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Visitor reviews Van Gogh Museum
Visitor reviews Van Gogh Museum

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    language Review by colin
    fantastic to see van goghs pictures in his home country

    a good quick guide to the master's life and works and his relationships with other contemporary artists. excek=llent veue and good facilities, cafeteria etc. thoroughly recommended. a few more pictures maybe, but not a significant criticism for an excellent day out

    language Review by a Visitor
    not enough of the famous paintings

    while there were some very nice paintings to look at i was dissapointed that some of his better works were either missing or on loan.

    language Review by chong chiu ching

    i like van gogh, so i like this museum. especially the audio tour! just euro4 for the audio tour and u'll know much more about the stories of different paintings! just a bit disappointed to find out that there are not many collections of van gogh's painting with the rough brush style.

    language Review by a Visitor
    the feeling on the art

    if you like to view paintings, there you can see many of the famous paints of this great artist called vincent van gogh. and if you take the audiotour then you will understand the meaning of each paint, the feeling of the author in this moment, and part of his life.

    language Review by milton
    one of the best

    if you are staying in amsterdam, please don't loose this museum. it's one of the best i have ever been.

    language Review by sf

    this place is a must for any fan of van gogh. one really has to see the collection in person to truly capture the beauty and emotion in all of his works of art. i will surely be back!

    language Review by m
    great van gogh/gauguin exhibition

    i went to see the exhibition about vincent van gogh and his interaction with paul gauguin and came away mightily impressed with both the material on show and the presentation. expertly done, kudos to all the people who made this happen. but i got an even greater buzz from watching vincent's work by itself, especially the japanese-inspired pieces (complete with fake japanese letters) and the 'cornfield' pictures from the end of his life and career. many more were excellent, but i found these particularly moving. don't miss this place, it's a unique experience and you don't have to spend all day to appreciate it. nice gift shop too.

    language Review by nicola
    very disappointing - allow far too many people in at one time

    we visited on the 4th may - have to say ex disappointed. they allow you in every hour, so be warned you have to book your tickets and time slot! otherwise you've had it! we were herded in like cattle and basically the rooms are mobbed and everyone obviously is standing there and no one can see a thing!! i didnt half have a migraine when i left!

    language Review by a Visitor
    great pictures; poor display

    this museum houses some amazing works of art, but van gogh deserves a better home. the building is bland and unremarkable. as mentioned by another reviewer on this site, some of the 'minor'works are simply hanging on pegboard. i don't think 'smoking skull' and other studies are really minor at all. van gogh's work is almost always fascinating regardless of the period. i've been there about three or four times and only once have i seen an exhibition of drawings (equally amazing) and letters. an art history teaching assistant once told me that she once asked if she could see the works that were stored and hidden from public view and that she was granted access. i think that she was full of shit, but it's worth a try. as for the permanent collection, it will knock you on your ass. prints don't even come close to capturing the energy of the pictures. you can study each stroke - a must for the contemporary art forger or student of painting. ask a local to teach you how to pronounce 'gogh' correctly, then step back one metre. another excellent van gogh collection can be found inside the hoge veluwe national park in southern holland. it's near arnhem and it is well-serviced by trains and buses. free bikes to cruise the forests and sand dunes and a gallery full of van gogh, gauguin, henry moore and a host of others in the middle. not a bad way to spend a day. a good respite from the pace of a'dam.

    language Review by michele&rob
    great work poor display

    you have to go, you are in a'dam after all. it's a great collection, it's just hung very badly, most of the work is behind glass and then lite though the glass which causes a glare so bad you cannot actually see the some paintings. also they are hung stacked 'salon style' on peg board like my grandfather's tools.

    language Review by a Visitor
    the best ever

    one of the best things about going to amsterdam is a chance to see the many works of vincent van gogh. i have been here several times and i never tire of it. pay a little extra upon entry and take advantage of the audio commentry that you can get on a great number of his paintings. vincent's work commands your attention. once you are in there you don't really want to leave. some of his personnal effects and a whole load of computers that are connected to the vincent van gogh web site allow you to experience and understand the painter like never before.

    language Review by AJS
    Fitting homage to a great but tragic life

    Last time in A'Dam, this museum was closed for remodeling. After going to the Rijksmuseum, I felt Rembrandt was technically a much better painter than Van Gogh. On this visit, I realized that Vincent was just a different type of painter. More impressionist and abstract, but maybe even more captivating than Rembrandt's realistic depictions and use of light. The Audiotour is a must, and can be done in any order, or skipped through. If you have children, there is a great book in the gift shop called 'Camille and the Sunflowers', fitting for 4 and older. I found myself getting choked up reading it to my five year old son upon my return. Now he wants to hear 'Vincent' by Don McLean. He liked Starry Night the best.

    language Review by Monica
    A marvelous way to spend a rainy morning!

    Duck out of the Dutch drizzle to gaze in wonderment at this chronological collection of Van Gogh's work. Go early to avoid the crowds.

    language Review by Geoff Cooper
    Fantastic Museum - not too be missed.

    Wonderful way to spend 2 - 3 hours. Great display, not too busy. Great cross section of his work and others from around the same time.

    language Review by CT
    I can't wait to go back.

    The main reason we went to Amsterdam was that my husband was humoring me. He knows that I admire Van Gogh. We ended up staying for ten days, just so I could visit the museum several times. I was left speechless for several hours after viewing all of the paintings and sketches that I had only seen in books. There is a Van Gogh exihibition currently in Philadelphia. I can't wait to go to that and go BACK to Amsterdam, just so that I can see the Van Gogh Museum again!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    Better than I could have dreamed!!!

    I only thought I loved Van Gogh before going to this museum! The paintings are breathtaking. Even my parents who hate his paintings were impressed! So much to see & lots of information. The only thing that let's it down is the gift shop. More posters are needed & it's a bit pricey.

    language Review by Sam
    Very enjoyable

    This was an eye opener for me. I've liked Van Gogh's work, but have never seen so much of it at one time. I loved it, and have grown fonder of Vincent, as an artist and a person. The museum itself, is very beautiful, but small; I was in and out in no time. This is a must see, but plan other events to fill your day.

    language Review by mike

    Cost about $6.00 US to get in. Three levels featuring about 200 Van Goghs. Not one of my favorite artist, but I felt much closer to him upon examining his brush strokes (hard to do in books). Take time to read all the descriptions as they are super illuminating and give an insight into his humor. Museum also contains Van Gogh's contemporaries - some gaugaun, monet, seraut etc...

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