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Visitor reviews Anne Frank House
Visitor reviews Anne Frank House

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    language Review by keith may
    tear jerking

    i went to anne franks house. i found it overwhelming at the end. very emotional. keith...canada

    language Review by drumdemon44
    a must see historical site in amsterdam

    the anne frank house was interesting and very informative. my only suggestion would be to visit during the week, if you try to visit on the weekend look for at least an hour if not more to wait to get in. the tour is quick and informative. at the very end they have the orignal diary on display, it is cool to see a part of history that has had an effect on so many lives.

    language Review by birdman

    you know, i read the book. i was touched. i've even seen the movie. i just thought it was so much smaller! i know it had to be hard to keep quiet all that time, but i know plenty of people living in more cramped situations in nyc.

    language Review by collin creev

    anne franks house was very interesting and was a very enkoyable visit. it was fantastic looking at the swing out bookcase and then actually going to where the two familys were actually based

    language Review by marianne kuiper milks
    group reacts

    we - two adults and a group of american middle and high school students from a small town in pennsylvania - visited the anne frank house as an important stop during our summer journey through europe. everyone was interested, impressed by the reality of what we saw and read. (all had to read the diary prior to our trip) several of us were moved to tears. one boy couldn't stand it and had to leave, appalled by what we people can do to one-another. afterward we sat on the benches along the canal, staring up at the house, munching our lunch in deep silence. that evening all 15 of us had some really great discussions. what a moving, rue-ful and truthful experience.

    language Review by ian. denise & melissa
    moving experience

    hi all. just returned from amsterdam. have just visited the anne frank house with my family. my partner, daughter and myself all thought it was a very moving experience. the experience moved us to realise how lucky we are to live in a democracy to follow our chosen lifestyles. mind you with the number of people in the building it did become very hot.

    language Review by sheldon sagan

    many years ago when the anne frank house opened to the public we had the privilege of touring. everything was intact and the house was not crowded. you were able to take your time and absorb the experience. i did not see a dry eye in the building. i didn't realize that i was capable of the feelings that occurred.the memory still brings a tear to my eye. shel sagan

    language Review by simon
    spend some time here

    we visited during february. short queue. i was not sure what to expect, what i didn't expect at all was how moved i would be. i have tried to get my teenage kids to read some of anne's diary but to no avail. one day hopefully they will so that they can see what suffering is really all about.

    language Review by irish visitor
    an experience thats starts you thinking

    we were lucky, during an afternoon visit in march, no queues. did find the missing furniture/artifacts a distraction at the start(but realise at peak times space would be limited),but just listening to the people walk slowly on the floor above me and i could imagine what it was like for the families as they lived there. couldnt imagine me living there with my children and getting them to sit still, let alone be quiet. after many years passing since i read the book it brought it all back.....left me asking myself many questions and apprieciating the good life i have!

    language Review by gld
    very moving experience!

    a very moving experience! reading and seeing how a young girl and her family suffered during the war.

    language Review by arthur
    rip off

    queued to get in, queued to get out.

    language Review by a Visitor
    another 'don't miss'

    such a rush to read the diary before i went, and then go there - i can't imagine a 14-year old having to go through such horrible things. luckily, i didn't have to deal with crowds. i went first thing in the morning on a weekday. eerie experience.

    language Review by ade
    go late

    i passed by here one evening & there were no queues - not a soul, & in the middle of summer too. earlier that day, the queues went around the corner, but no-one seems to go at night. having said that, i didn't go in.

    language Review by shiv
    an unforgettable experience

    anne frank house is a must see in amsterdam. go first thing in the morning to beat the crowds as much as possible. if you go during the school year there will undoubtably be school groups. sometimes (as kids do) they rush past so just let them pass you and take your time going through the exhibit. it is so moving and makes the events of wwii and the jewish experience very real. the most moving part for me was the end and learning what happened to anne frank's father and how her diary ended up being published.

    language Review by crystal marie
    once and a life-time experience.

