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Visitor reviews Stedelijk Museum
Visitor reviews Stedelijk Museum

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    language Review by ceecee
    not up to standard

    Stedelijk is an OK modern art museum, but its layout and exhibits were disappointing. They had a Baselitz exhibit when I was there and it was REALLY bad - this guy is a phony of the first order, simply a series of gimmicks. One of them is to paint figures upside down, as if this is telling us something new about the world. His work is technically poor and coloristically uninteresting. So much for neo-expressionism, an excuse for poor draughtsmanship. Anselm Kiefer is I guess a contemporary and is a MUCH more interesting painter. The descriptive explanations by the curator were poor and uncritical. One good thing - a room with monographs about Baselitz and his work that was well selected (but simply confirmed that the guy is a charlatan). The new sculture wing looked nice but was filled with abysmal crap - a Warhol-like video of a foot and a hand for example. Seems like the curator at this museum is badly in need of a brain transplant. The coffee bar is OK and they have a good selection of art mags to browse. At least they don't charge for the coatroom. The bookshop is very disappointing. If you want art books go across the street, theres a very good shop near the Concertgebouw.

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