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Visitor reviews Supperclub
Visitor reviews Supperclub

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    language Review by a Visitor
    no, do not go. long past its prime

    we went on a busy saturday night when the place was packed. the entire evening cost us 100 euros each (60 euros plus drinks), which is shockingly expensive. the 'entertainment' consisted only of a dj (average) and a woman who came out and sang two songs. two songs! that was it over the course of 4 hours. the food was mediocre at best, and usually so rich that we might as well have been eating salted cream. what the fuck? it's clear that this place was once interesting and just is not into it anymore. the staff was rude to everyone and seemed as bored as we were. i couldn't wait to leave and if i'd been slightly braver i would have considered stiffing them and sneaking out.

    language Review by gary walsh
    a great evening out!!

    the reality of being in the supperclub is so different from hearing about it.i am a restaurant manager myself and was intrigued to see how this concept worked. i had been told by several people that i had to go and here is what i found..... we were directed down into a red bar area at first. here we were all able to order drinks and then sit with our dinner companions in a white space listening to chilled sounds until all the diners have arrived. at about eight o clock we were then ushered upstairs into the main room. the effect of entering this high white room is exciting as it is unconventional. where you expect to find tables and chairs, you discover deep soft 'beds' that you splay out on after removing your shoes. taking our shoes off made us feel like we were at home- a deliberate policy no doubt. the food had been decided by the chef so the options were vegetarian or meat/fish. the five courses came at smooth intervals and were all delicious. i have read here and elsewhere about the paucity of the portions but several of my friends had to skip one course near the end as they were so full. the staff are all very professional and friendly. our waiter was lovely and made sure we were ok for everything. the music was great too and suited the ambience perfectly. we were celebrating two birthdays and all agreed that this was a great venue for this kind of event.there are raised platforms running along both sides of the room. we were on the upper level so had a great view of what everyone else was up to. the seating was well done as the couples and smaller groups were seated away from the larger groups. we ended up paying about 80 euros each but as we were there from 8 until 2, we all felt it was good value for money! i will go back again and would recommend the supperclub highly.

    language Review by supperclub?? more like sufferc
    horrible! horrible! horrible!

    a long, drawn out, boring evening with terribly rude and abrupt service. miniscule portions of food spaced out over a period of 5 hours with not enough entertainment provided to keep you awake till the end of your meal. poorly organized! if the idea of eating out of an ashtray for desert or having some ignorant waiter throw napkins and a rubber glove at you then this place would be perfect for you. unfortunately i felt i was cheated of what supposed to be a very good evening. very disappointing!!! don't waste your time or your well-earned money on a place that shows no respect for their guests.

    language Review by a Visitor
    exclusive but relaxed

    i went here on saturday and the only thing i say is that the ambiance is extremely relaxed. you can watch beatiful people all the time, the waiters aren't of the type that you can find in a normal restaurant. it is terrific food combined with entertainment. on saturdays, don't go to the bar afterwards but stay in the restaurant!! if you'll go to the bar it might ruin your 'cloud 9-state' in which you are after this terrific meal... it is too crowded down at the bar.

    language Review by armbar
    the most incredible dinning experience...

    all i can say is wow. although a bit pricey, the experience is worth every guilder of it. 'dinner' lasted 5 hours and not once did i want to leave. the food itself, a 5 course meal, was very good and the setting was incredible. lying on matresses beats sitting at a table by far. not to be missed

    language Review by a Visitor
    dinner, theatre? you decide.

    the supper club is a celebration of the fine dining experience. therefore, some of you may wish to get a pizza before/after, although everyone will enjoy the various entertainments. dress to impress. this place is trendy enough that they ripped it off in miami.

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