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Visitor reviews Artis Zoo
Visitor reviews Artis Zoo

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    language Review by drumdemon44
    a fun place to spend a few hours

    the artis zoo is a nice place to spend a few hours walking and looking at the animals. the aquarium is very cool, and the insect house is not to be missed. also it has alot of tucked away court yards so if there isnt anybody around you can feel free to smoke a joint and just kick back and relax

    language Review by a Visitor
    do the animals really love their cages

    i go to the zoo and stare at the animals walk downtown and check out the cannibals all dressed up and decorated i wonder if the animals really love their cages? there you sit isolated hiding away from the things that you hated hypnotized; mind so sedated media made my mind so afraid and that's ok it's better that way i wonder if the game's on tv today? we're all fenced in; incarcerated i wonder if the animals really love their cages?

    language Review by birdman
    even the animals do it!

    i don;t mean smoke weed, i mean that it seems every person i have spoken to who has visited this museum seems to have caught a free animal peepshow. i know i did. and there's some freaky creatures there! definitely a great place to spend a nice day baked.

    language Review by sandriana
    what a great zoo!

    i had meaning to go to the artis zoo for a long time, and we finally visited on a swelteringly hot day last week. it was packed, but because of the layout was not crowded - for a zoo that is slap bang in the middle of a city and only a 10 min. bike ride from dam square, it's very spacious. the paths lead you around through various habitat areas, and particlarly impressive was the new savannah area, which is on an island with walkways, so that the wildebeeste and other animals can roam free(ish). i loved the nighttime jungle exhibit, particularly the lemurs, and the aquarium was excellent in content and layout. it's based in a lovely belle epoque building, from the balcony of which we watched an incredible thunderstorm. best animal exhibits overasll have to be the fossa and the various lemurs. i have to agree with the comments on the polar bears and big cat enclosures. both cats and bears were engaging in repetitive movements and did not look at all happy. their enclosures were way too small, particlurlarly when you consider the size of their territorial range in the wild. the gorillas had a suitable ape-house, but our visit was spoiled by a group of dutch visitors who decided they would have a picnic right up against the glass, and taunt one of the females with their food. artis is a great zoo: great layout, great animals, lovely gardens. i'm going again.

    language Review by greekdoc
    worth a visit if you are a zoo fan !

    the amsterdam zoo is huge ! it is not so that they have a really wider range of animals than other european big city zoos (although they do have a lot to see), you just have to walk a lot to get from place to place. it is very beautiful and the animals well cared for, if you go weekdays in the morning it will be over-full with school classes and freaking kids. everything in the zoo is very expensive, especially in the huge restaurant to the north. we ate there and it was not worth the money. better get your food elsewhere. and no prices for students ! so if you are used to getting cheaper entrance fees in other countries, like germany and greece, forget it. it's the same huge price for you too, unless you have an amsterdam city pass that gives you 25% off.

    language Review by holly & graeme
    nice zoo with plenty of animals and lovely gardens

    we visited the zoo on our last day in amsterdam (8th june 2002). the zoo was great, loads of animals including all the usual plus some rarer ones. most of the enclosures were adequate for the animals. on the whole the animals looked in good condition and well cared for. the polar bear was fun, he played with a bottle and a tyre and generally amused the crowds of delighted onlookers but he did seem bored and it's so sad to see that. his enclosure definitely needs to be larger. the cats were lovely but again they were bored and pacing up and down...they need more space and an environment more like their natural habitat. there's a very good aquarium with some excellent species and the repile house is also excellent...some great crocodiles! the farm is also fun, great for kids to touch the many pigs, goats and geese etc. the guinea pigs were lovely, however they do need hay to eat as well as fresh fruit and veg. maybe they had just eaten it all! the zoo has lovely flora and vegetation. ten out of ten for their gardeners. the gift shop was also ok. all the usual things to buy and not too expensive. all in all a great day out and very enjoyable.

    language Review by Frankie
    Pretty good zoo with a wide range of animals and an aquarium

    The zoo has an impressive collection of animals, including some you've probably not seen before. All the usual suspects are here, elephants, giraffe, lion, gorilla, chimps etc. but they also have stuff like manatees, giant tortoises, mandrills and a fairly good aquarium. The zoo is set in spacious grounds, and they appear to be extending it. Mostly the animals appear to be kept in reasonable conditions, but the polar bear enclosure and the hippo tank were way too small, and the polar bears in particular were exhibiting repetetive behaviour, which was sad to see. Overall though, well worth a visit.

    language Review by Sam
    One of the best zoos I've ever seen!!!

    As an animal lover, when ever I travel to a major city that has a zoo, I make a point of visiting it. I was a little leery about visiting this zoo because I heard the words 'old', 'small', and 'cramped' to descibe it. I was pleasantly surprised. It's huge!!! I saw animals here that I've never seen any where else. The animals quarters all looked clean and comfortable and the animals all looked healthy and content. They are in the process of expanding it, too!!! Well worth it!!! Give yourself a whole afternoon.

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