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Visitor reviews Vak Zuid
Visitor reviews Vak Zuid

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    language Review by mike rebera
    decadence rules!!!

    if you want to see more of amsterdam then just the red light district and the coffeeshops, this is probably the best place to go. although it's not that cheap, it's worth a visit. vakzuid (pronounced as fuck soud..) is located in the former olympic stadium, ten minutes from the leidseplein. to get there you should take a taxi. the best evening is probably friday night when all the chique people of amsterdam geather around in this bar/restaurant/lounge. the restaurant serves great food and has a large choice of wines. together with a friend we paid 130 guilders ($50)for the dinner and a bottle of wine. the waitress was cute. the best thing that you can do is eat in the restaurant first and then mingle with the locals (didn't know there were so many goodlooking chicks in amsterdam). the music is ok and after 10 people start dancing. the doormen were friendly and that's not usual in amsterdam. it is custom in holland to tip the doormen when you go out and these guys deserved it. one of them, i think his name was tamir, even introduced us to some nice girls, for which i stil need to thank him. dress up if you go here.

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