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Visitor reviews Bice
Visitor reviews Bice

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    language Review by Simeon from Netherlands

    Contrary to the comment of Elize Krentzel, one of many americans that think they know good food but actually don't have a clue, Bice is an outstanding restaurant with excellent service. Food is slightly less when cook Luca has his day off, but still exceptional and original. I have travelled to Italy many times, have eaten in a lto of restaurnats and italian homes, and Bice Amsterdam is a great restaurant, even by Italian standards. By the way, it recently changed it's name to Il Sogno. Buon appetito e non credete le americanate dell'ignorante signora statiunitense

    language Review by elise krentzel
    don't compare this with bice anywhere else

    unfortunately for any chain or franchise restaurant, the worst decision a proprietor can make is to open in holland. that's because the socialist style 'i don't have to serve you unless i feel like it' attitude is all too prevalent. in other words, service sucks, here it is slightly better than the average however still poor by comparison. furthermore the menu is terrific in milan and new york yet here it tastes all too bland, just like the dutch like their food. don't expect bice style.

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