comedy shows, but this is the most i have ever laughted. smart, funny, great energy, fantastic food and friendly people who hang around the bar after the show. so the drinks are 20 cents more, i had more fun here than at any place in amsterdam. george

    language Review by a Visitor
    the place to go, great food and superb show

    my trip to amsterdam was a mixed experience. however, my last night went a long way to making it all worth while. boom chicago is simply unique, they are clever bunch who manage to pull off such a challenge. it is difficult to believe that the razer sharp improv is not a set-up but i had such a good sketch based on mu own suggestion that i am convinced. the food and service was all first class, not the menu i expected in a comedy show but really good and imaginative nonetheless. top marks from me and my six friends, simply hilarious.

    language Review by a Visitor
    the whole package was great!

    i thought the food was delicious. perhaps the best on my trip. the show was great too. i'm definitely going back! mark wilson

    language Review by tom perry
    sharp (uk) resellers visit boom chicago!!

    visited amsterdam on business - with 20 others - and this show really was the business! jordan is a scream as gootah the blonde co-presenter (is that how it's spelt). a real go see. shame about the food!

    language Review by bobby

    i got very drunk at this place june 12th. too bad i forgot my camera because i got up on stage and made a fool out of myself (i got a free heineken at least). very comical and talented group. i can't believe i got in because i forgot to make reservations and there wasn't an empty seat in the place but somehow they managed to get me in. i never really liked improv until i came here because i thought it was staged.. but they do get input from the audience (i'm an example) i really wish i could find someone who took pictures that night. if they would have taped the show i would have paid for a copy .. just a suggestion... arkansas!

    language Review by Monica
    Skip the dinner...

    I give the show 5 stars...it's hilarious! The food, however, is mediocre and over-priced. (And the mixed drink prices are ASTRONOMICAL!) Do yourself a favor and eat dinner at one of Amsterdam's many EXCELLENT restuarants before you go to Boom....and then show up for the beer and laughs.

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