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Visitor reviews Kantjil en de Tijger
Visitor reviews Kantjil en de Tijger

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    language Review by Steve Street from United Kingdom
    The return of Steve Street

    May 2008, saw us return to Amsterdam and to the kantjil. This time 4 guys with the wives. Not wishing to stray very far from what we loved last time, we once again went for the ricetable. It was as enjoyable as last time (who say's you should never go back?) and the girl's were very impressed. The palm beer is extremely enjoyable. Overall the service and the food were as good as our last visit, but I found it a bit expensive in comparison,then again I found the whole weekend in Amsterdam expensive compared to last time. Next time I'm back in Amsterdam, I will be tempted to try somewhere else, but I still recommend the Kantjil

    language Review by Larry from USA
    Good value but not very authentic

    I like the food here but to me it's the Dutch version of Indonesian food. The flavors and spices are mild to moderate only. I don't mean this to be a cut but to me it's like Taco Bell compared to authentic Mexican food. I'd take friends there who don't like strong flavors and very spicy food. More authentic to me are Puri Mas and Tempo Doeloe. For a very cheap preview try the Kantjil en de Tijger take out next to the restaurant. You get 2 items and rice or noodles for around EUR 6.

    language Review by skyhigh420

    great place to eat, great food, atmosphere, etc. highly recommended

    language Review by steve street
    one great place to eat.........

    i asked the girl on reception in our hotel if she could recommend somewhere for 7 of us to eat. she sent us to the kantjil en de tiger and boy were we in for a treat!!! of course we had the rice table and the waiter told us what each individual dish was. we just tucked in and ate and ate and ate some more. when you tell someone you are going to amsterdam, they always bring up red lights, booze and drugs. amsterdam is much more than that and the kantjil proves that point.

    language Review by a Visitor
    egads, so much food

    i brought a very large group here and they served us probably 40% more food than we needed. the tables were groaning. the food was decent, although in such great quantities i'm not surprised it was a little overflavored. the service was great though and the place is nice and bright. quite loud on a saturday night of course.

    language Review by dannymac
    great food in the company of great friends

    great choice, lh. we all headed here after our dampkring smokeout, and have to say it was much better then the 'rice table' the wife and i had on our last visit to a'dam. it was well worth breaking my atkins diet for. plenty of variety and quantity. i would say it was a good value for the cost. of course it's always better when you've got a great bunch of people at the table with you!

    language Review by micha reisel
    the best!

    this is the best indonesian restaurant in the world, period!

    language Review by lasthamlet
    best food i ever ate...

    i really wanted to give 10 stars. the rijstaffel was the best meal i have ever eaten in my life. i am not kidding you, it was the most flavorful meal i have ever put in my mouth. i am usually a steak and taters man, but this meal and this restaurants was simply the best. i can't say enough that this is a must do while in amsterdam. don't miss it, as it will be your loss...

    language Review by wmj
    great service and great food.

    first time at the kantjil en de tiger and will not be the last.good quality food with service that matched.prices were very good for central amsterdam.this place deserves all the good reviews that other patrons have left on this site.

    language Review by jennifer
    an excellent meal

    we ate rijstafel here on a sunday night with (belgian, not dutch) palm beer and thought we were in heaven. the service was extremely quick and courteous. we noticed a lot of locals as well as tourists, always a sign of a good restaurant. great bathrooms, too! we flew in/out of schiphol, so spent nights in amsterdam at the beginning and end of our trip; we liked this restaurant so well that we returned and ate here again before departing. highly recommended.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Having heard alot about this huge restaurant

    Having heard alot about this huge restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam, we decided we'd have a look. This place is run by lots of young, goodlooking people. We felt sorry for the staff since they had to work so hard! The food was OK, service was excellent. We had never eaten Indonesian food before and took the Rijsttafel. What a marvellous view to have all those different dishes on such a small table. Whenever we get back to Amsterdam, we will certainly try another Rijsttafel!!

    language Review by BB
    Large, Indonesian Restaurant in Spui Area

    Have read a lot abbout this place but had never eaten here before, they have had knocks about slow service, and mediocre food, so we were hesitant. It is located on Spuistraat just across from Tweede Kamer and Hoppe Cafe, the 1,2,& 5 stop on the NZ Voorburgwal side of the restaurant. The service was excellent, in fact the best we experienced this trip. The food was above average, we went with the 99fl Rijstaffel for 2, the only problem was they did not indicate what we would be getting with the Rijstaffels, which is very annoying. Found out after we ate, that you could order it without meat, or pork, or chicken, or fish, which would have been nice to know before ordering. The tables are spaced very close together, but that is more of a problem for the staff than the diners. Would we be back, depends, it is conveniently located and the price was right, so it is a good possibility.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Nice, friendly service; mediocre cooking

    Although the young staff tries its best to compensate for the unimaginative and humdrum kitchens skills, they are not entirely able to do so. Atmosphere is OK, although a bit noisy. Spacious and stylish interior. To wrap up: hire a new cook (a better one, obviously) and treasure the serving staff.

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