    line was stacked up by noon. but is was well worth the wait. i never thought it would hit me the way it hit me. it was a wonderful experience for me to see the house she was hiding in. i have nothing bad to say about it. it put me in awe!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    very crowded in the dead of winter

    i waited in line for a long time. it was cold outside. inside it was warm but very crowded, so crowded that it was hard to see things at my pace. it was hard to envisage the tragedy of the place, given that the focus was on their living quarters, and that my focus was on dealing with the crowds. more than anything else my mind kept returning to the thought that the franks must have had to have been very, very quiet. save your euros, and go to the portuguese synagogue instead. even if you are not jewish, you will be given a yamulka (sp?) to wear. i promise you will feel god's presence in that grand old building which has absorbed the energy of centuries of prayers. you will understand the horror of persecution and you will understand he loves us all nonetheless.

    language Review by kelly & lindsay
    it was good

    not was it so good it was grrrreeeeeaaaatttt!!!!! i am so glad that you made this website for me to see!!!! thank you very much for your kindnessssss.....i think that the anne frank house is a perfect place for all to see...let alone a perfect vacation spot!!

    language Review by a Visitor

    i can't believe how the place cam alive when you walked through the door.

    language Review by jimmy t
    cool but not worth a majorly long wait

    better than expected. even in the dead of the low season we had a 30 minute wait outside (cold) because they only let so many through at once. a quality and informative museum but i would not wait several hours for this place as many do in the summer unless you are extremely interested in the holocaust.

    language Review by dena
    very moving experience

    i have been to the anne frank musuem and found it to be a spiritually moving experience. you could feel it all around you and it does make you think about all the events and how they happened. and it makes you think that it could happen again and to try and not let anything like that happen again. i will go back every time i go to amsterdam. i am glad that they are preserving it as they are so people will see exactly how all of the events transpired.

    language Review by justin time
    excellent for everyone to enjoy.

    im not very big on history and museums but the anne frank house is more than that.being able to walk through the house is like going back in time.an excllent experience with the white widow in tow.

    language Review by andy
    a brilliant museum.

    this museum is brilliantly set out. it is clearly set out, concise and has the right amount of content to enable one to appreciate the horrors faced by the family. a truly moving experience and the best museum we have visited.

    language Review by Monica
    A must see...

    ...but be sure to arrive early. The lines go 'round the block by midday.

    language Review by William R. Ray
    Absolutely the one place you can't miss.

    Do not travel to Amsterdam without seeing this wonderful house exhibit. Much of the house is as it was in 1945 and the layout is perfect for taking the visitor back to that time. The Anne Frank House is perhaps the closest thing to experiencing Nazi occupation available in the world today. There were no dry eyes in the museum while I as there. Do not miss it.

    language Review by elizabeth scotland

    My husband and i visited the museum and found it well presented, i was overwhelmed by what i felt going through the rooms and eventually when i saw the pictures anne had glued on the wall, when i read her fathers first letter i was upset, my eyes filled up, i could not read the others as i also have two daughters that i left behind when we took our trip to amsterdam, the nice thing was i knew i would return to mine, annes dad could not. a truly emotional experience.

    language Review by Dave from Virginia, USA
    What is nationalism?

    The first part of the museum, going through the old house, is thought provoking and very moving. It connects you with the time, the danger, and the reality of the lives of these families. Things you may have read about or seen in a movie about the apartment are now real in front of your eyes, where they riskily watched out the window, the places the floor creaked, the secret entrance. Now it is no longer a movie to you it is real, a part of your memory....But the museum is not over - there is another section that is a modern multimedia presentation of events leading up to the Halocaust. The spectre of nationalism is shown in its inoccuous forms as a present day Scot (and others) brags about the best inventions being Scottish, musing where would the world be without the Scots, the greatest people on earth. Increasingly hostile and self righteous videos are showing the ugly pride of nationalism - the one that stuck with me the most was, I believe, an anti-Hungarian riot in Belarus in 1995 or 6. People beating ethnic Hungarians to death, ganging up on an innocent paserby or shopowner dragging him into the street and beating him with lumber and bricks. Nationalism exists still, may always exist. This museum gets you to thnk about the power of it, to ask yourself why this must be so. If you are a flag waving yahoo from the US you may only see an empty house.

    language Review by Geoff Cooper
    Highlight of Amsterdam.

