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Visitor reviews Tropenmuseum
Visitor reviews Tropenmuseum

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    language Review by christina
    this was the best museum in amsterdam!

    the tropenmuseum was the best experience of our trip to amsterdam. it was so refreshing to visit a museum that focused on other cultures and celebrated them. (you would not find that here in the us.) the exhibitions were of the highest quality, using the latest multi-media to simple reconstructions of traditional habitats. it should not be missed!

    language Review by steve
    interactive cultures experience

    on our 6th trip to amsterdam we finally got to go to tropenmuseum! what a great surprise. i was blown away by the way you could hear the many different instrument sounds , or the holograms of north african life, and sounds, at night. go through the slums of manila, what an experience. i know that if you go there you will not be disappointed. check it out.

    language Review by skyhigh420
    This is the best multi cultural museum i have been to

    Great museum!! they have excellent displays and rooms devoted to different cultures from peruvian indians to middle eastern and asian cities. Very informative and will give you a great appreciation of the diversity in our world!

    language Review by Panti Rapih
    it's really the best museum if you're interested in other cultures

    since june 2000 they have a wonderful renewed department for Latin America & the Caribbean. Well, it took almost half a day to see everything. It's amazing the combination of beautiful objects, pics, computer programs, video & music presentations, just enough text,& the jukebox. My children of 6 & 9 yo did also have a vivid stay there!

    language Review by carmen ch petrosian-husa
    my favourite museum in Amsterdam

    The Tropen Museum in Amsterdam does give the visitor the chance of a glimpse into the life of people in other cultures. It is always worth a visit, due to its good collection and its special exhibitions.

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