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Visitor reviews Red Light Bar
Visitor reviews Red Light Bar

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    language Review by Dave J from United Kingdom
    Great location

    Well I'd have to say the Red Light Bar makes it into my top 3 places on the location front alone (possably only Old Church beats it?). For me it's as near a perfect feel for a coffee shop as I'm ever likely to get (Hill Street Blues just beats it). It's always busy with great music. Dont remember to much about the weed and hash menu. But I do recall being happy with my buy. The pre-rolled my friends got were rather good to. Not that I'd ever buy a pre-rolled joint, but this place does seem to have some pretty decent ones. The only downside are the drink prices. €5.50 for a pint in 06 was expensive in my mind, reguardless of where it's located. This place seems to have reasonable prices on smokable products, but this seems to be made up for by having the drinkers among us pay more to fill the tills for the owners. The difference in beer prices in just 3 seperate streets seems crazy to me. The cheapest being €1.60 and the most expensive €6. All within a few minutes walk of each other. Something I'll never be able to understand!.

    language Review by ringo from India

    Great place. best area from amsterdam. in the middle of the red light district. its a must to visit,once your in amsterdam...... no amsterdam,without the red light.... cheers.

    language Review by korey from USA
    fantasy land for the international traveler

    this bar is the spot to be.. i went here many times and fell in love with two of the bar girls at the same time.. giovanna and babygirl is what i call them.. a picture is a lifetime of memories..i will be back soon. i hope the girls get this message..peaceful and cosy.thank you

    language Review by El Don from Netherlands
    Best bar in redlight district.

    Best bar in the middle of the red light district. With ofcourse Heineken Guinness Pool and all tv sreens with all kind of sports. Good music and frienly service. (Not like bulldog) Best Qaulity. superb....!!!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    best bar bar none

    been to this bar on loads of visits to amsterdam never had a bad time the bar staff are great always changing good prices and the veiws from the window seats are brill well worth a look

    language Review by james
    geat place!!! spent years there! and will miss late barman damien

    will miss damien, he was part of the place!! hi to all staff or regulars who remember me james

    language Review by oats
    red light.... out of sight!!

    may be not the best bar in the'dam, but certainly the friendlist barmaids i've encountered. been here many times, sometimes with mates, many times on my own (sad), always welcomed with a smile and some cheeky banter. 2 pool tables and several tv screens including a huge projection screen usually showing sports, bliss if your a sports fan like me). great location to park your backside and observe the rld or plan a raid on a kamer or two.

    language Review by greedo belfast
    out of this world

    i have been to this bar on several occasions when ive been over and that too has been on several occasions!! each time the barmaid was class!! very friendly and accomodating with the vibes!! no pun intended! get her to put on dark side of the moon during those drizzly days when the leaves fall into the water and the world rolls by on a bike....literally. do check it out.

    language Review by richard townend
    great to sit and people watch

    the bar itself was pretty standard, but it's location right in the rld overlooking the canals was great. we managed to sit right in the window each time and spend hours at a time chilled out watching the tourists stare at the women. ideal also for a stopoof point when we were doing the same.

    language Review by the cannakid
    bar with a view

    while wandering around town lost (i was there in '95 for the cannabis cup, and had taken a tram too far, and was on my way back to the melkweg) and i stumbled into the red light. after purchasing some hash i took a seat a could watch across the gracht the women on display. while smoking i noticed a dude with a highly crimminal look about him... as he got up to leave, he gave me the sweetest smile i've ever seen, and was on his way. i love this place! tot ziens

    language Review by matt
    shout out to lisa and marika!

    these 2 lovely ladies were bartending when i visited back in september. cool chicks playing cool music. i'm hoping to be back again in january.

    language Review by Sean O
    Excellent Zone

    I have been visiting this bar for nine years now and have always found the staff to be more than happy to help you . It is also a great place on a sunday to sit in the window with a hot chocolate a spliff and read the newspapers and watch the world go by. I will be there again from the 17th Nov until the 20th Nov, it really is that good. Check it out for yourself.

    language Review by Ed in St.Louis
    New Year's 2k was sweet!!!

    My Buds and I visited the red light bar often when we were in dam. We were there for a couple of weeks over the y2k. The girl slinging 'oranjebooms' was cool as hell even hooked me up with some swoop cd picks. If the girl serving 'oranjeboom' reads this, drop me an E-mail!!!

    language Review by tex

    I have visited this bar on 4 different trips to a'dam, and had good experiences, however, the last time, (may 99) I was treated like crap.I asked for a heineken (can you believe it?, in a'dam?) the bartendress rudely pointed to a coaster on the bar (obviously they only sell amstel) and basically treated me like tourist scum. I was not stoned, maybe that's why this place has gotten a few good reviews, my advice is to spend your money elsewhere (like the bulldog), where you are treated like a customer and not a nuisance. This was the worst experience I have ever had in any business in amsterdam.

    language Review by Phil and chris
    red light bar

    Very cool place, got so stoned i couldn`t leave. Played pool to some pumping music I will be going back there in july !!!!!

    language Review by a Visitor

    I live in the 'dam and agree with Luke - you can also get very good ready rolled spliff's and the weed / hash they sell is v.good. Also the beer is very cheap for the location. Steve.....

    language Review by Luke
    Very very niceeeeee

    I've been there many times and had fun: nice place, nice people, you can drink and play pool and the bargirls are veeeery nice. The best bar in the red-light district I think.

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