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Visitor reviews Escape
Visitor reviews Escape

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    language Review by nick

    went to amsterdam for my stag do (not typical beer and strippers weekend!) friday night was insane wandering around the bars and coffee shops.. went to escape on the saturday with 17 mates.. i can honestly say that i have never had a night like it in the last 10 years!.. brilliant music - brilliant atmosphere - just brilliant!.. never been to amsterdam before - would go again just to go to this club!

    language Review by j
    thursday night blaster

    9/3/05...first time in the dam went to melkweg, what a shit club about 50 people in total, then onto escape...felt like i did something wrong at the door but had one of the best nights of all time,music was wicked, d.j. was excellent, people and atmosphere brilliant.saturday night the shitest music i ever didnt dance to, but that still couldnt put me off the thurs. night, still thinking about it, brilliant...

    language Review by egghead, ferret, gongle, bumnu
    escape club rocked our world

    we went the escape on a sunday in april 2004, the music was funky and it rocked. we were already trippin on mushrooms and space cakes an several vodkas later we were all over the floor. but thats how we usually end our nights. the atmosphere was great and the music was as good as society in liverpool our home town. going back to amsterdam for new year and definatley going to try and go the escape again.

    language Review by no pvc for me thanks!
    techno techno techno

    what a fantastic club! the music was banging techno - non-stop! cost 18 euro on a saturday night for 'chemistry' - the night was almost (and i do say almost!) as good as amnesia at cocoon with sven vath in ibiza last year. beware if you are female - i was going to change into a pvc skirt once in the club but there was a huge ratio of men to women - and the men were exceptionally 'letchy' - really didn't need a mini-skirt to attract unwanted attention! the local girls seem to dress pretty casual and i could see why. seemed really diificult to score any pills in there so i would get them before hand (not like ibiza!). bouncers were really nice and friendly but you do get searched and frisked on the way in - but that's cool as they were more bothered about people carrying weapons than gear. a must do club if you want to rave!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    should be called club ridiculas

    the best club i have ever been to. forget the hippies covering amsterdam, and go here. don't complain if you get denied at the door b/c you did not dress the part. this is a club so expect the club atmosphere. insanely beautiful girls, expensive drinks, and phenominal music. this was my best night in amsterdam...

    language Review by steve
    perhaps the best night clubbing ever

    on 21-7-03 went to escape, a fantastic mix of funk acid jazz and tribal tunes, intermixed with live sets from sax guitar singers (3 soul divas) and what must have been a 50 strong drum team. they lifted the roof off the club :) lots of people there, good door code, great atmosphere, dont know if other nights are different to fridays, but do yourself a favour and find out what your missing

    language Review by michael
    salvation party is great!

    i never have been in the escape on saturday, simply because it is not my music style on that night. but i have been a few times on the salvation gayparty on the first friday of the month. really great! nice people, nice music, nice atmosphere! a must for the trendy gay! (but buy your tickets in advange, check http://www.salvation-amsterdam.nl)

    language Review by seb
    i know better clubs in my country

    that club was quite good, but music wasn't hard. i saw people are dancing there but not parting. in poland (especially in koszalin) people are really parting - you can see happiness on their faces - check the club odyseja2001

    language Review by gianluca
    everytime i am in a'dam, on saturday, i don't miss it!

    yes,it's my favourite club in amsterdam and,because of my job (p.r. at tenax-florence,one of the best club in the world) when i go clubbing i want the best. chemistry is excellent for the people in it. beautifull girls and guys. music is not my favourite but i like it. i prefer deep and soulful house insted of progressive house like what normally djs plays at chemistry. i know that duch people prefer harder music then our. it's wicked and funny disco. but be careful of your dress! door selectors are very selective. if yuo are in florence come to tenax on saturday on saturday at 'nobody is perfect' night...ehm..sorry.

    language Review by Andy
    Worst part of my holdiay in Amsterdam

    Well,there I was having a great time in Amsterdam.It was my first time there.I was looking forward to going out and had heard about 'Escape' and how good a club it was.So me and a friend went there on a Saturday night.Got into the Queue and stood for about 30mins.Then when we got to the door,they said that it was members only,and to come back on Sunday night.I thought this was a bit weird but accepted it even though I was disappointed....I knew it was a lie too.Anyway,we went back on Sunday night,didn't have to wait as long,but the Bouncers on the doors laughed and said we couldn't get in.Started to make jokes at us.That's what I'll remember about Amsterdam. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go to this club.What a waste of time.I have to say that most people in Amsterdam aren't as rude as the doormen.You wouldn't get that kind of treatment here in Ireland.STAY AWAY FROM ESCAPE!

    language Review by a Visitor
    Great club Asshole door people

    I got in here once. Two months later they busted my balls. Show up at the door with some girls and you're in. The place kicks ass, despite their asshole door people.

    language Review by berra

    escape pictures clubbing very succesfully!there is nothing to say more..

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