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Bezoeker reviews Arabica Lounge
Bezoeker reviews Arabica Lounge

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    language Review door farid uit Marokko
    best hashich in town

    i was on vacation in amsterdam. and i smoke in marocco lets say 5 joints a day and only the best from the mountains so i was there in the lounge and i smoked the arabica special closed my eyes and i feel like i was at home in the mountains. i could not find the hash they had in hole amsterdam.i sure come back tahchisht wa3r!!!!!!

    language Review door een bezoeker uit Verenigd Koninkrijk
    Good but tried to stitch us up

    Was there at the weekend and really enjoyed the place and was getting chatty with the staff until they tried to groom us as cocaine mules on our last night. Will not be going back to this one.

    language Review door TMS uit Canada

    comfortable seating, good quality smoke, pass on the cakes though. slightly overpriced if you are not buying spliffs.

    language Review door Gary Bray uit Canada
    The staff and patrons made my 1st visit a comfortable one.

    It was my 1st visit to Amsterdam and my first coffee house experience. The staff I found to be open and friendly and after a couple of visits during my stay the local patrons were friendly and easy going. I most certainly will make this one of the 1st places I re-visit on my next trip there. The atmosphere of the lounge itself along with the music mixed well.

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