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Visitor reviews Abraxas
Visitor reviews Abraxas

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    language Review by The Travellin' Irishman from Ireland
    Sweet as a nut!

    I made Abraxas a must see on my tour of The Dam last weekend. Decor - really nice. Pre-Rolled joints - I already had 4 bags of weed, so didn't want to purchase any more. Instead I got two, pre-rolled joints of "Pure". Very nice tokes I must say. The pre-rolls aren't going to compare to a self made joint, but they're not bad. The staff in here were really nice and the music, mostly chilled out world music fare was absolutely apt. I'll be back.

    language Review by ron from USA

    Busy! I was in a hurry & bought a pre-packaged doob. It sucked ass! Through it out after 4 hits!

    language Review by eryl from United Kingdom
    Chilled out groovey.

    Good service all round. Spent time using internet, drinking coffe and getting stoned, yeah man. Enjoyed listening to Macy Gray and all. just finished me muffin, lovely jublee. Worth a visit.

    language Review by Seneca from USA
    Abraxas is the place to go!

    I was in Abraxas twice this month on my vacation, and I have to say it is one of my favorite 'coffeeshops' in all of Centrum. The "Desert Storm" was the only grass that got me ripped(hash is a different story!). I see why they call it the "Desert Storm"! It made me take my scarf and jacket off after just one hit! I also enjoyed the fact that they allowed their guests to use their bongs. The jailer was very helpful in helping me pick out a nice "up" grass. If you ever get the opportunity to stop by Abraxas in Centrum......you better take yourself up on the offer.

    language Review by a Visitor
    too touristy

    yep its gone from being a top quality coffeeshop to only caring about the tourist euro, shame!!

    language Review by d
    the venue

    abraxas is my favourite cafe in amsterdam. been that way for a few years now, i pretty much only smoke a few strains of weed when i am in dam and i only go for the strong shit. i smoked a spliff of the hawaian haze (9e/gram) the flavour was cris, real heavy sativa taste...the smell was potent and so i went back copped another 2gs, the dealer told me he only smokes the same haze as the quality is consistent....apparently one old guy grows it for abraxas only and he don't shake it. check it on the microscope at the counter. to be honest the rest of the menu is shit...nothing caught my eye. that hawaian is similar in taste smell to amnesia haze but it kicks like mk ultra. the atmosphere is good, seating is real comfortable, drinks were good but a tiny bit expensive...the decor makes up for it...the barmaids were good to look at thru my red eyes, went in there yammed a box of shrooms and had the cute blonde one checking up on me all night make sure i was cool....come to abraxas, i'll fight you for your seat

    language Review by kelly mix, usa
    totally positive feedback

    went to amsterdam in october '04, and had a blast!! i researched a bit prior to the trip, and learned about abraxas that way. so the very first morning in town, i headed straight to it, with my handy map in hand. walking in, you're hit with the sweetest smoke, all so much better than the crap here in the states. went to the bar, and looked over the menu. the people seemed friendly, and very patient. i bought some buddahs sister, and that was so tasty, and an excellent, mellow buzz. took the rest with me, as i only neede a few hits to really feel it. to help with the jet lag that night, i bought some ak-47 'to go'. it put me right out, and i got caught up on all my sleep. abraxas rules. the interior design is awesome, all curves, and soft lines. the spiral stairs are tight, but getting to the top floor is worth the risk. i'm willing to bet that you could sit on the top floor, and not buy any weed, and still get high as all that smoke rises. if you ever get to amsterdam, and you should, this should be a must stop. a+++++++++

    language Review by foggy
    one of santana's best albums

    very nice, relaxed coffeeshop. i expected it to be more touristy, but who was i to talk? i was a tourist myself! never made it upstairs as it was too crowded, but managed to score a nice table next to the window. purchased some orange dream weed which was splendid. then we all had some easter space shakes. the shakes were very tasty, but i wan't sure how strong they were. after all, we were out of our minds when we walked in and likewise when we walked out. so, it could have been the grass, hash or the space shakes, but more than likely a variety of all 3. i highly recommend this place. i just wish i were back right now.

    language Review by birdman
    super duper stupor

    man, this place is one of the top coffeshops and a must visit anytime i am there. great location, great weed/hasj menu, no alcohol (but i don't drink or care), music's ok. but it has a great decor and four floors! you can easily takeover an area with a bunch.

    language Review by kirk caldy
    very pleasant atmosphere

    from what i rememeber this was a lovely cs. i asked for 2 pre-rolled (with tabac) ak-47s and was given 2 unmarked 'pop-packets' with the produce inside them and warned it was very strong. well i don't know about strong but they were seriously rough on my throught and won't be getting purchased again. will go back though....

