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Visitor reviews 1e Hulp
Visitor reviews 1e Hulp

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    language Review by Sir Ian of Tokesville. from United Kingdom
    It isn't where the tourists is........

    Read the first review and my experiences with this shop are totally at odds with their findings, so I thought I should add my 2 cents worth.... Firstly ..handsome and practical coffeeshop with Morrocan styling on 3 levels ...basement with comfy settee and armchairs...inside door area with counter / T.V / tables and seats...upstairs rear window seating area for larger party and balcony area to lower main shop area. Hash and weed are limited to two excellent hashes (cream and Royal cream morrocan pollen) and two fine weeds ( the weed used to make the hash). Combined with a fresh coffee you won't need for more. However, if you have 'wares' on you from another coffeshop, Ask the budtender if you can buy some weed / hash from him and also smoke what you bought elsewhere. He should tell you this is o.k.I have never had a problem but I have always made sure i bought something and asked first. Just a tip. Ambience very good for newspaper and book reading, or quiet talking amongst friends. Some days there is a large crowd of local Morrocan boys watching an Amsterdam, Dutch or Morrocan football match, which can be lively and fun.. especially if you like football At other times its mostly music MTV. Never had any problem from the locals... Once they have assured themselves that I am not fair game for any anti-tourist prodding and once they have loosened up, they know how to be friendly and there is a lot of smiling. It is afterall their shop, but the bartender/s has always made me feel comfortable and safe. If you want the tourist vibe then this is not the shop for you. If you want to hear Dutch and Morrocan and French spoken and want to feel part of real Amsterdam then this the place to be. I have been using this shop for 10 years for visits and have often dropped in on a Sunday when I have asked to watch a F1 race on the TV or handed the bartender a CD to listen to which has been fine. In fact it is one of my favourite Sunday coffeeshops. Food ? Well there is none bar candy but the Bartenders have always been happy to order a cab and make a recomendation (esp Morrocan)and a reservation at a resturant for us. Key to sucess with Erste Hulp (First Aid) is enter like you know you are in the right place, but don't start to act like you are going to own the joint. Do not expect more than 2 hashes and two weeds,( they are all good)..

    language Review by tourist from Finland
    Unkind, unfriendly stuff

    Yes, I was a stupid beginner and ignorent. For the first time in A´dam. I didn´t know, that the first thing to do after stepping in, should have been to ask for the menu or to buy something... What a terrible mistake I made, when I did not! The guy there began to yell at me instead of to give me some advice. Tried to calm him down by telling I didn´t understand the reason for his aggression. As it didn´t help, I went out, but the guy followed me yellin´on at me all the fifteen meters as I kept on walking away. By by, the seventh hell - forever!

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