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Visitor reviews Société Anonyme
Visitor reviews Société Anonyme

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    language Review by a Visitor
    fair to partly cloudy

    i believe that i have been an excellent customer. i have been visiting for 2-3 years (off & on). curtious, thankful, and usually tip faily well. lately, the service has been slipping... emails not replied to, unreliable when setting up appointments, no show - due to lack of communication between company and employee, failure to inform about discount for consecutive nights with same employee. maybe i ask for too much...like ordinary service.

    language Review by eric
    place looks nice but i did not get what i paid for!

    i visited this place on friday august 17th. the bar area looks fine and they had at least 10 girls around. when i walked in i was told that the cost for one hour is 375 and not 225 that is mentioned in their web site. after talking with few of the girls, i chose a petit blond girl called victoria. we went to the room, first of all there was no bubble bath in the room as it says in their web site, second she did not know how to give a massage, and third the room was hot. we started and she gave a blowjob. then we were watching mtv for about 20 minutes when i wanted to fuck her, but she told me that the deal is you come only once! so according to her we can stay and watch more tv or end my visit. at that time we had been in the room for about 40 minutes. i was not planning to watch tv so i left. other girls may be better and i may have gotten a beautiful but not a good one. i do not think that i will go back there again. a word of advise for others û ask them in advance that what exactly are you going get for the money you are paying.

    language Review by Mr. Security
    Best ever

    I've visited quite a few places like this, and so far this is my overall favourite. The girls aren't pushy at all, you can enter have a few drinks talk with the and leave if you don't find anything you like. Never happened to me though. As the girls really take their time to make you feel comfortable both at the and in the rooms they are winning greatly over any other club where there is rivalty between the girls and they flock around you. At S.A. you just ask the lovely barmaid the name of any girl you're interested in and she will come right over to you. So far (three times in one week) I have not been so overwhelmed with pleasure as at this club. The girls recognise you and are really friendly. I will return as soon as I have the opportunity. /Mr Security

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