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Visitor reviews Rusland
Visitor reviews Rusland

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    language Review by a Visitor
    rusland is fabulous

    this coffee shop is first rate, no matter whether it is the oldest or not. it may in fact be the oldest, and if it is, it is still around for a reason. that reason may be the friendly service, the chill atmosphere, the good music, the glass gallery or the gear. this was my first stop last weekend on a four day trip, and it set the tone for a wonderful stay in mokum. i miss rusland, but i will always have the memories. it is an short interesting and invigorating walk from dam square, please do yourself the favor of visiting this shop.

    language Review by hammer
    first licensed shop

    i believe that they were the first licensed shop. you are correct about the theehuis. i still love the rusland. my experiences there go back to summer of 75, and i still go back.i love the atmosphere and friendly and pretty girls behind the bar. lots of eye candy! good selection of teas and drinks.

    language Review by a Visitor
    not the first!

    literature has shown that the very first coffeeshop(present meaning) is not 'rusland', but 'mellow yellow' (started in 1972, now it does not longer exist), altough it was called 'teahouse' instaid of coffeeshop. i know, who cares, just a little fact...

    language Review by a Visitor
    great shop!

    love this shop! friendly staff, the best selection of tea ever (you should try the 'hibiscus') and a warm ambiance!!!!!! hope to come back much more times! love

    language Review by seouleast
    nice place......as always!

    peter, the dealer, was about to close on my first night there, but helped me make some nice selections on blond hash. they also carry some very nice glass pieces, too. what a friendly place it was. gear is a bit above average. oh, and by the way, they close at midnight now. peace ya'll!

    language Review by jen
    rusland is a great place !!

    i just came back from amsterdam. rusland coffeshop is the best! the staff is excellent and friendly. jen from nyc

    language Review by a Visitor

    this place was nice, it had lots of sitting space and they did make the best milkshake i had during my entire coffeeshop tour. the gear was pre packaged but it was still very good.

    language Review by paul mccandless

    great staff, great place. very user friendly for those of us who are not regular smokers. can't wait to get back.

    language Review by bazmeister
    nice coffeeshop, nice decor, nice tunes.

    playing mostly chilled-out, laid-back house music, and decked out in really nice (and comfy) wooden benches with big cushions, the ruslad is definatley a place to enjoy a smoke. friendly staff, decent smoke. recommended.

    language Review by tj chronic
    good people and great smoke

    as most people stated it is real convienent to the raddisson. i was able to sample 3 different types when i went. i was there in late december 02. i sampled the ak47, which was a real stong weed, real tuff on the throat. i also tried the white widow, this was a real tasty smoke, but my favorite as was most people who went the was the : santa maria. i been smoking chronic cali bud for years and i have to say the bud in amsterdam is by far the best there is and real cheap. all the bags are 12 eros(basically 12 dollars) depending on the weed you want is how much you get. ak=1.6 santa maria=1.9 etc...... i visited about 5 different coffee shops and the service and smoke were the best at the rusland.

    language Review by ganjamaven
    a good choice

    while staying at the radisson this was an obviously convenient choice. not even i could get lost returning to my hotel. however,i soon realized that it was not just convenience that led to my repeated visits. there were enough small spaces in the coffeeshop so i always had a place to sit and there were outdoor tables which enhanced the experience. the weed was ok. tried the bioafghan after being assured it was only afghan seeds and not actually imported.the red/orange hair was a little better but harsher to smoke. people (workers and customers)were quite friendly and generally enhanced a positive experience.

    language Review by lasthamlet
    first shop by default...

    this would actually be the first coffeeshop in a'dam. not only does it licensee say #001 but by the fact that wernard sold the mellow yellow, that would of, at that point made it a different establishment. therefore relinguishing the 'first' title to next in line, that being rusland. my wife and i stopped in the very nice rusland coffeeshop, it is of good size, several different room areas, nice and friendly staff. a very good and complete menu of ghanja and hash. the toastis were good as well, we had a good lunch there one day as well. my wife bought a rusland t-shirt. they also have scuff hash or as it is really called tricimones. or as i like to call it the frost of the plant.

