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Visitor reviews Front Page

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    language Review by greekdoc

    as if they didn't make enough money from the coffee !! are you crazy ? i support dogbreath on this one ! this does not have to be tolerated !

    language Review by mikel
    in response to dogbreath

    in response to dogbreath's review, i feel i must make a case for front page - i''ve been here a few times (see my reviews below) & found the place fine - near to cs with good smoke. not the best place to hang around in as it's quite small & the decor's not the best. people who know this place come to purchase, then take their toke to the larger bar/cafe across the road (& under the same name) where you can smoke yr own. i would never walk into a coffeshop the size of a postage stamp & expect to be allowed to skin up without buying anything - it's not a cafeteria - selling hash is their business & it's how they make money. you only have to buy a gram or a joint to keep them happy...tell me , try going into pubs & bring your own alcohol from another pub & see what kind of reaction you get. if you want to smoke yr own, go somewhere big & touristy where no-one will notice (or give a shit!)

    language Review by a Visitor

    why you wouldn't let people buy a drink and smoke your stuff that you purchased somewhere else is beyond me. very unfriendly even before that he knew we weren't buying anything. it's for sure i will not buy anything if i can't just sit and chill a bit.

    language Review by dogbreath
    unwelcome and rude service

    i stopped into the coffee shop area one winter evening with two other grey haired colleages. we simply wanted to have some coffees and relax, have a smoke, and did not need to purchase any weed since we were well stocked. we were ignored then eventually given the boot, being told one must buy weed (in addition to coffee) if one wanted to stay there. see ya buddy, there are too many other coffee shops in amsterdam to tolerate such arrogant attitudes. avoid this place.

    language Review by roger the hobbit
    good smoke alright

    i dunno about yer man below, but i find this place a little dark & pokey in a fairly ugly side street - the bonus is thst it's close to cs & sells good stuff, so you don't have to walk down as far as dutch flowers, tweede, kandinskys to get yer first good smoke. the staff are friendly enough too.

    language Review by ofanotherworld
    Best Coffeeshop to relax

    I have been there several times and found it quiet and nice...not only good smoke but great coffee also...A great place to sit and relax with a good window view of passing peoples going about daily life...It was also the first coffeeshop that I visited and glad it was...Best place to get great smoke with friendly service...Still have their calling card after all these years...Look forward to going back...

    language Review by Steve
    Chill out

    I'v been to the front page more times then I can remember!! Nice place to relax in durning a bit of shopping. Only thing is after you have a nice smoke, and the pretty girl serving talks and jokes with you as if you were the only tourist in town today. Very small coffee shop (probably the smallest in adam) but good spot for good hash. good base for meeting friends.

    language Review by MARK O
    Taste the best before the rest.

    I have visited the FRONT page on loads of occasions,and i rate their quility amongst the best i have tasted. The FRONT PAGE is the first coffeeshop that i visit when i reach Amsterdam.

    language Review by nguyen tuan khai
    My favourite coffeshop in Amsterdam!

    I have visited fews times Amsterdam to find the coffeshop where the quality (taste, effect, touch, view) is the highest. I would like know if there are some others coffeshop as good as the Front Page in Amsterdam.

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