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Visitor reviews Casa Rosso
Visitor reviews Casa Rosso

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    language Review by Christopher Burke from United Kingdom
    Almost Unique on the earth

    As nowadays there are not many places in the world where you can watch live fornication, the Casa Rosso has got to be good value whatever the cost. As someone who, in the past, as anamateur, has participated in a live sex show in West Berlin, I am full of admiration for the stamina of the copulating pairs who must be doing at least 8 shows per night on a busy evening. Personally I was envious of any of the lucky guys earning a living that way. If there was one thing missing it was an ejeculation although I imagine that is how the guys keep their stamina up.

    language Review by mark
    invited on stage to become a human sheet of paper.

    having traipsed around the city for a few days, smoking the funny stuff and supping heineken, it was intriguing to be ushered into the theatre. not what i expected at all, it possessing a genuine sense of the theatrical. my contribution was to appear on stage alongside a raven haired beauty, she all curves and sultry glances. she removed my shirt and made me unfasten her fastenings before lying me down on a revolving dais and seductively crouching naked over me, in preparation to a finale including me being written on with a permanent marker gripped in her awesome vaginal muscles. she wrote, 'the end' in black, and drew hearts over my nipples. she insisted i gave her a kiss and then returned me to my giggling and impressed friends as the curtain went down.

    language Review by ams bound 2
    casa rossa

    my husband and i just got back from the casa rossa show and we really enjoyed it. we both felt very comfortable there, as there was a somewhat classy atmosphere. most of the 'skits' were put together well. there was one couple which looked terrible and like their routine was so boring. the others were very entertaining. there was an audience participation part which was funny. we kind of got screwed with drinks, though. we bought our tickets this afternoon from some guy standing in front of another casa rossa sign. in exchange for four drinks we got an afternoon show. however, we do believe in retrospect that we had been told about this and didn't understand. anyway, we got in and asked for beers, and were told one ticket for each. oh...now we get it. so, we had to spend 15 euros. only buy from the theater on the night you go.

    language Review by a Visitor

    i went to amsterdam with my football team. we were taken to casa rossa by a smart looking bloke who charged us 20 euros that included a free drink. the lady played with my mate on the stage which was extremely funny so i gave the show an extra star for the comedy effect.

    language Review by a Visitor

    the guy on the door got our attention by saying 'sleaze and filth lads- you need it'. with that intro we had to go in! it was good fun, the shows were impressive (especially the guy on girl action) and they dont mind you being drunken fools either.i would recomend it to anyone. especially the50 euro package that gets you into the banana bar for an hour of free drinking! oh, and make sure you get the private show in the banana bar- its well worh it.

    language Review by christy
    not what i expected!

    i went to the show with my gorgeous girlfriend. i was a bit reluctant as i thought it was going to be very very seedy. however to my surprise i really enjoyed the show and had a good laugh aswell. vicky was the first act and she was stunning she got the audience involved (nothing 2 bad) the rest was ok but vicky made it for me she was the only one that seemed to enjoy what she was doing the rest were a bit robotic. after the show i went back 2 my hotel and prob had the best night of passion ever - thanks vicky xxx

    language Review by frank
    more funny than erotic

    visiting amsterdam from the usa, i decided to take in the show. for 75 guilders you could have 4 drinks and watch the show for as long as you like. the seating was cramped, but the waiters were nice. the acts themselves were reapeated every hour. these acts included guy/girl, girl/girl, solo, and fun (non-hardcore) audience participation. the night i went there seemed to be a busloads of young people in the audience, lie a field trip. fun for an hour, then it gets boring.

    language Review by TDTF
    Follow the Pink Elephant

    A group of 4 of us,all Male surprisingly enough,spent 5 highly enjoyable days in Amsterdam,one of the few planned things we managed to get together was a trip to the Casa Rossa. We actually went into one of the 'false' fronts,and after paying our 75fl,the guy told us to follow the Pink Elephant a little further up the street and present our tickets.....telling 4 drunken Irish guys to follow a Pink Elephant.....anyway he was true to his word,and we gained admission. The show itself was intriguing rather than erotic,and didnt really register on the erectometer,all in all it lasted about an hour,with 4 free 1/2 pints of lager thrown in(literally),the only downside was the 'biker' type doormen,who were gruff in the extreme,and seemed to take a sad pleasure in manhandling their 'guests',paying particularly nasty attention to a group of orientals,that said however i will return on my next visit to Amsterdam.

    language Review by Melissa
    Tourist attraction

    I am from Washington State (USA), and was visiting Amsterdam We walked around the red light district for a while and noticed Casa Rosso, the men outside stopped us and told us about the place, we decided to give it a look, when inside we were given tickets for drinks, that we got durring the show. The stage is a round platform stage that rotated around. The shows were like skits played out, they took people from the audience, to perform a little with them, that was interesting. The only bad thing was after about 5 shows, they began to repeat themselves. All and all it was a fun experience that I will never forget.

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