    Most moving experience of my life. Not to be missed. very well presented with easy to read 'sound bites' all around the museum. Incredible to see recordings of her father and people who helped her at the time. Very reasonable entry price with excellent coffee shop.

    language Review by Just your average American

    All you knuckleheads who see this as just another emptyhouse, you need not read on............................................ For the vast majority of others in our human race, this is must see. This is one of the most easily seen exhibits to witness Man's brutality to Man first hand. Dont forget that the Nazis and their willing participants/public were/are not the only peoples who have committed heinous acts of discrimination and violent against humanity. See Slavery in the US and other EuroNations...The Dutch East India Company...See it...One love,one heart...Lets get together and feel allright. Bob Marley

    language Review by a Visitor

    anyone want a tour of an empty house, do yourself a favour go to an estate agent.

    language Review by Josh
    Do yourself a favor & check it out

    A tear-jerker for sure, but also engaging enough that it doesn't feel like the usual compulsory museum-duty at all. It's obvious a lot of money & thought went into the exhibition...very impressive and more informative than I ever would have guessed. I'm confused by some of these reviews, though. Not enough info? You mean the rooms full of videos, text & visual displays, interactive multimedia, and browsing library/cafe didn't do it for ya? You must be writing a dissertation. Not many visitors? Hmm. I was there on a weekday in the off-season, and we had to wait in line outside the building for a half hour. Come to Amsterdam, smoke lots of weed, but don't miss this. Puts your own troubles in perspective, plus it's a genuinely valuable experience so you can go home with the feeling you didn't JUST come here to goof off.

    language Review by Carl K.
    Glad I visited it but

    I agree with a earlier reviewer who was surprised how few artifacts were left. Its almost like the museum was built for masses of people to come in and out. I visited it at 5 oclock and there were only about 6 or 7 other people there besides me. Maybe because it was so empty (both of visitors and furniture etc.) , but it seemed surprising how much room there was. I had always had the impression on how cramped and tight it was. I realize when you are cooped up, any place gets tight but the amount of room would make many a big New York family be jealous. It was a incredible reminder of the terrible Holocaust and how mystifying people can do such terrible things to whole groups of people.

    language Review by Andrea Turrell
    Totally emotional experience - well worth the time

    This museum communicated the experience of a 14 year old girl completely. I felt as if Ann and her family were really there. My 14 year old daughter is studying 20th century for her GCSE History. There are not many things that modern 14 years old's will admit to being moved by ...but this was one of them. The enormity of the story was really too much for my 10 year old though. Highly recommended for all except the under 11's

    language Review by bertold

    It was ok but i would have liked more information

    language Review by petra

    I can't find words to describe my feelings, but it's great.

    language Review by Sam
    Very Moving

    I was brought to tears at one point. They did an excellant job of bringing you through the house room by room, intertwining a history of events: in the first room you learn of the Franks before they go into hiding and when you end up in the last room, the war is over.

    language Review by Mark
    A model of a museum of this nature: simple and all the more powerful for it.

    Undoubtedly a powerful subject done justice. Anne's life (and death) is woven poignantly into the account of the Holocaust, concluding with a good selection of current thinking on the period and its relevance for today. Some may think it lacks weight, but to my mind the level of information provided is just right to ensure that the visitor leaves having been able to take in the human implications without being overwhelmed by historic detail - and there's good references for further reading, etc. The most thought-provoking museum in Amsterdam to see. Excellent.

    language Review by Charlie
    Marketed on your conscience

    Sorry to dissemble, but I was astonished by the emptiness of the museum - many of the original items have been removed, there is no association of the Franks' lives with those of the wider Jewish community, and no perspective or given relevance to the broader historical context of ghettoism. It seemed to us that the exhibition had been sanitised and translated into material suitable only to children, with a corresponding emotional relevance. I went out of interest and left feeling I'd fulfilled an obligation. Definitely a tourist trap, however famous and worthy of rememberance.

    language Review by Bill Baumann
    Great Place

    This is one of the best places to see in A'dam. Although you cannot take any pictures, it is something you will never forget. To see what these people went through will make you think real hard about how lucky you are!! Well worth the line to get in.

    language Review by kat

    I think the Anne Frank house is interesting to lean about. I never really realized what they went though. My school has been going though a 40's unit, and learning about Anne Frank. This is my favorite unit of the whole school year.

    language Review by selenia

    I' m Selenia, i have eleven years and i'm reading the 'Anne Frank' s diary', i find it very important because we must remember that awful things. bye bye Selenia

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