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Visitor reviews De Bierkoning
Visitor reviews De Bierkoning

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    language Review by boris
    choice selection bro!!

    got recommended this place by a bartender when i was there a coupla years ago..had to have a laugh at how many beers were available & some of the brands were all new to me so i was faced with the big test.....what ones do you go for??? i eventally made my decision(s)....must reccommend this place for the best selection i have come accross..even had coopers!!!!

    language Review by mario
    good selection, friendly and informative, free stuff

    small but amazingly wide varieties from australian tooheys to japanese kirin to the elusive trappist beers.unfortunately, they had just run out of westvleteren when i had visited (too bad).owner really helpful and will take the tim to explain the different kinds of beers, difference between ales and lagers, the different brewing styles such as lambics, stouts, etc. must stop for every beer afficionado in amsterdam with no time to travel to belgium.

    language Review by a Visitor
    best selection, delightful place, crammed, and with friendly expertise

    Wander into this amazing little shop crammed with beers from all over the world and chances are you'll eventually walk out with something YOU'll find good to drink.. You'll thoroughly enjoy the mix of Amsterdam casualness and friendly expertise, all within this well designed little city centre shop. The wall of beer glasses alone is worth a visit, all stock is organised into categories, making browsing easy and fun. I loved it.

    language Review by BB
    I could have spent my whole weeks vacation here

    There are beers here that you have only heard ledgend of such as Westvleteren, a Trappist Beer that is only irregularly sold in small quantitys directly from the Abbey. I scored a few Abt 12 which were 10,6% Abv 6.50fl, several t'Ij beers including their Paas Easter Beer. This place is plain and simple beer mecca. If you enjoy Malted Barley in the slightest you will kick yourself silly if you do not stop in.

    language Review by cagey
    Best place to get those hard-to-get beers

    This place has been touted as 'the best off-licence in A'dam' and I found this to be quite true. The owner is *very* helpful - even when busy - and the shop is small enough that when you wander upstairs, you will be overwhelmed by the selection. Good central location too. Definitely stop here if you plan on bringing a few bottles home with you - the owner will pack them up nicely.

    language Review by Renzo Groen
    This is a genuine beer temple!

    It's obvious : they have lots of beers. But what I really like about the store is the interest the personnel has for this beverage off all times. They have enlarged my beer drinking pleasures.

    language Review by BB
    The place to go for take away beer,cider, glassware in Amsterdam

    Well this was one place which certainly lived up to its billing.. it is a beer mecca. If they brew it you can find it here. I was looking for some of the brews from the t'IJ bewery, and scored a six pack of their lineup for 19,95fl. It included their Natte,Zatte,Bock,Pils, the Bock and the Natte were my favs, also scored a few Stongbow Ciders for the other half. Certainly the best selection I have ever seen, and the day before we were at Wildeman. If you are looking for beer for your room, or to bring back with you from you visit, or if you are looking for a glass designed to accompany your favorite beer, look no further than DE Bierkoning, on the far side of the Palace down the block from Madame Tussaud's. I was like a kid in a candy store.

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