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Visitor reviews Rijksmuseum
Visitor reviews Rijksmuseum

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    language Review by Rob from USA
    8 year reconstruction?

    This place was under repair from at least 2005. I visited in 2008 and it is STILL under repair! Only 10% of it is open; too bad there was not a sign or I would have skipped it. I did not see or hear any work being done for the four days I passed by the museum. I guess thats why it will take so long (2012?) to complete. Whom ever is in charge of this project should be fired!

    language Review by bernieW from Canada
    it was still under repair

    but it was worth it to see the VERMEER's staggering

    language Review by steve

    it simply cannot be described. unless you've seen a rembrandt up close nad personl you simply cannot believe this place. it is one of the do not miss attractions in amsterdam.

    language Review by birdman
    you must be a stupid stoner not to visit!

    this place has some of the greastest paintings ever! you can learn a lot about the netherlands by visiting. too bad it's under construction until 2007. still, the abbreviated collection is still worth it and, if you must get stoned, get the audio tour. it will freak your warped mind out!

    language Review by a Visitor
    great place

    a must to see when in amsterdam. very interesting museum.

    language Review by a Visitor
    this is the place to go

    great museum. a must to see. very interesting place.

    language Review by pogie
    brown and boring

    yes, i've never been to a duller museum in all my life. i almost fell asleep. very brown paintings, hard to see the outstanding technique and colour under over 300 hundred years of built-up layers of crud. clean up the works and i may consider going again.

    language Review by a Visitor
    don't miss it

    it's got everything - too much to see in one day. i loved the rembrandts and the dollhouses in particular.

    language Review by a Visitor
    very large

    incredibly large place, besure to buy your tickett in advance and arrive early. be prepared to check coats, bags and umbrellas. also be prepared to be lost in the countless and seemingly endless rooms of art. easy access by tram from central station or any other part of the city. 9 euros i think was admission.

    language Review by shlomit
    i could spend there days with a big smile of plesure on my face

    such a big pleasure to visit that museum, wonderful.

    language Review by lasthamlet
    if you see just one, this is it.

    if you have only the time to see one museum this is the one to see. the place is very big, especially by dutch standards. it takes at least 7 hours to go through and see all the artwork, furniture, glass, pewter, silver and gold displays. the place has a real unique dutch view. not to mention the famous 'nightwatch' by rembrandt. this painting wont fit on your average living wall, even using the whole wall. i said average living room. there is so much to see. i reccomend lighting up some uplifting sativa then enter at will.

    language Review by jimmy t
    good museum of dutch/asian art

    the museum was great (dont eat space cake before you go though) the rembrandts were outstanding. the only downside is that everything (except for the asian things) is dutch so it can be a little bit old seeing dutch landscapes over and over again. they also only had two van goghs which were very small and subpar. but, i guess that is why there is the van gogh museum.

    language Review by v. van gogh

    i feel that the rijksmuseum provides a general representation of dutch art that limits its overall scope and appeal. of course, everyone wants to see nightwatch (which was cut down to fit its space!)and other so-called must-sees, but it's overrated. it is what mona lisa is to the louvre - a weak highlight that draws people away from the hidden surprises within the space. rembrandt painted it to pay some bills, i think. i've seen better collections of rembrandt in the louvre, prado and national gallery - much better. the portraits in the rijksmuseum are like snapshots of money-grubbing colonists from the dutch east india company rosters. yes, there are some seminal works that changed european art in there, but it's much more expensive than other institutions and you are offered much less in terms of quantity and quality. if you have budgetary considerations, but you love art, i recommend the stedelijk or cobra. you won't see any renaissance works, but you will see some absolutely amazing modern art. of course, there's always the van gogh - he never disappoints.

    language Review by stacey
    the nightwatch....need i say more?

    i have been to holland twice in the past year. although i stayed in different cities, i made a point of going back to amsterdam to see the rijksmuseum and the van gogh museum again. we have a world class museum here in montreal, but the nightwatch will never go on a world tour....its a sight not to be missed

    language Review by vermeer
    the best!!!

    i live in amsterdam and there is nothing that i like to do more than spend a day at the rijksmuseum. for my money, it is truly the greatest museum in the world, period! as a real fan of 17th century dutch painting, it for me is mecca. vermeer, de hooch, rembrandt, dou, hals, bol, maes, steen, etc., what more could you ask for? do not visit amsterdam without going to the rijks for you will have missed the greatest single attraction this city has to offer.

    language Review by michele&rob
    you really need two days to see it all!

    wow! it was too much for one day. they should give you a respirator when you buy your ticket because the art takes your breathe away! go!

    language Review by Monica

    'nuff said.

    language Review by William R. Ray
    One of the great museums of the world.

    A true world-class art museum and more. I loved the art but also the applied art areas. The silverwork and cabinetry were superb. When you add in Rembrandt and other Dutch masters, it deserves all the praise one can give.

    language Review by Dante

    The Rijksmuseum is just the right size. I covered it in a day. I loved the Dutch History wing. Their ceramics collection is also awesome. My favorite museum in Europe.

    language Review by a Visitor

    6.5 stars...

    language Review by Stahrr
    I cried...

    Too bad I cannot give the Rijksmuseum more stars than this. While walking through the musuem and looking at the paintings I started crying. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Art books do paintings no justice. The texture, composition, colours, etc are beyond what I could have imagined. I am happy that I saw more than Amsterdam than the regular tourist things. GO GO GO....you have to.

    language Review by Ric Valentyn
    I didn't know that I liked museums until I visited....

    My relatives live in Holland and it was one place I had not seen until 1996 when I returned. I was amazed at the intricate details of the paintings and the efforts put into all those works of art. I am definately planning on returning and taking more time to stop and look at each painting. I became an art lover because of it.

    language Review by a Visitor
    This place rocked

    It honestly deserves a 6!!!!

    language Review by Ernest A. Bell
    A truly magnificent experience!

    I was captivated by the grandeur of the art on display.What i liked was the attention to themes that the staff displayed in their choices.

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