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TWH - Tai Wan Hotel (Hong Kong)
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    Number of reviews : 86
    Average visitor rating (5.1 /10 )
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    language Review by Kohphi from United Kingdom

    Myself and 2 friends booked 6 nights.. The hotel is perfectly located and the rooms that we had( deluxe doubles) were very good, clean with great views.. This hotel was smack on the beach with a great pool good food and far enough from the noise of the bars but still close enough to walk to them!! would defo recommend it and we'll be back again.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Dirty, extra small, sleazy, and awful – worse place ever

    This is the worse place i have ever been to. I have traveled all over the world staying in budget places, i am not spoiled; the owner treats you like you are trash from the very first moment. It's located in a very questionable building. Its dirty, extra small, sleazy pictures are very deceiving the place doesn't look even half as good. We left after one day because we couldn't stand it. Will never ever go back

    language Review by Anonymous from Philippines
    Beware tourists!! don't be fooled by the pictures tai wan hotel is publishing i

    Tai wan hotel in chungking mansion located in kowloon, hong kong is definitely not a good place to stay. Beware!!! tourists!!! do not ever ever stay in tai wan hotel. mr cheng, or chen, whatever the proprietor's name... We had an early booking for 5 days and 4 nights for a triple suite room.. When we arrived, he never even showed us what the room looked like. we said that we will be cancelling our last day since we made a change in plans which was to visit mainland china in exchange for our last day in hong kong. Logically, he still had 3 more days to open our last day for any reservation for other guests. Anyway, we upgraded our room for some stupid reason of mr cheng. here's what.. Of course we all assumed that its a nice, clean, neat room with three single beds. Having just that is ok. But!!! he forced us to pay in full including our fifth day. He never gave us the chance to explain why. After we were forced to pay, he showed us a filthy room, with only two beds, dirty floor and bathroom, with bedsheets unchanged (with hairs all over), without lockers, without cabinets and, not failing to mention the smell which made me barf.. The smell was like a strong bad smell of armpit, foot, sweat... Bed bugs too!! you name it!!! that's his tactic to introduce us to an at least better room (but still have fallen hairs on the beds) but forced us again to pay additional 450hk$... Not only that, he promised us that if we have friends, they can stay on our room during our last day since we won't stay.. (and we actually paid for that!!!). On our 4th day, when we were all set to leave hong kong for china, we talked to his wife (who can't speak good english) that we would like to see mr cheng. We met several groups of people during our arrival because of the same dillema from tai wan hotel and how the owner treated them. His wife pissed us off because her reply to our very polite inquiry was a head to foot look and shouted "who is the boss here!!" and just walked out at us... When that stupid chinese mr cheng, went in, he said that our friends cannot stay at our room... So thanks for paying the room even if we never stayed there. Tai wan hotel proprietors have no heart to take care of their guests. They have animal-like characters. And their faces are dollars.. Hong kong is a beautiful place but for tai wan hotel, it will never ever be such.

    language Review by a Visitor
    The tai wan hong kong hostel, i'd rather be in the movie entitled "hostel"

    Do you like sleeping in a closet? do you like people screaming at each other all the time, day and night? do you want the boss to use his extra key to try to come into your room more than once to ask for more money, he can't tell you why, but for some reason you owe him another $72 hkd. You have to walk through an infested-old-lady-whore area to get to your room. I saw a picture of this place on the net and booked it cause it looked nice, wrong! there were multiple shouting battles between the boss and customers hwo felt they had been cheated or lied too. I was here 4 days. I won't make this mistake again.

    language Review by Jack from Guinea
    Nie locations and staffs

    I will back again

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