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Visitor reviews Magic Mushroom gallery
Visitor reviews Magic Mushroom gallery

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    language Review by clashcityrocker
    best mushrooms in a'dam

    my first stop on any trip to amsterdam as it is located just a few doors from the hotel i stay at. the cooplandia(hawaiian) mushrooms are intense. a full dose wiil put u on a 6-8 hour trip that varies from mellow to intense at various times.any other place that ive bought shrooms just havent been as good.

    language Review by david mclellan - graeme perry
    super shrooms

    i got these mushrooms out of the blueburd cafe. i must say(thay fucked me up) i was tripping for 2 days solid the weed they have is alsow a bit trippy and there is a wide range of pipes and bongs.. trip on !!!!!!!!

    language Review by marshall
    the trippy shrooms

    i got these shrooms out of one of the smartshops and i must say thay are the best shrooms ever i (thought a big coin was chaseing me down the street) i was tripping for about 6 hours sold i recoman these to anyone who can handle the trip.....

    language Review by eyeluvbud
    knowledgable staff

    nice place with lots of different types of mushrooms processed many different ways or fresh. clerk was knowledgeable regarding material and was helpful.

    language Review by tosser
    terrible service

    i came here specifically to buy a pipe for a present - the last time i'd been to the dam, i'd seen one here & was now returning to buy one for a friend. when i went in there was no-one behind the counter, just a blonde girl in the corner typing an e-mail. i strolled around the shop, had a look at everything, not wanting to rush the girl. i stood at the counter...i waited...she kept typing...i coughed..she stopped typing, but after a second or two, continued to type her e-mail, so i waited...in total i must have been in there a god fifteen minutes. at this stage i realised that it wasn't that she didn't know i was there - she would just prefer me not not be there, so i left, but not before i stroked about 100 euros worth of stuff from the counter (well she didn't even turn around once!!!) i went back the next day (being a cheeky bastard) & purchased the pipe i wanted from a baldy guy who was just a bit more alert. i hope the proprietors of the shop read this - watch back yr security tape of april 26 - see me rob yr shop blind as yr pretty but useless blondie catches up with her hotmail. next time i'll rob the till aswell..that'll teach you to ignore customers!!

    language Review by justin time
    where's the strong stuff?

    wandered in here to get out of the rain,my wife and i had a nice 15min stroll through cheking things out.ithen headed for the counter and asked for the strongest,most visual and body tingleing stuff in the house,she handed me 30hlf of cubensis and said take half......took all and still waiting for the trip.nice shop though

    language Review by cooter
    mexican madness

    wow. these mexicans i got were intense. lots of visuals, good stuff. good looking girls working there. got a box for 25fl. paid more at conscious dreams for my hawaians. will come back.

    language Review by DeadheadWeedSmoker420
    Too much dough

    The products at this store are rather over priced. Mushrooms especially. They did have a wide variety of peyote which isn't easy to come by. 50-75 guilders though for a trip. OUCH

    language Review by Cairo
    Loved this shop!!

    Hi everybody!! If you're in Amsterdam, this is the place to visit. The 2 girls who work there are wonderful, very friendly, helpfull and pretty cute!! The Mushrooms I tried were excellent, I had the time of my life!! Thanks soooo much Mushroom Galaxy!!! See you at New Years, keep the mushrooms ready!!! Bye bye

    language Review by BigJohn420
    Loved the fresh Shrooms

    I loved the fresh mexican shrooms that they got right from the fridge. They gave me a mellow loving trip and the staff were real helpful. My opinion may be biased however, as I didn't visit any other smart shops.

    language Review by Armbar
    Very good shrooms

    Purchased fresh Hawaiian mushrooms from this smartshop. The trip was very strong, but fairly short in duration (about four hours). Not as visual as I expected from this strain. A good smart shop, though I think that Conscious Dreams is better.

    language Review by Niki Aparicio
    Niki Aparicio Jan 18-21 2000, This is one Awesome place to chill

    Now I always had one fav. place to visit when I go the dam as frequently as I do, but now I have two places. Just got back with 3 friends that went with me there. and this was the 1st time I had been to the MMG ( Magic Mushroom Gallery). I was practically broke this trip, but my friends spent well over 500guilders alone in oen night at this lil' chillout zone. I give great kudos to this place. next time I go up there, I will visit again and again. Kudos to Mathew and Wendy, great workers there!!take care

    language Review by Gonçalo
    what i think.

    i have been searching for this, (a page telling something about mashrooms) for a long long time, so today i find it, but in my opinion this page is very simple. i think this subject deserves more information about it. i don´t know if it´s possible to tell me something by e-mail. i would like to receive more information about mashrooms and shop online.

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