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Visitor reviews Paradiso
Visitor reviews Paradiso

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    language Review by jung from South Korea
    Nice but beware

    I went there to celebrate the New Year, my first night in Amsterdam. My friend and I went there early around 2130 thinking that to avoid que. The entrance ticket cost us 93.50 for two. There were maybe 20 people there not counting the club staff. We wanted to hit a couple of bars and come back later but the security personnel informed us that we would have to pay again to get back into the club. I felt that is so fucked up. Obvious ripoff. I have never heard of this and I just could not comprehend how Dutch tolerate such a thing. This kind of business would have gone bankrupt outside the Netherlands. I am beginning to wonder If this kind of business is normal in EU? And what is up with charging money to customers to use the toilet? My god what kind of people trying to make money off such a situation. They would rather have people piss in the street and stink up the city. So fucking barbaric. Europeans claims to be such a cultured, educated people..and look down on the rest especially the United States. They need to really understand their History. Not just accept the Bullshits they hear, what EU want them to hear. Why the fuck did so many Europeans leave the security and the comfort of their home, taking the risk to go to an unknown land thousands miles away on a ship? How bad must it have been in Europe to make millons of these people desiring to leave? The rest who stayed are the sheep. They still do not know how to think outside the box. And yet love to criticize the U.S. singing their chorus of hate in unison. Its scary to see so many people especially among the young European thinking the same way about their society, about life and the world. These are some of the most complex discussion and yet, no one seems to have anything different to say. How is it possible that none of them see the other side of the story? EU has been very successful in conditioning(brainwashing?) the young generation for the future of Europe. For the greater future of European Elitists who have always been in control and always will. I feel sorry for you Europeans. But what is really fucked up about thmwhole thing is the Europeans don't even realize anythings wrong or some are aware but feel powerless to do anything about it. Why? Why? Their society has successfully conditioned their minds to accept the fucked up situations as they are. I am done ranting I am so high, high and Free......

    language Review by packs
    cool venue

    i saw sonic youth here in june 2002 - they were mindblowing... but there's not much point in reviewing the gig if you want to know what the venue is like - well in one word, super ... the security on the door were friendly, the beer was cheap (less than half the price i pay in dublin)& no-one seemed to mind that i was puffing away quietly all night on a few pre-rolled, so i was happy as a pig in shit, standing in this amazing converted church watching my favourite band mesmerise me - how closer can you get to paradise than this?

    language Review by a Visitor
    very nice

    i've only been to amsterdam once and for two nights only but i gotta say this: paradiso is exactly what its name means.... paradise, heaven on earth! lots of handsome $ hot guys dancing, drinking, partying! what else could a else ask for?

    language Review by keat

    this is amsterdam. for me.

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