    language Review by nicole from italy
    a very good coffeeshop!

    i have been to abraxas something like 10 times and always had a good time!the girls in the bar were friendly and the place is really good!big and cool!at the third floor you can also see a marijuana plant growing right in front of you!probably the best coffeeshop in a'dam.the weed is not that bad,but in some places you can find a better one(central coffeeshop!!).in fact,abraxas is my favourite cooffeeshop!

    language Review by mike green
    great place

    staff is a bit rude but gear was great. white widow was killer and space shakes were out of this world. will definitly make this my first stop again.

    language Review by robert bolske
    i dont smoke dope..

    i wanted to go into a coffie shop, just to say i was in one.so i went in to abraxis. //lots of stoners, really quiet, sweet smoke brought back memories. //i ordered tea. checked out the pot menu, bought three buds. carried it around in my back pack, until some pissed off dutch lady smelled it, and started shouting at me in some strange language...( how do you say, 'you dirty doper in dutch?')took the bud of, orange bud, and drank the entire thing in tea, so to help me sleep. slept good ! woke up paranoid, and brain white. met a sexy french girl, couldnt talk to her.////oh wait, this is a review of abraxis! nice place three stories, the american kids on floor 2 saw me and booked out of the place as i look like an la cop !??? god i love amsterdam. when people ask, i tell them i am american, but in my heart, i am a dutchman !

    language Review by bryan
    abraxis coffeeshoppe rules !!!!

    come on stoners: admit it: there is really no other place in holland as nice as this place is... if there is: i dont know about it ..and i've been to plenty. utrecht sucks and a-dam rules, and yes this is a real review. i was at the abraxis last night: 05 dec 03.. take y/ time to check out the cut-stained glass and mirrors on the 1st floor ! ! ! a-dam's hottest girls work there: yow-za they're cute ! and they work their asses off too... music is great (most of the time) drinks and coffee real good and reasonable... there's no rush... you really feel like its a first class place and they try real hard, colorful interior, nice lighting, three floors.. whats not to like? most of the other coffeeshopes are dingy, crowded, and sleazy not this place... as far as weed goes: the brownies are a waste of time,,. go for their white widow (no tabac) it kicks ass; i really like this place .. its a blueprint for what coffeeshoppes should be as far as i;m concerned... bryan (usa)

    language Review by sea
    great place to check your email

    15 minutes free internet with your first drink. the two internet computers are right at the front of the shop,and not really comfy enough to stay at for much longer (besides, there are often others waiting to use them). good coffee, and the hasj brownies provided a mellow buzz for the flight home(they often sell out these, so shop early if you need them). pleasant staff and a cool vibe.

    language Review by trekknhil
    great place to do it all

    free internet with your first drink...make mine a hash milkshake! great chicks behind the bar. several floors to choose from. weed pretty good. very relaxed and cool. my fav.

    language Review by dogbreath
    a hidden but excellent coffeeshop

    close to de dam, but off the beaten path on an alley. nice vibes, friendly staff, very good weed menu. there is also a very good selection of space cakes.... brownies, muffins, chocolates, etc. this place has three floors, lots of room including couches to relax. only drawback are the chairs on the third floor... so tiny... they look and feel like they are designed for young kindergarden children. will make it a point to stop here on future trips.

    language Review by jonny
    nice little cotch!

    after a heavy weekend which involved visiting a handful of coffee shops i can honestly say that this one was the best. there is better hash and weed to be bought elsewhere however the menu was still good and every other aspect of this place was unsurpassed by anywhere else i visited. abraxas is large, bright, clean, comfortable, friendly and very chilled and i'll be heading there first on my next visit to dam!

    language Review by bear
    my new fave!

    it seems i am occaisionally changing my favorite place to 'establish base camp' and hang out while in the dam. it started with cum laude, went on to greenhouse centrum and has now switched to abraxas. i have to admit, i haven't begun to explore their menu but the layout of the place is superb. it large, airy and bright. three attributes in short supply at other shops. if only they'd put in a pinball machine and a few more internet terminals...

    language Review by craig kirk
    excellent coffee and superb skunk

    a little hard to find at first, but i had heard so much about it it just had to be found. good service at both the coffee end and the hash end. the pre-rolls weren't great but you could buy some really nasty stuff. its well worth a visit, trust me!!

    language Review by samson
    very good

    this place was set up very nice and had a extremely nice inside. yes they are fond of americans here ( thank god) especially the red head behind the bar. there shakes were excellent. the selection of bud was standard not too much on the list .abraxis was also a little hard to find ....guys this place is worth looking though.

    language Review by cardamone
    stoned dogs?