    language Review by skyhigh420
    great place, nice glass selection!! check it out

    good prices, comfy place nice people, good drinks. they have some really nice glass, some of the best in adam, and other stuff like grinders. check it out worth a visit

    language Review by snowwolf
    terrific coffeeshop with great atmosphere.

    i traveled to amsterdam in the early jan of 02 and statyed at the radisson sas. rusland coffeeshop was right across the street and proofed to be extremely convenient. the people who worked there were friendly and the quality of their products were great. i enjoyed the 'power plant' a lot and the music was good. i felt relaxed for just being there and other customers were friendly too. i am looking forward to visit rusland again hopefully in the near future.

    language Review by mike
    falling buddhas!!!!???

    after a few tokes in here i began to wonder where the fallen buddha (see review below) was - at 6ft2' & 350lbs i reckoned he wouldn't be hard to miss. i asked the guy at the counter & he reckoned that if that cunt fell on you, you wouldn't be seeing very much again (apart from yr brains splattered on the ground) - fun bloke, nice place.

    language Review by fallen_buddha
    no cold war here

    i found rusland on my first walk from the hotel Doelen to the redlight district and stopped in, their snowy white was sweet and sticky, and theyhad wonderful cocoa. the blonde hash was very nice, one of the few shops with quality blonde. the seating area was rather comfortable, and at 6'2' 350 lbs that is saying alot, one of the few coffee shops you can stretch out in. i will definitley be back again and again.

    language Review by Donna Russ
    A Hidden Treasure

    I recently spent a week in Amsterdam for the first time. But what I can truly say is it will not be my last. My husband and I stayed across the street at the Radisson SAS Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel it was still too early to check in, so we decided to explore the city a little. After a brief walk we came back and sat across the street at the Rusland at one of the outdoor tables. The owner served up some of the best coffee I have ever had and the Blonde hash was great. We also had the pleasure of the resident cat 'Rambo' for company. I spent every morning I was there at the Rusland. I will definitely be returning Amsterdam and staying at the Radisson just so I can be right across the street from the most comfortable coffeeshop I found in Amsterdam. If you visit Amsterdam make sure you also visit the Rusland. I know I will!

    language Review by BigJohn420
    Great Prices On Slammin Buds

    I stayed across the street at the radisson and went to rusland everyday of my week there. They have a great staff and the guy never complained when I asked to see each bud one at a time. They also have a nice bright lamp at the counter so you can check out the quality before you buy. A scale is also built into the counter and they weigh it right in front of you. I thought there buds were a good deal--the skunk was great and you get over 2 grams(no need to get ripped off at the greenhouse). Lots of bongs to use too and the place is real big (by coffeshop standards). DEfinately phat!!!

    language Review by BB
    Rusland - Coffeshop 001

    Like it says on the green and white sign on the window its Coffeeshop #001. Very friendly place with a very good selection and a knowledgable staff. Good music and great coffee, large selection of teas, but no spacecake. Stop in if you are in the neighborhood by all means.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Rusland Coffee Shop, A Great Dutch Treat!

    I visit Amsterdam once a year, and the Rusland Coffee Shop...001, is the best! Not very touristy, even though across the street from a major 5 star hotel. Nice ambience, with friendly Dutch locals and a great selection of hash! Keep up the good work and I look forward to my next trip in the autumn!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    The best grass for a very nice price in Amsterdam

    I go to the Rusland quite a lot of times and I am convinced that their grass-menu is the best. I just love the Bio-Skunk or even more the Afghan Bud. The Rusland is one of the few places, where you don't pay too much and you get a good stuff. The service is quite Dutch, but very friendly, and the place is very nice to relax, especially during the summertime, when they have also tables outside. It's a quiet place, close to tourism, but not too close.

    language Review by a Visitor
    top deals-top service

    ive visted the rusland many times the are good people and and top equipment that ensures good prices on your puchase,and just accross the street from a classy hotel-and its does not even feel like a tourist area....ct,california

    language Review by a Visitor

    realy good service,people,and nice to visit as a toerist.its close to C.S.(15min walking)

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