    well, never got to see them tokens.. anyhow, not that i wanted to spend my time on the internet there, with a bunch of friends. the stuff's good, the staff's ... well, one gal and the guys are really friendly, there is another girl who is kinda sour. overall i liked the place and will probably go back again. for getting stoned it's a perfect scene, where weird things won't seem weird, weird people won't affect you no more. and ain't this the ultimate goal?

    language Review by m1
    hottest girls in holland work here!

    nice place with 3 levels of seating. the two girls behind the counter were hot, hot, hot! i fell off the step while trying to order a hash coffee. nice free internet access, and comfortable seats on the second level. best in town, as far as i am concerend even without the girls! see you next time abraxas! m;1

    language Review by european
    very variable

    this shop is definitely worth a visit but it strongly depends on who works there if you have a good time or not. the first time we went there there was a brit girl behind the bar and a stoned dutch guy as the dealer that had also served me on my last visit a few months ago. they were both very, very friendly and we also got the free internet token with our coffee, the music was good and we took seats on the first floor. their maroc cream special was great but very short lived, the volume per gram is little, especially compared to super abraxas which was the exact opposite, the most volume per gram we got on hash ! yet super abraxas knocks you out and that sucks, if i want to sleep i take sleeping pills d: anyway the second time was a horror trip so we left as soon as we could. the dutch girl behind the bar was very unfriendly (even though i tipped her) and i had to ask for the internet tokens that come with the coffee and even then she just gave me one (note:the timers on the computers seem to be jinxed, we got different time amounts with every token we used) and the dutch asshole dealer was also very unfriendly. i was really stoned and wanted to play backgammon. so i go where they keep the chess and backgammon boards and search to find one. in all countries i have visited its perfectly ok to do so and take what you want as nobody will walk out with a huge board under his arm and not be discovered. so suddenly this guy starts shouting at me what i was doing and that i should first ask him for it (how should i know?as if there was a sign or something) and that i needed to give him my id or passport to borrow the board !! unheard of ! i offered my students id but he wanted a regular identification card or bank card !! insane ! >(

    language Review by satisfied from usa
    nice stop to hook up to internet and have a taste of the local fare.

    two internet terminals that were always available when we went in. we stayed in amsterdam 3 days and hooked up each day. great fruit jucie bar. lots of weed and hash choices, combined with very friendly help for a tourist city, make this a good choice to kick back and relax.

    language Review by whitedog
    free internet - sort of

    stoped here a few times to use the internet ( free with cup of coffee ). nice decor, good smoke menu - they had some bud under the microscope that must be the result of a mad scientist gone good! go to the top floor to see the grow room.

    language Review by dadoc
    a bit dissapointing...

    i had heard so much about this coffeeshop and visited their website many times that the reality kicked me a bit hard. the glass floors have become opaque and you can't see below :( the service was only average, the music (latin shit) too loud and the seating in the first floor also uncomfortable after a while so i left soon... i bought some caramello hash here which was good though!worth one visit but not necessarily more than that...

    language Review by basil
    good location but bad staff

    i was chilling there a lot, because they have three very comfortable floors. the menu is ok but a bit expensive, the waitress is not very friendly but if you are really stoned, sitting on the confortable arabian-sofa you don't matter. me and a friend of me just went there for smoking and for haveing a warm tea or juce, but we didn't bought theire shit! you wanna know the best coffeshops in the dam so check this out! 1. katsu 2. kadinsky see you there in july!!!

    language Review by dogbreath
    a decent coffeeshop; most uncomfortable seating

    only made a quick visit during winter. this is a three story coffee shop. they have a respectable weed/hash menu. but they have an expensive selection of space cake type products, one of the most extensive i have seen in any coffee shop. the chairs are something else. sitting in the third floor, all of the seats are very low and very small. actually, they appear to be childrens furniture. very uncomfortable to sit on, perhaps the coffee shop wants to induce customers to not hang araound?

    language Review by webmaster
    probably fake reviews

    looks like some of these reviews are fake.

    language Review by michael
    great smoke, great company!

    two coffee shops later we found the abraxas, had probably one of the best times of my life!!! great smoke, and super great company. still smoking at 52. hallo to willa may if she's still there. michael & louise (usa)

    language Review by bristol city sf
    spot on

    blimey, this place chewed us up, knocked us out and didn't look back. next thing we knew it had all gone right. blinding

    language Review by chad
    col place

    The best coffee shop in town as far as I was concerned. The selection was great service was good and they had a lot of cool people just lounging. Lot's of couches and DJ's spinning records. I highly recommend this one.

    language Review by Richard de Matos
    visit here!!!!!!

    a great place to be...and a great place to get very stoned.....(as i did) a must when u go to the damski!!!! im going back without question!!!see u on the 19feb01 abraxas!!

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